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“I confess I don’t miss Rick at all. Will not miss Michonne
either. Heck if there were no Grimes left on the show it would be A-okay
with me.”


         “Mercy prevails over my wrath” — obviously that’s tied to Rick, but it was first uttered by Siddiq. To give an eye into our process, at first, we were going to play a version where maybe Michonne and that group was sort of siloed from the information about Siddiq. But in talking with Danai, she felt like she wanted to be able to honor her connection to Siddiq, which I think was a really valuable thought. Because there is this very deep connection to her family and Carl. Siddiq was really important to Carl.

         And so then he was really important to Rick and Michonne too. And I think being able to have this comment that immediately ties both the love of her life and this dear friend who was like family to her who just died — it all kind of worked. It just felt like it kind of did this nice triple duty in the moment and our actors did an amazing job playing it. – Angela Kang

“I am recovering from a very dark time in my life. I came out of the
closet, and it didnt go well,. I was considering suicide, after the
woman I fell for left me for another. But the thing that stopped me, was
Andrea. She found her Michonne, and whatever time they had together,
though short, was magical, and I believe that someday, I can have that

Admin: I am happy you found a reason to live. You matter, and you have people who love you. I hope you find your Michonne. Also if you or anybody else is considering suicide please talk to someone or call:

to contact the National Suicide  Hotline.


9.05 – What Comes After | 10.05 What It Always Is

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I had been in discussion with Angela about showing a different side of Michonne’s navigation of life. I thought it was a very interesting moment because it was him in so much crisis, and pain, and loss, and loneliness – and then connecting with her on that level… They’re both dealing with loneliness and loss. It’s that moment – though it is one that she of course pulls away from – it’s a moment where a connection is understood. – Danai Gurira




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It would have to be me, just me, taking that kind of risk.


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