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Christmas Special


• Him looking the first time forward to Christmas again since the apocalypse started, simply because he knows he’s going to spend this time with you

• Him using every single opportunity to get you under a mistletoe to tease you about how disrespectful it would be if you would ignore that tradition so he can steal a longing kiss from you

• For Christmas eve, him planning far ahead everything in detail, so he can spend this night only with you while being sure that no one’s gonna disturb you once you’re alone

• Him sending his men out to get a Christmas tree, decoration and literally anything else that is somehow Christmas related

• For your gift, him searching through the whole Sanctuary before going on a run himself to search for something special and something he truly knows about that you’re gonna love it

• You being able to persuade him to take less from other communities at least at Christmas time

• Him joking how good Lucille would look with Christmas lights wrapped around her before you actually get him a string of lights as a joke only to have a widely smiling and truly amused Negan walking with an in Christmas light wrapped Lucille around in your room

• During the whole holiday season, him teasing you with Christmas related remarks, while asking you if you’ve been naughty or nice or if you wanna taste his candy cane are just a few examples

• Before giving you your gift, him first messing around, telling you he’s got his dick wrapped up with a ribbon for you as a present before giving you his actual gift while whispering in your ear that you can still, of course, have his dick as an extra present

• Him being entirely happy as he sees how your eyes light up once you have unpacked your gift and eventually hug him tightly, only for him to pull you even closer as a wide smile is planted all over his face

• Him acting around as nervous as a child when it comes to his gift, all while trying to guess what it is until he can finally unpack it

• Spending the whole rest of the night cuddled up, wrapped in a thick, warm blanket, drinking hot chocolate or his favorite scotch while just enjoying that you are able to spend this time, especially in the world you’re living in, with the person you love

• As you both already begin to drift off into a deep sleep him pulling you even closer and whispering with a smirk in your ear that he’s so gonna give his extra gift to you on Christmas morning

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• As soon as he notices someone who’s taking too much of that specific liking in you, him beginning to keep an eye on that person, especially when they’re trying to get some similar shifts as you or just “randomly” meets you in the hallways or in the hall

• Him trusting you, no question, but simply the thought of someone taking you away from him or trying to show that they’re better for you lets an ice-cold shudder run down his spine

• Him turning to show more that you’re with him and taken, including wrapping his arms around you when the person is close or even suddenly pulling you into a deep kiss

• Him turning quiet and even a little grumpy when he hears you, even though innocently, talking about the person in any way, just not liking that this person is getting this kind of attention from you

• Him here and there definitely using his higher position to prevent them from purposely taking the same shifts as you or simply trying to schedule them on other runs when they’ve tried to go on one with you

• Him being acting cold whenever he is around that person, but mostly rather trying to avoid them in any way in the first place

• When you’re with him, it being a constant back and worth between him being tensed up and even frustrated, and him trying to search for your closeness to assure himself and you that no one else gets between you

• All that intensifies until you get what’s happening and reassure him that neither this person nor anyone else is a danger to your relationship 

• And even though he believes you and feels utter relief, if this person still tries to get too close to you, him making a step towards them to warn them about what he could make happen if they don’t keep their hands off of you

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• After finding out you went missing on a run, him directly forming posses to search for you just as cruelly punishing the people who left you alone in the woods and got their asses back to safety instead of searching for you

• No matter what’s going on at the Sanctuary at the time, him accompanying those search posses, determined to find you but even more worried and concerned that something could have happened to you, all while he’s making himself reproaches to have even let it come this far

• Regardless of how long it takes or how exhausted he is, him searching for you until the very moment he finds you cowering against a tree, blood daubing your clothes all while the relief to have found you gets interrupted by the utter fear that the source of the blood could be a bite

• Him immediately dropping down to his knees next to you as even Lucille falls out of his hands before the only thing that can keep him from panicking is your voice telling him that they’re just injuries, no bites 

• As soon as he hears that, him wrapping his arms around you, trying to hold himself back from embracing you too tightly to not hurt you more, all while apologizing over and over again for not being there, telling you that everything’s gonna be fine and that he won’t let anybody or anything hurt you again

• Him carrying you back to the trucks, all while he’s constantly checking on you until he can finally get with you into the truck, let his men inform Carson that you’re coming back to the Sanctuary so he’s got everything prepared for you as soon as you arrive and take as much care as he can of the first wounds

• Him holding you all the way back to the Sanctuary while he’s still stuck in a mess between relief and the concern about your injuries and tries to soothe your pain a little with soft touches, loving words and some gentle kisses as he’s not giving a single fuck in these moments if any of his men can see him this way

• As soon as you get to the Sanctuary him immediately taking you to Carson, just to stay the whole time by your side as Carson treats your wounds but not without pulling him later on to the side and threatening him that he either makes sure that you’ll be fine again you or gets to meet Lucille

• No matter how exhausted he is, him staying with you, holding you when you need some comfort, simply trying to cheer you up a little with some jokes or bringing you your favorite food while trying his very best to stay strong and help you recover

• There are moments, especially when it’s all quiet, you’re asleep and still look so weak and frail, where his fears and regrets overhaul and haunt him, trying to bring him down until he can find some peace as he’s letting his head sink into the curve of your neck and holds you

• Him feeling better as well with every step you take closer to recovery and feeling especially happy when you’re finally feeling stronger and fine again, even though he’s still careful with you and your still healing wounds 

• Him taking it even as far as handling you with kid gloves when things get for the first time after your disappearance hot and bothered again between the both of you and only allowing himself to be rougher with you after you reassure him that everything’s fine

• Him having a hard time of becoming comfortable with the idea of you going on runs again, simply due to his fears of loss before he decides to go on the first runs after your recovery with you, not because he doesn’t trust your survival skills but just because he needs to calm himself and his fears and needs to know that you’re alright

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• Him ultimately having the concern and even panic to get you sick as well, simply due to the fact that seeing you just having a bad cold makes him worry utterly about you as it’s just taking him back to his past and loss

• Therefore, him at first not letting you kiss him, even worrying to infect you when you’re coming too close until you calm him down and assure him that you will be just fine

• Him clearly loving to have your full attention while he can feel how much you care about him and just jokingly telling you that he’s gonna pretend to be sick a little longer just to have you all for himself, even though he also finds himself telling you repeatedly to go out and get a break from staying inside with him to let you shake off the worry

• Him keeping his humor even though he’s sick as he’s still teasing you or  complains about why his fever dreams have to be this shitty and can’t be just some fucked up and freaky wet dreams instead

• Oppositely to the urge of him trying to not infect you, him actually being surprisingly touch starved and longing for your affection and even those little touches as for example the feeling of you letting your fingers run through his hair and massage his scalp or letting your fingertips trace over his skin

• As he’s thanking you for being by his side and taking care or him, him  promising you as well to say ‘thank you’ once more on his very own way as soon as he’s fine again

• At times where he’s really sick, you either catching him playing the strong man who’s trying by all means to keep you from worrying too much or finding him more suffering and affected by a simply flu than from big wounds he had in the past which would have been a real reason to worry

• After all, you having to hold him back from beginning to work too early again and instead putting the walkie at his bed side for emergencies in the Sanctuary and telling him that he needs to be well rested to be a good leader 

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• Him making sure you feel comfortable before he even begins to undress you as he truly wants to ensure that you can tell him to stop at any time or tell him when you don’t feel ready for something

• Him having to hold himself back as he’s catching himself becoming rougher with his touches due to the desire he has build up for so long and the outlook to finally get to fuck you

• Nevertheless, him taking himself back as he’s taking his time to undress you, beginning to take pleasure in seeing each layer of your clothes vanishing from your body until he finally gets to your underwear

• Him unclasping your bra with ease as his eyes darken even more in lust as soon as he sees the bare flesh beneath it, only to let his fingers wander over your sensitive skin as he’s pulling you into a deep kiss

• Him placing you on the bed before his lips leave yours and instead begin to trail along your jaw and over your neck, only to kiss and nibble on the delicate skin as he’s letting his hands roam over your body, already growling lustfully about how much he wants you

• Him letting his kisses and nibbles wander down your body, leaving small marks along the way until he gets to your panties and slowly starts to let his tongue and lips suck on your heated flesh through the fabric to begin with

• Him beginning to slide the panties off of you as soon as he feels that you’re ready, already growling again in pleasure as soon as he grips your hips and lets his lips and tongue do their magic to make you feel good and to get you truly ready for him

• Him enjoying to hear every little moan of yours or feel the way your hands begin to grab his hair until you can hear him telling you with an in lust even raspier voice how fucking wet you are for him

• His glance is still glued on you as he’s beginning to get out of his clothes until he gets to his boxers and nods smirking to the large tent in them just to tell you how this all is just for you before he feels you finally freeing him from his underwear and let his pulsing erection spring free

• Next to all the lust and hunger that’s filling his body up, him still noticing the tension in your body as he’s climbing back on top of you only to reassure you that he’s gonna be careful, that you got the whole night and really don’t have any hurry and his dick’s gonna make you feel fucking good as soon as you’ve left the little shitty part behind the both of you

• Him loosing you some more up with some kisses until you give him your ‘okay’ and he begins to ease himself into you with care, all while holding you tightly and kissing you deeply to distract you from the stinging feeling

• Him still taking care of noticing when he’s going too fast or too slow, even stopping when necessary while truly trying to make it as comfortable for you as possible 

• Him praising you as he finally gets to stroke into your heat, already smirking again as he hears your small moans before starting to find his rhythm with you as he’s purring into your ear how fucking great it feels to be your first one

• Even though he’s got the urge in him to pound roughly into you after waiting for so long for this moment, him holding himself once again back and adjusting his pace to you, as he’s building it gradually up over time and depending on your reactions and your pleas 

• As you’re both lost in each other and he feels you becoming completely comfortable and confident, him becoming bolder with his movements and the fastness of his thrusts before taking the next step and letting his fingers massage and circle over your clit to just give you more pleasure

• Him closely watching your reactions as he’s relishing the sound of your moans and gasps, all while he’s building your high up as his thick length is already letting you swing in ecstasy until he holds you tightly as you claw your fingers into his back as soon as your orgasm washes over you

• Him smirking proudly as he carries you through your high and in response to the way your body eventually quivers from the aftershocks of your orgasm, all while he keeps on purring into your ear how fucking awesome you feel

• Him feeling himself coming closer as well, his groans and curses sounding loudly though the room before he pulls out and lets his cum drip over your stomach, all while telling you how you were the one who made him cum so damn hard

• After cleaning you up and slipping beneath the sheets with you, him taking you into his arms and cradling you tightly against his chest, making sure that you feel fine as he’s pampering your face with small kisses all while already telling you that he could directly get hard again only by the thought of the next time he gets to sink his dick into your heat

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• Him taking the run as a welcome variation to his work with the construction group, especially because he gets to spend some time with you

• As soon as you’re on the road, him making comments in his colorful language about walkers you pass with the car or breaking out in booming laughter whenever they try to reach out for the vehicle and eventually miss it as he drives faster past them

• Having talks with him in the car or whenever you’re taking a break from scavenging that can vary from hilarious and lighthearted to deep and even serious 

• When you’re scavenging through houses, the both of you always secretly making sure that the other one is okay and has no problems with any alive or dead threat

• Him having his fun with the things he finds while scavenging with you, doesn’t matter if it’s another uniform, more cigars or some new weapons, all while proudly showing them off to you

• Him actually having some fun when he easily kills some walkers off, even though he likes to keep an eye on you to make sure that you’re fine

• As you’re on your way back, him admitting with a light laugh that the time outside with you on the run has actually flown, all before talking to you about the next run you two could do

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• Being the one who helps him to get settled in the community and who supports him to get used to people around him again after being out in the woods alone for so long

• Learning about his parents, especially his Mom, and how they believed that killing walkers would free the soul of the deceased and give them peace

• Helping and supporting him to find his way as a doctor in the community, no matter if others are still suspicious of him or doubt his abilities 

• Developing deeper trust as you tell him about your losses as well and open up about the journey you have gone through since the beginning of the apocalypse as well as how you met the group and especially Carl

• Fighting by his side and being there whenever he needs your help or assistance as he’s trying to save and treat some survivors

•  Spending the days with each other as much as your tasks and work allow and always trying to at least spend the meals together to talk about the day or about anything else that is on your mind

• Him being concerned and taking special care of you whenever you’re not feeling well or having a wound, all while he’s trying his very best to help you recover and make you feel fine again

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• Him always choosing you as his partner whenever new runs come up, simply because he knows that you both work great as a team and also, because he likes the idea of spending some more time alone with you

• As soon as you’re outside, him having the urge in him to show you his strength as well as protect you, no matter if the threat around the next corner is alive or dead

• Him taking his time as you’re scavenging through the houses, even though he prefers to be close to you or the room you’re in to ,make sure that you’re as safe as you can be

• Him having his moments of impulsivity, especially when the both of you find as good as nothing in a house and the disappointment washes over him

• Him agreeing to take a small break when you decide that you both need to rest a bit before moving on to the next house or location, only to begin to really enjoy these moments with you

•  Even though he very well knows that you’re a capable fighter, him always having an eye on you whenever you fight a bunch of walkers while he’s trying to keep himself from falling into a rush so he can still pay enough attention to keep the both of you safe

• As you’re finally on your way back home him finding himself at ease, no matter if you’ve found a lot or not, but simply because he realizes again how much he has enjoyed the time with you

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• As he’s waking up to the sound of your soft moans and calls of his name, him not being able to keep himself for a moment from just listening to your lust-filled voice and watching body move in pleasure

• Him beginning to let his hands run over your body, curious about how you’re going to react while he’s closely watching the way your face twists in desire and the way your moans become louder which each little touch of his 

• Him feeling himself getting harder with every passing moment as he’s starting to give his growing erection a few strokes and harsh tugs before turning cockier as he’s getting an idea

• Him sliding beneath the sheets, before carefully placing himself between your legs, trying to not wake you up yet just to begin to tease you through your panties by slowly letting his lips and tongue suck and lick your core through the fabric all while enjoying to feel how you begin to squirm in pleasure

• Him then sliding your panties slowly off just to let his fingers, lips and tongue do their magic as he’s hearing and feeling how you begin to wake up and your moans grow louder with every bit he gives you until your orgasm finally washes over you

• Him climbing back up your body, a giant smirk all over his face as his glance lets you melt beneath him before he leans in to kiss you and make you taste yourself

 • Him beginning to grin even wider as he’s teasing you for your dirty thoughts about him, telling you that even in your sleep you can’t get enough of him just before commenting that now that you’re both already awake it would be a shame to not use the rest of the night

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• Him hating to see you in pain, especially when the cramps let you squirm and flinch only for him to curse the hell out of them as he tries to find a way to let you feel better

• Him letting his large, warm hand rest on your lower stomach or stroke softly over your skin, in hope that his touch and the warmth of his hand soothes the pain of your cramps at least a little bit

• Him playfully suggesting here and there that he really wouldn’t mind helping you out on a little different way which is gonna let this nasty problem vanish for about nine months 

• Him getting you all the comfort necessities you need, no matter if it’s a hot water bag, tablets or other medicine against the pain, a cozy blanket or just a good bunch of chocolate

• Him being there when you simply need to be cuddled and just need to feel his warm arms wrapping around you as well as having him cradling you against his chest to let his warmth, his scent and simply his presence give you some comfort

• Him trying his best to handle your mood swings, no matter if you’re tearing up  because you simply dropped a piece of the chocolate or if you turn annoyed because you don’t even know yourself why you have suddenly become so easily irritable 

• Him cooking you some comfort food, all while trying to make you laugh and telling you that a bowl of his very own homemade spaghetti can really do some wonders

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