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“Whoever is blaming or trashing Lydia for being upset with Carol,
you’re wrong. Lydia is a mentally traumatized girl who has literally
locked herself in a jail cell because she feels safer behind it, than
outside where people use and/or abuse her for their own needs. She just
got beat and was afraid she’d die. If Carol wanted her help, she should
have been an adult and told her the full truth and let Lydia decide with
ALL the facts, if she wanted to help. She didn’t. Carol was wrong,

“hope this isnt too graphic…but id love to ask carol to have a bit of "fun” if you know what i mean"

“Wonder what Carol would have done, had this woman who had a
crush on her (ME) actually saved Sophia, being injured in the process?”      

“Carol and her repetitive storylines are boring now. Carol has a
kid die, then she goes off on her own, comes back to kill a few people,
she gets a new kid and then the cycle starts again. I’m wishing they
keep her away from Lydia and the other kids so they can stay alive and
we get something new from Carol.”

“It pisses me off that Carol and Daryl are not together.”

“We’re 10 seasons in and the Caryl dynamic has over the years
settled into a sweet, BFF relationship. I think they are as close as
they want to be, or it would’ve happened already. Close and non-romantic
relationships like theirs are just as valid and important as romantic
ones. Most fandoms often want to see a strong platonic M/F relationship
but when we get one it’s insisted they’re lovers, as if anything less is
not meaningful.”

“I truly believe anyone wanting Carol to be Lydia’s mother figure
hates that girl. You know damn well Carol shouldn’t be around any kids.
Kids die around Carol, didn’t you see that dead kid book of hers?

“Carol’s courage helped me to leave an abusive relationship. I
had a dream one night where i went to that little cabin of hers, and she
looked at me and said “If i could do it. You can too. ” Two weeks after
I left, I found out i was pregnant with a baby girl. She was born  last
night. Her name is Carol Sophia”

Congratulations to the wonderful woman who sent this in BTW!        

“How about how Carol shot down Ezekiel and kept looking back towards Daryl? Plus that hug and they way they reacted. That is love. Pure pure love. The way these two look at each other is ideally the same look someone gives when they are in love. I don’t care what happens I’ll always believe in Caryl.

“I am in love with Carol. She is sweet, kind and tough. When i
have a really sucky day, I like to stress bake, and i imagine talking
out my day in her kitchen while making cookies.  I am a 23 year old