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“I am head over heels in love with Melissa McBride. I’ve seen everything she is in and love the transgormation of Carol”

“I am flying back to college in the morning, and im terrified to
fly. I’m imagining Carol sitting beside me, my head on her shoulder, and
holding her hand while preparing to fly, and her peppering my face with
kisses to distract me when the plane takes off.”

“I want Carol to be my new years kiss”

“I wonder how Carol would feel, if I asked her to marry me?”

“currently swamped with finals, but I made carols cookies recipe.
in my kitchen. in a cardigan. my room mate thought id gone bananas when
I told her"You dont tell anyone, and ill give you all the cookies you

“I confess it makes my blood boil seeing people say Carol is to old for Daryl!!!!!!!!!“

“Whoever is blaming or trashing Lydia for being upset with Carol,
you’re wrong. Lydia is a mentally traumatized girl who has literally
locked herself in a jail cell because she feels safer behind it, than
outside where people use and/or abuse her for their own needs. She just
got beat and was afraid she’d die. If Carol wanted her help, she should
have been an adult and told her the full truth and let Lydia decide with
ALL the facts, if she wanted to help. She didn’t. Carol was wrong,

“hope this isnt too graphic…but id love to ask carol to have a bit of "fun” if you know what i mean"

“Wonder what Carol would have done, had this woman who had a
crush on her (ME) actually saved Sophia, being injured in the process?”      

“Carol and her repetitive storylines are boring now. Carol has a
kid die, then she goes off on her own, comes back to kill a few people,
she gets a new kid and then the cycle starts again. I’m wishing they
keep her away from Lydia and the other kids so they can stay alive and
we get something new from Carol.”