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“As a caryl lover, I will say I’ve seen some abelism or racism
from my side of the fandom, but i think we all do our best to call out
that stuff when we see it. I think all fans should do this no matter
what side you are on. Racism, ageism, ableism, none of that is okay.”

“It pisses me off that Carol and Daryl are not together.”

“We’re 10 seasons in and the Caryl dynamic has over the years
settled into a sweet, BFF relationship. I think they are as close as
they want to be, or it would’ve happened already. Close and non-romantic
relationships like theirs are just as valid and important as romantic
ones. Most fandoms often want to see a strong platonic M/F relationship
but when we get one it’s insisted they’re lovers, as if anything less is
not meaningful.”

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For the Caryl fans #endgame


“I know you. We’re different. I can’t let myself – But you… I know you. You have to let yourself feel it.“


Favorite Ship Meme: [7/7 Scenes] 7.10, ‘New Best Friends’

“We gonna eat or — or I got to be a king or somethin’ to get food around here?”
“Shut up.”


Favorite Ship Meme: [4/7 Scenes] 4.02, ‘Infected’ // 5.02, ‘Strangers’

-You okay?
-Gotta be.   



Favorite Ship Meme: [2/7 Scenes] 2.08, ‘Nebraska’ 

-”’Cause that’s your little girl.”