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Obviously there are spoilers below for 10×6, so that’s the last warning if you don’t wanna know them!

– I’ve already had a post concerning this but damn, Negan in a blindfold + talking and annoying the shit out of beta…I love it and I’m so here for that kinda dynamic


– Having to shut up is probably a way worse punishment for him than not being able to see. He seemed so happy that this thing seemed to finally go off and then Beta moves it to his mouth

– Beta with benefits? Oh my god

– Daryl and Carol crossing that border will definetly have consequences one way or another and I don’t really know what to think of it yet + will they see Negan with the whisperers?

– I still have trouble understanding Eugene here and there, even after all this time + I’m really wondering who that voice could be on the other side (I did get some Rick season 3 vibes when he was on the telephone even though Eugene is definitely not hallucinating this like Rick did back then)


– That montage with Negan and Beta? Gold. Especially that part where Negan tried to flatten out his skin piece to make it look bigger


– Looks like the whisperers succeeded with contaminating the creek. That really looks bad (kinda curious if it’s gonna have the same effect as the walker blood covered weapons in season 8, if they’d turn (even if it’s just a couple of them) that would be pretty horrible)

– Dante seems to be a better guy than I thought at first. Still weird as hell, but alright


– Shit, poor Siddiq. Please get yourself some help in whatever way that might be

– Fuck you beta for leaving Negan in that group of walkers


-He really doesn’t have much luck with knives at the moment. First at the bus, now that. Give him Lucille back!

– Yeah, Carol definitely planned taking a whisperer there and I’m not here for that tension between her and Daryl. I don’t ship them, but I like their friendship a lot and this is not(!) what I wanna see between them

– “Best bring that extra long tape measure on account of my humongous balls”? Looks like we got a new addition to my list of favorite Negan quotes


– Why (seriously why) does Negan look so smoking hot covered in blood?
(on a side note, I can’t say how happy I am that he finally has his leather jacket back, I missed it so much)

– Alpha get your dirty fingers off him or I swear, I’ll cut them off

– All in all, great episode! And I’m loving how much Negan content we’re getting at the moment!🖤

Promo pics for season 10 of “The Walking Dead” (x)

Talked About Scene of The Walking Dead S9 Ep15 “The Calm Before”

Talking Dead Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead S9 Ep15 “The Calm Before”

• A lot of shifting and grumbling from his side as he’s swinging somewhere between falling asleep and being awake, even though he really tries to tone it down to not wake you up

• Him being surprised once again by how much you cuddle up in your sleep to him or search for his closeness and warmth, only to begin to truly enjoy it

• Whenever you’re in-between some shifts and didn’t have much sleep the night before, him actually loving to lay next to you on the couch or have you huddled up to his side, even if it’s only for a few minutes

• It’s not that unusual for him to feel you crawling on top of him or right to his side whenever you see him taking a nap on the bed or on the couch only for him to smirk softly before he wraps his arms tightly around you

• Whenever you both had a exhausting day of scavenging outside, you begin to allow yourselves some naps in the truck to gain new strength, all while finally finding a little peace as you bury your face into the curve of his neck and cuddle up to him

• Him being mostly the one who is faster up on his feet again, ready to move on with a run or with some work in Alexandria, only for you to often clasp his hand, a little teasingly refuse to let him go before he agrees with a small smile on his lips to five more minutes with you , in the truck, on the couch or in your bed

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The hugs when you come back from a run:
As soon as you step out of truck and he feels you finally back at his side, his arms wrap tightly around you, pull you flat against his chest to feel your warmth as happiness washes over him.
And while these moments of affection let the warmth come back into your body  you craved while you were gone, they also show how deeply relieved he his to see you coming back safe and sound as well as showing how much he actually missed you.

The hugs when he comes back from a run:
Seeing him coming back feels just as great for you as it feels for him to finally see you again. The moment you walk or even run towards him and eventually wrap your arms tightly around him as you mumble into his ear how relieved and happy you are to have him back is the one he secretly and maybe even unconsciously waits for from the moment on he’s sitting on his motorcycle and drives out of the gates of Alexandria

Relieved hugs:
When either you or him thinks that the other one might be hurt, the relief is just as big as the hug that follows. 
Especially when he has the fear that something might’ve happened to you, he can’t keep himself from running towards you, slinging his arms around you and entangling his hand into your hair to let you bury your head into his shoulder or the crook of his neck just to feel you as close as he can and to soothe the panic that was stuck in his bones.

Comforting hugs for him:
In tough moments you’re the one who’s there for him and as soon as you wrap your arms around him and he gets to lean his head against yours or nuzzle his face into the curve of your neck, it breaks out of him.
Whether it are just shivers that run through his body or whimpers and even sobs that erupt his chest, it comforts him to hear your soothing voice, feels your hand stroking over his back, running through his hair or caressing the back of his neck as he begins to first reluctantly then tightly press your body against his.

Comforting hugs for you:
Just as much as he can count on you, you can count on him.
When you’re tensed up, trembling and the first tears already begin to roll down your cheeks he’s there to hold you tight, pull you into his lap when you’re sitting on the couch or in bed just to wrap his arms even tighter around your body and let you nuzzle your face into his chest or neck as he tries to soothe your pain and give you as much comfort as you need.

 The “just because“ hugs:
At the beginning of your relationship, they are rather rare from his side since he still has to get used to the affection and bodily love that is suddenly so available for him.
But over time, as he grows more confident and feels you hugging him here and there just because you want to feel him, it appears more and more often that he just wraps his arms around you out of the blue to pull you against him as he’s taking over your shift in the guard tower or simply just standing next to him in your house.
They’re of course not as deep and tight as the hugs to comfort you, but their light touches as he lays his head softly on your shoulder or lets his hands rest on the small of your back are just as loving.

The hugs after you successfully fought off a bunch of walkers together:
Whenever you’re both on a run together, the moment comes where a bunch of walking corpses stumbles towards you and its time to show off how much of a great team you both are.
As soon as the threat is gone you often find yourselves back in each others arms, exhausted, heavily breathing and covered in blood and guts but simply happy and relieved to feel and hold the other’s unharmed body in your arms.

Hugs from behind:
Mostly it’s actually you who’s wrapping your arms from behind around him and who rests your head on his shoulder while he’s working on something or is just standing around.
As much as you enjoy to squeeze him lightly as you’re closing your eyes while  you’re resting against him, as much enjoys Daryl to feel how much you need his closeness, feel how you rest your hands on his body and even to feel how your breath slows slightly down and grows steady as you’re relaxing due to his touch.

Big bear hugs:
Even though they’re similar to the comforting hugs, the big bear hug has still something special.
In general tough times or when of the both of you is having a bad day or even just feels tensed up and restless the big bear hug has its big moment.
No matter if it’s you or him who pulls the other into their deep, warm embrace and wraps their arms tightly around the other’s body, every burden feels a little lighter with every passing moment until the closeness and warmth washes any tension out of both of your bodies.

The hugs that lead to more:
The hugs that are either meant to lead to more from the beginning on or begin to slip into this direction the longer you’re feeling each other. 
They’re the ones where you start to kiss his neck first gently, then with more longing as you begin to teasingly nibble on his sensitive skin while he begins to let his hands run over your body, under your clothes or lets them grab and feel up just the right spots of you until both of you know that its time to take things upstairs.

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Christmas Special


• Him at first being a little confused as he sees you secretly hanging up a mistletoe in your shared home, simply because he’s not too familiar with this kind of tradition 

• As you’re then seeing his glances, you taking his hand and guiding him over to the mistletoe before leaning in, whispering into his ear and showing him with a soft but longing kiss what you’re supposed to do beneath it

• Teasing him a little whenever you catch a kiss unexpected and completely out of the blue from him as you’re walking beneath it, only for him to find himself loving your affectionate gestures 

• With a little bit of time, him finding himself tempted to just begin to steal kisses from you as well, at first still a little sheepishly before letting himself go and kissing you with more passion before letting you guide him from the mistletoe directly to your bedroom

• Him taking more liking in it with every single kiss he gets from you beneath the mistletoes only to also give you a fast and small but also loving kiss when you both find yourselves standing beneath one in other houses than your own

• Whenever you’re alone in another house for a bit, you being even able to expand these small kisses into longer, yearning ones only to be caught by Rick or one of the others

• Whenever that happens, Daryl quickly letting go of you, his face turning into a deep shade of red until he hears your laugh and feels you hugging him or placing a kiss on his cheek to reassure him and show him how much you love him

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• Whenever you’re on a run together, you often leaning against him, your head resting on his shoulder as you’re sitting outside by a small fire before he notices how you’ve turned oddly quiet only to find you sleeping, as you’re huddling even closer against him

• As soon as he then thinks that it’s turning too cold for you outside, him trying to pick you up as gently as possible to not wake you up, only to carry you into the car and tuck you in along with him

• While you’re sleeping, him letting you huddle up to him and let you nuzzle your face against his neck, into his chest or wherever else as much as you want, all while enjoying your touch and closeness as well

• Him having to chuckle a little bit about how you snuggle widely smiling and with a content hum closer while your head is resting on his shoulder only to end up smiling just as widely as he sees how happy he can make you

•  Whenever you’re having a shift in the guard tower together and he notices that you’re tired due to just not finding enough sleep last night, him being at first a little hesitant before offering you to lean against him and close your eyes for a bit all while telling you that he’s gonna make sure any trouble stays outside of Alexandria’s walls

• Whenever he feels you shifting or grumbling in your sleep, him trying to calm you down and guide you back to a peaceful sleep through rubbing your back and pulling you closer against him to make you feel his warmth a bit more

• As soon as he feels like you’re beginning to freeze, him pulling you a bit closer and wrapping his vest around you or anything else he can somehow reach to warm you a little up

• Whenever your head falls into his lap while you’re sleeping, him turning slightly flustered and even slightly nervous when others are around only to relax a bit after a while and just concentrate on making sure that you’re staying asleep as he stroking lightly over your hair and skin

• Especially after exhausting runs as you’re sitting in the back of the car together and you’ve dozed off, him trying to compensate the stuttering movements of the car as its driving over the roads and give you the chance to get some rest

• Him turning grumpy whenever people around you begin to talk way too loud as he feels you already shifting uncomfortably in your sleep only to glare at the person until they get what he wants to tell them

• Him actually turning a bit proud but rather just happy as he realizes how much trust you show him through being able to let yourself fall that much while you’re with him even though others are around or you’re not behind Alexandria’s safe walls

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• Him being at first a bit hesitant and careful with his touches and the way he kisses you, which leads to him just keeping a softer grip on your hips as he’s letting you guide him to find out what’s the best for both of you

• As he’s growing more comfortable with time him slowly beginning to allow himself to be rougher with you and to even surprise you with taking the lead by suddenly rolling you beneath him and pinning you down to the bed

• Him enjoying too feel the way your hands place on the center of his chest and slowly stroke up to his neck or his shoulders, all while feeling how you deepen your kiss and show him how much you want him

• Him enjoying it whenever you straddle his lap and take the lead while he can feel all of your body pressing against his, especially as soon as things heat up and you begin to roll your hips against his, showing him that you definitely want to take things further

• Him secretly loving the way your hands run through his hair and caress his neck before they wander to his hands to let your fingers lace with his, all while he can feel the way your lips brush over his skin until they finally meet his lips

• Him loving the moments before you lean in to kiss him again where you softly cup his face or his neck and only show him with the glance in your eyes how much you love him

• Him noticing and enjoying the way you react to any of his touches, realizing that he is the one who’s making you feel this way, especially whenever he kisses your neck and begins to travel up to your jaw and eventually your lips while hears the small hums that escape your lips

• Him having those days, especially after long runs without you, where he just wraps his arms tightly around your body as you’re sitting on his lap and kissing him deeply while he just needs to feel you so close after missing you for so long

• Him secretly having a thing for you wearing his vest while you’re slowly getting hot and bothered and being on the best way possible taken aback by the proud glance in your eyes that shows him how much you love to be his

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• Him grumbling slightly as he wakes up through hearing your soft voice before his eyes almost snap open as he realizes that you’re calling for him

• Him already thinking about the worse as he turns around, fearing that you might be hurt before he sees that you are still peacefully sleeping

• Him thinking that his sleepy mind has played a trick on him and played with his fears before he hears and sees how you mumble he name again

• Him slowly scooting closer to you to take you into his arms before you mumble his name again and begin to cuddle against him as soon as you seem to feel his warmth and closeness

• Him just having to smile and pull you closer as he hears you mumbling his name again while he wonders what you might be dreaming about and why he’s playing such a big role in it

• His smile quickly transforming into a grin and even a small chuckle as you just keep mumbling his name over and over again before he feels you shift and sees how you’re slowly waking up

• Him softly stroking some hair strands out of your eyes before seeing your sleepy self looking lovingly at him still stuck with the fuzzy feeling the dream has left

• Him being taken aback but feeling unbelievably loved as you suddenly wrap your arms around him and hug him as you’re nuzzling your face into the curve of his neck only for him to wrap his arms tighter around you 

• Him slowly reaching up to let his fingers run through your hair before drowsily asking you what that dream was about before having to chuckle as you just shrug your shoulders and hum in approval to his touch

•  You letting a wide smile form on his lips as you mumble that you love him before he’s letting you smile just as wide against his skin as he quietly tells you the same right before kissing your forehead after a few quiet moments and telling you that he really doesn’t mind if you have these dreams more often if they always end this way

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