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“I truly hate what Rosita became, that lame cliché of the girl
losing the guy she loved so much so now she’s badass or whatever. And
Eugene? Please he deserves better, he’s a dumbass but a cute one and
he’s doing amazing. Also Gabriel? What the fuck happened? I’m more than
glad new characters arrived like the group and the King etc because the
“old” ones changed too much in a bad way tbh.”       

“I still believe in Carzekiel.”

“I still believe in Carzekiel.”

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Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead S9 Ep13 “Chokepoint"‬

Heading in for the Cobra Strike! 🐍⚡️

Cooper Andrews and Khary Payton Walking and Talking on Talking Dead

IGN Exclusive Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead S9 Ep11 “Bounty”

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“I love that Carzekiel are a thing now. I’ve seen it budding since 7×2, and to see how Ezekiel helped bring Carol back from the hopeless state she was in and give her hope, bringing a bright smile and positive energy to her, I love how she is now reciprocating more openly. I love that last season she opened up about Sophia to him the way she hasn’t opened up to anyone about her daughter for years. They are truly a beautiful and positive ship. I pray it lasts, Carol and Zeke deserve happiness.”