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The Walking Dead // Season 9B {9A}

“All this time we spent apart I thought it made us stronger.
It didn’t. That woman was able to walk amongst us because we didn’t know each other. We can never let that happen again. And we’ve come too far to give up. The Kingdom hasn’t fallen. It’s right here. And that charter we signed, it means something. It means that these people aren’t just yours anymore. They’re ours. And we’re gonna get them home.”


Summary: While Alexandria’s newbies start a debate within the community, Judith’s talk with Negan and another unexpected encounter let the reader ask herself what would happen if a tiny version of both of them was on the way.

the last part / all other previous parts (None of the previous parts have to be read to understand the plot!)


Warm lips brushed along your neck, peppering your skin with small kisses and soft nibbles as strong arms pulled you closer into a comforting warmth.
Years had passed, around six to be more certain, and still his touch let the same warmth run through your body as at the beginning, stronger even.
You still craved for it, enjoying every second of his closeness whenever you could have it, hear the deep voice of his, take his comforting scent in and feel his warmth.
Over all this time, some things had changed and some others had stayed the very same.
He was still in the cell, hadn’t left the cellar in all these years and you were still laying on a cheap mattress in the corner of the room.
After things had calmed down in Alexandria after Rick’s death, you had given it a few careful tries to talk to Michonne, tried to get her to at least let him out for a couple or even just an hour a week to work outside and see something else than those gray walls.
But your tries had been unsuccessful.
So you changed your tactics and this time, it actually worked.
When Negan couldn’t get out, you were gonna get him more things inside.
Michonne gave eventually in, realizing that you were right, realizing what would happen if Negan, in the fragile mental state he had been in, wouldn’t get any distraction.
So you began to add things to the few books and magazines you had fought hard for in the first and a half year to get inside.
First more magazines and books from the shelves you had access too, trying to grasp the ones that could spark Negan’s interest the most.
Then a carpet for the cold stone in front of his bed and some other decoration, since you figured it would make it a little easier if this empty cell looked at least a little more homey.
After that you found a baseball glove and a ball on a run, as well as a tiny baseball bat figure which you hoped would make a tiny bit up for the absent Lucille, that you had never been able to find all this time.
Not outside, not inside the walls even though your feeling still told you that the latter was the case, somewhere in a room of Michonne’s where you couldn’t get to without being caught.
There had been more things you added over time but the latest wasn’t even something you had brought him.
It was a  small wooden animal figure with big cute eyes Judith had brought to him to thank him for helping her with her homework whenever she sat down on the stairs outside next to the cell’s door and asked him for help.
Hell, she was all grown up now, not the cute little toddler anymore but instead an almost ten year old who was stepping into her brother’s footsteps.
Not just character wise, she was also stepping into the role of the older sibling.
It hadn’t taken long after Rick’s death for Michonne to find out that she was pregnant, and which had then been a bittersweet surprise was now a little boy named RJ who was as much of a little fighter as his parents.
Next to those happy moments, there had been incidents on the way until now that had changed Michonne even more than Rick’s death already had, letting her grow colder in some ways, especially about newbies and they way things were run in Alexandria that had kept flourishing over time.

Negan’s lips planted another kiss to your shoulder as he pulled you closer in, letting your back press tighter against his warm chest before his nose nuzzled into your neck, breathing with a hum contently out as memories of the last surprising day rushed into your mind.
“Still need to tell you something”, you mumbled, your voice still a little drowsy as he rose his head from the curve of our neck and raised his dark eyebrows and grinned sleepily at you.
“Couldn’t tell you last night ‘cause someone stopped me before I could get even started”, you teased with a chuckle, remembering his rather stormy welcome last night.
“Oh you never complained about that before”, he grumbled with a low laugh, squeezing your waist playfully as he pressed another kiss to your skin, the grin all over his lips clearly palpable.
“I’m not complaining, just saying”, you mumbled back as he raised his head from your shoulder and allowed you to shift on your back, cuddling a little more into his warmth .
“Now, Baby, what are those news?”, he rasped as his hazel eyes wandered over your face, a fair share of curiosity in his voice as a grin began to spread over his face.
“There are newbies”, you said, watching the surprise spreading over his features as you leaned into his warmth, “Judith brought them in when she was outside with some others, said she wouldn’t move until she was allowed to get them home.”
A laugh rumbled through Negan’s chest as a wider grin spread over his lips, letting his hand leave your waist to run his palm over his beard stubble before he shrugged his shoulders slightly.
“Well shit, that sounds damn much like her”, Negan chuckled throatily and looked with his still sleepy eyes at you.
“Yeah it does, guess she’s pretty much the only reason Michonne hasn’t kicked them out yet…”, you said,  feeling how his fingers traced over your skin until his arm wrapped a little tighter around your body.
“Mhmm…how many are they?”
“Five, four women and one guy…one of them’s hurt, got her shortly before shift end into the infirmary”, you answered, shifting your head a little on his arm while you could see his hazel eyes capturing yours once more.
“And what now? They stay, or what?”
“Don’t know…they’re gonna be put before the council so we’ll see…even though I’m not sure if Michonne just agreed to appease Judith for now”, you mumbled as he rolled on his back, pulling you with him as he let you lean into his side.
An approving hum left Negan’s lips in response to your words while he slowly nodded as he reached out to your leg to hook it over his hip, allowing you to huddle a little closer up.
“Got a tendency?”, he asked, raising his dark brows as his head shifted a little into the pillows and his hand began to slowly trace up and down your spine, letting you smile softly as you shook your head.
“Nah, not yet…but the one in the infirmary seemed alright till now, quiet and a little grumpy but alright”, you mumbled, your glance following your fingertips that ran over his chest, toying softly with the dark hair that peppered it before Negan sighed quietly.
“Seemed”, he grumbled as your glance met his again, a more serious but also a bit concerned expression laying on his handsome features as you slowly began to nod.
“Yeah, I know…still, if we’re putting them in front of the council while already damning them to be bad that whole thing is worth shit so…we better give them a chance to talk to us”, you mumbled, seeing him beginning to slowly nod before he glanced at you.
“Still, take care”, he mumbled, not commanding but rather loving as he pulled you a little closer.
“I will”, you responded, shifting a little to place your head on his slowly rising and falling chest, pressing a soft kiss to his warm skin that quickly elicited a content growl to fall from his lips.
You hummed softly as you closed your eyes for another moment, enjoying the caresses of his hand along your back up to your shoulders and neck until his deep voice rumbled through his broad chest.
“You still got that little bag with the rest of the bracelet, right?”, Negan mumbled, eliciting memories of his gift that broke years ago and which you were carrying just as long around with you, still broken and with no real hope that you could fix it.
“Yeah, why?”, you mumbled, shifting to raise your head a little and glance at him.
“Thought I could try to repair it, got enough time on my hands here so I might as well give it a shot”, he mumbled, running his palm over his salt and pepper stubble as he gave you a small smirk.
“Like with the other stuff?”, you teased, nodding to a small box in his nightstand that contained besides a ring with missing diamonds, a tiny but broken musical box, other things you had found on runs which Negan had begun to give them a shot to repair them until he lost his patience, grumbled about how much better he had once been at fixing cars, cursed the living hell out of the items just to try his luck on the next one where the whole circle repeated itself.
“Nah, this one’s different and you know it, won’t stop till I got it fixed”, he grumbled with a chuckle before he raised his dark brows, “So, where is it?”
“Still got it in the side pocket of my jacket”, you said, nodding towards the jacket beside the bed which still laid there since the very moment he had almost torn it off of you in the last night.
Grumbling he shifted a little, stretching to let his long fingers reach into the pocket before he could fish the tiny plastic bag out.
“Shit”, he groaned slightly as he stretched shifting back into the bed, holding it with a wider smirk up as he rolled the tiny diamonds within the bag between his fingertips ,”There ya go…gonna make it all nice for you again.”
“Great”, you chuckled before leaning in to nuzzle your nose into his beard stubble and kiss him softly,“Thank you.”
“Any damn time”, he mumbled, turning his head slightly so his lips could meet yours in a deep kiss before the shrill sound of the alarm clock on his nightstand made you flinch away from him.
“Shit…counsil’s calling”



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S09E16 “The Storm”



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