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“I confess I don’t miss Rick at all. Will not miss Michonne
either. Heck if there were no Grimes left on the show it would be A-okay
with me.”


Judith fixes Uncle Daryl’s wing – Season 10b Preview

“Negan has a plan. He won’t willingly put Judith in danger.” 

“Every time I see TV-spots of TWD and see Judith in Carl´s hat I
want to tear her head off! I hate the writers. They killed him for her!
They were so keen on another girlsurvivor that they threw Carl, his
story, what he been through and his path away.”



Promo pics for season 10 of “The Walking Dead” (x)

‪The Walking Dead Hilton Bayfront Elevator Bank at San Diego Comic Con 2019 ‬

I couldn’t be more proud of the work this week. These fuckers are killin’ it 🤐#twdfamily #directing …….. @jeffreydeanmorgan @bigbaldhead 👊👊👊

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