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TWD ~ Negan Imagine – “Guardians”

Summary: After a frustrating argument with Michonne over her safety concerns and harsh new rules stretches the Reader to her limits, Negan steps in to cheer his girl up
(episode: 9×12)

the last part / all other previous parts (None of the previous parts have to be read to understand the plot!)


Voices echoed through the tall hall of the church, angry voices stuck in a thick discussion. You were part of it too, had been to be more exact until a few minutes ago, you were tired of it by now, frustrated even more. 
It was only a half day ago that Negan had returned to the cell, not more than an hour or two ago since Michonne and the others had returned from the Hilltop with devastating and chilling news.
Jesus was dead, killed by a new emerged threat, a group that was walking disguised as the dead within them, killing everything that was coming into their way. Michonne and the rest had managed to catch one of them on the day after, the daughter of their leader who was now caged up in the one of the Hilltop’s cells, waiting for what else was to come.
The Hilltop wasn’t the only community that was struggling, the Kingdom was too, but not with the living dead, but their supplies. Their fair should save them, bring them back into the game but as always, Michonne had disagreed to let Alexandria participate, not even after a second plea of Carol.
And this wasn’t everything that had prattled down on you just a little while ago, Rosita was fine again, but pregnant and not from Gabriel but Siddiq, after a short and unmeaningly affair before Rosita’s relationship with the priest had even begun. The whole mood in the council’s meeting room was already tense, but putting these two men in here didn’t add up to a better atmosphere.
The cherry on the top really was Michonne right now, her repeating lecture on safety concerns that was slowly but surely cutting Alexandria off of every other community, fueling your frustration.
It was the same damn thing every time, about every little thing.
No matter what the council decided, Michonne did in the very end what she wanted, almost as if the council only existed anymore to make it seem like she wasn’t the only source of power in Alexandria. It was nerve-recking, especially after you had fought for their trust and a place on the council for so long, a council that now didn’t seem to even exist anymore.
You had often discussed with her about this, just like the others, but today you were zooming out, trying to process the everything that was happening around you, including Negan’s return to the cell.
You’d been there when the door had fallen into the lock again, watching as he laid the new leather jacket next to the bed and slipped back into the prisoner’s clothes and you’d lie if you’d say your heart hadn’t been caught up in a row of stings. Negan seemed fine with it, more than you had ever thought, but you kept seeing him before your inner eye. In the woods, in freedom, with his arms wrapped around you and your head buried into the soft leather that gave you flashbacks to the time before the prison.
You wanted him here with you in Alexandria, but you wanted him to be a free walking men as well, and those two components didn’t fit well, at least not to everybody but you and him.
A thick sigh left your lips as you leaned yourself against one of the church’s benches while another row of voices echoed through the hall, strong enough to catch your attention this time. 
“What does is mean for Alexandria to survive if it means that the Kingdom falls?”, Siddiq asked, stepping closer towards Michonne, his eyes filled with disbelieve as nothing more than coldness pressed in over Michonne’s face.
“It means, Alexandria survives.”
And with these words she shot him any even icier glare, holding his glance for a couple more seconds before breaking it off and pushing herself past the table the others were surrounding. She was rushing as fast out as always after such discussions, leaving a tension in the room that you could almost cut with a knife.
“Great”, you heard Gabriel scoff, propping himself with his hands onto the table while he squeezed his eyes shut in frustration. 
“We should go back to work, we can’t do anything more for the moment”, you heard Laura say as you pushed yourself away from the bench’s backrest and glanced at Siddiq who was still standing right where Michonne had left him, before he forced himself out of his trance and nodded slowly.
“Yeah”, he grumbled, the annoyance clearly stuck in his voice before he let a sigh fall from his lips and glanced at you, “Lets get back to the infirmary, at least what we’re doing there is useful.”

The sun was already beginning to vanish behind the skyline of Alexandria’s walls and the tall trees behind them as you slipped your arms through the sleeves of your jacket, ready to leave the house after taking a hot shower that had washed a little bit of the load of stress the day had put on your shoulders until you had finished work a half hour ago.
A uncomfortable tension had laid over the infirmary all day, fueled by Siddiq’s frustration because of Michonne’s decisions, paired with the Rosita drama that wasn’t much of a good mix and you were everything else than cheerful after this morning’s meeting as well. You had never thought you would say so, but by now, you were glad that Michonne had moved out of the house and into one of the townhouses. The reasons back then had nothing to do with the situation now, instead her decision had been urged by the pain Rick’s death had forced up, leaving stains all over the house as well as it had been supported by the more fitting rooms for the kids in the townhouse, still you were unfortunately glad about it now.
You tried to shake the thoughts about Michonne off, letting a relieved sigh out as you now felt the smooth leather hugging your body, rising your anticipation to come back to Negan as you walked into the hallway, ready to finally leave.
You were already swinging in a more comfortable mood before the door suddenly flew open, squeaking in protest as it arched by the power the push had forced on it.
Your eyes widened immediately as your gaze glued to the entrance, catching the woman who was standing in the doorframe, furiousness in her eyes, brows puckered in anger and a chest that was rising and falling harshly.
“You’ve been talking to him?”, Michonne hissed as she stepped into the house, rising the confusion within you as she threw the door back into its lock.
“What?”, you asked, watching as she moved closer and let out a bittersweet huff.
“You’ve been talking to Negan about the council?”, she growled, shooting you a dangerous glare, “Bad enough that he’s eavesdropping on us but that you slip him intel-”
“I’m not slipping him intel”, you cut her immediately off, feeling how the frustration of this midday was boiling up again within you, mixing with new ones fueled by her accusation,”I’m talking to him, did you expect anything else?”
“I expected you to be responsible”, she growled, her eyes narrowing in even more anger, the very same one that began to grow in you as well.
“I am”, you quickly and firmly retorted before she could throw anything else at you ,”He isn’t doing any harm. Think he’s proven that enough.”
“Oh so you two agreed in advance about what to say?”, she snapped as you just stared in utter confusion at her that drowned the frustration for a tiny moment.
“Your boyfriend just told me to trust him a little more. Even let him be an advisor in matters of leader decisions”, she hissed with another bittersweet chuckle, as if she had talked to someone out of his mind.
“I don’t wanna hear it, (Y/N). I’m closing his windows and I strongly advise you to not talk to him about anything concerning the council anymore”, she cut you off in the matter of a millisecond, leaving you to process what she had just said that made you snap out of the frustration that had whirled back through you, and instead filled you with shock.
“You’re closing his windows? Michonne you can’t do that”,you said, the bitterness gone out of your voice and replaced with instant worry about Negan ,”It’s his only way to get some of the world outside that cellar.”
For a moment, you forgot her as fear flooded your veins. He already once had nothing but the cellar, he had once been completely cut off and you had seen to what that had pushed him. Shit, you had seen him on the edge of losing himself. 
What if taking the window away, the interactions with Judith, simply hearing other people’s voices and having day light, what if that would urge him to fall back into a hole again, or to at least make him tangle on its edge?
“Well that’s the plan”,Michonne brought you back to reality, befuddling you even more with her icy coldness, “He is a threat.”
“He’s not he-”
“He’s a monster, nothing else. In case I need to remind you again he killed two of our friends. He took Glenn’s chance to be a father”, she growled and with that, she shifted a switch within you. You’ve had to hear these things over and over again over all these years until it seemed like a record that played on endless loop, all while the people who called him a monster had done just as monstrous things, with the only difference that they were now playing the innocent lambs.
“And Rick didn’t? From Gracie’s dad by massacring him? We didn’t kill a whole fucking outpost?!”, it suddenly shot out of you, anger raging in your voice as you passed past the points of keeping your calm. You weren’t one of the people to go off by the littlest inconvenience, but this was too much by now. Too much frustration, too much anger, too much injustice and hypocrisy.
“Don’t take his name-“
“What? Cause it’s the truth?!”, you snapped before she could yell further at you and forbid you to speak. Rick was a risky topic, but she wasn’t taking a single fuck about your feelings, about your issues no matter if they were of personal matter or about her leading style, so why should you? Why should you if those things she was saying were turning things upside down, pushing them to let them shine in false light just because she liked it that way.
“I’m so fucking tired of you all being huge fucking hypocrites acting as if you’re saints and he’s the devil. you’re judging with double standards”, you hissed, trying to not turn your voice into a shrill yell while the frustration you had build up was pushing further and further in on you,”He’s done fucked up stuff but so have we, so have you. He’s been for seven and a half years in there, if we’re going by your logic we all would need to be locked up”
Your breaths were heavy and harsh, almost as if they were cutting cracks into your throat, but you didn’t care. This goddamn injustice was going on and on for years now, sentencing him to a whole life in prison while she wasn’t an ounce better and was allowed to live her life freely, as if she hadn’t massacred people without the bat of an eyelid.
You had all done the most terrible things to survive, but only for him it got turned into the most horrible deed a human being could do.
“Careful”, she warned you, stepping closer as her eyes bored into yours.
“So this is gonna be like always, huh? Someone has another opinion and you shut it down, no matter what”, pure frustration was speaking out of you, calmer now but still firm, fueled by the discussion from earlier. She huffed, shaking her head before her eyes arrowed once more dangerously.
“Do you really want to test me?”, she asked, a just as dangerous calmness spread over her face,”I can take your privileges of seeing him, just like that.”
For a moment, you just stared at her in disbelief, shocked by the person in front of you that didn’t seem at all like the friend you once had, and pushed into more fear of actually having to fight for seeing Negan.
“You can’t-“
“Yes I can”, she cut you off, glaring at you before she took a step closer to you, her voice dangerously calm,”And you know what I’ll do too? I’m excluding you of the council. You’re endangering us by slipping a prisoner intel.”
For a second, you felt like you were falling into a hole yourself, as if she had pulled the rug from beneath your feet. 
You had fought for your place there, no matter what you were thinking about the current situation. This place at the council had taken much time and work, she couldn’t just take that away from you. She couldn’t just exclude you because of a disagreement,
“For the last time, I’m not slipping him-“, you tried to defend yourself one last time before you caught in her glance that it was over for now, that no matter what you would say now would make the situation any bit better, but would actually make it worse, in the most horrible case for Negan too.
”I really don’t know you anymore. I always thought you’d be the reasonable one. Turns out you’re not”, you huffed, pain finding its way into you about the friend in front of you that was completely lost now.
“If you think that. Then so be it”, she coldly retorted, as if nothing of what you had said just nearly touched her, nor made her care, letting the shock and frustration overshadow the pain within you quickly.
This was the situation seven years ago all over again.
Negan was the monster, you were the traitor and everybody else was the knight in shining armor.
And these old, conserved feelings let more anger wash up in you, along with the thought of what could await Negan now that she really seemed to go through with her plan no matter what you said. And this all was pressing in on you, like a burden that was collapsing on your shoulders.
You stared at her for a moment longer, a small part of you hoping that she’s still change her mind, let at least shine through that she cared a little but nothing,
There was nothing but coldness in her eyes.
“Screw You, Michonne. Seriously, screw you”, it slipped out of your lips, your voice trembling as you couldn’t keep any of your fury cooped up anymore that mixed with the deep rooted agony. 
You didn’t care if you were being the one fleeing right now as you shoved yourself past her and rushed out of the house, you were just done with the whole day so far.
You just wanted to get to Negan now.

The way to the cell felt longer than usual.
With each step you could feel more tears forcing themselves into your eyes, turning your view into a blurry mess while all the thoughts and things Michonne had said were pressing in on you. You were able to keep them in for now, keep them from spilling over but while you kept them in it felt like you were bottling them dangerously up, forcing them to escape later with a harsher pressure.
It felt like the old times, like all these years ago and you hated every single bit of it.
Your whole body stayed tense until the very moment you stepped into the cell and felt Negan’s worried glance on you until his strong arms wrapped around you and finally pulled you into his soothing embrace.
”What happened?”, you heard him ask as you buried your head into his warmth, the tone in his voice indicating that part of him already knew what this was all about, still, you answered.
”Michonne happened.”

Negan’s arms were still wrapped around you as you found yourself sitting on the edge of the bed, leaning into his side while you tried to put the day into words and listen to his own encounter with Michonne as well, to her mocking in response to his statement that he had changed, to what she was planning to do with the cell, and on top of all, to Judith who had just tried to get help with her homework and was now most certainly in trouble as well.
The words just kept spilling out of your both mouths, as if the bottle was finally opened and all the suspense could flow out.
”Shit…I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have mentioned you in any fucking way, I-”, he grumbled, utter guilt stuck in his voice after hearing of your exclusion of the council, made my Alexandria’s leader herself.
”This isn’t your fault, she would’ve known either way”, you mumbled back, glancing up into his hazel eyes that ran over your face, brushing over your features as he slowly nodded, before he gulped thickly.
”The thing about the windows…, don’t worry, alright?”, he asked, holding you a little tighter as he glanced from you to the windows and back, all while you shook your head and felt the next rush of frustration coming over you.
“No Negan, this isn’t fair”, you said, the mumbling from before turning into a tense and now also trembling mess, ”She can’t just keep pretending that she’s the saint and cut you off from everything as if you’re some blood thirsty monster.”
Your breath was heavy enough to make your chest shake harshly as all the thoughts that had rushed through your head during your argument with her streamed back into your head.
You had told him everything, everything but about your fear of a relapse.
You just didn’t want to worry him even more or worse, provoke a backslide all the more by showing him your fear.
But you couldn’t fool Negan, couldn’t in the past, couldn’t do now and as his arm around you tightened and his eyes kept sticking to your face, as if he was trying to read your thoughts you knew already what he was gonna ask next.
”There’s more, huh?”, his own voice was filled with concern, paired with the knowledge that you were keeping something from him to not worry him more than he already was.
A thick sigh fell from your lips as your glance wandered from him to the cement ground for a moment, realizing as always that you had to tell him, no matter the effect it could have.
“I’m just…I’m afraid”, you mumbled, licking your lips nervously as you glanced back up at him and allowed a shivering breath to leave your lips before you rose your voice,”I don’t…I don’t want you them to push you into that hole again.”
“I won’t fall into that hole again, Baby”, he retorted in the matter of seconds while his tension filled glance grew softer and his arms held you a little tighter.
“Come on, as long as I got ya I’ll be all fine”, he added in the very next moment, watching your reaction closely as he gave you a small chuckle that paired with a small grin ,”Seriously, things are different now than they were back then.”
“I know…I’m just frustrated…”, you mumbled, feeling how he reached up and let the palm of his large hand cup the side of your face to let his thumb brush over it, brushing of some dried tears and soothing you with his touch.
“I know, Sweetheart”, he muttered with a nod, leaning in to press a small kiss to your lips while you softly nodded and allowed yourself to sink for a moment into him.
“But this isn’t done…I’ll talk to her again when things have calmed down a little. I won’t let her take this away from you”, you added as soon as his lips parted from yours, giving in to an inner urge to not loose the very last hope you had, maybe to not go crazy once for all.
“You first get back into the council, that’s more important than my windows”, he softly chuckled, pulling you closer before you quickly shook your head. 
“No, it’s not”, you mumbled with a soft sigh, “Council’s one shitshow either way, as long Michonne doesn’t change it’s just sham.”
Negan just softly nodded, keeping you close as he leaned in for another kiss and let his lips caress over yours, allowing to let the frustration beat the retreat a little and instead fill you with comfort until he backed a little away and gave you a slight grin.
“Whatever comes next, we’ll get through this. Fuckin’ know it”

“Come here”, Negan mumbled as he settled a few soothing kisses and touches later into the pillow at the end of the bed, spreading his arms and nodding with a soft smile towards them. Slowly nodding you responded by shifting towards him over the sheets, sniffing just slightly for the last time before you dove into his embrace.
With a soft hum you nuzzled your head into the curve of his neck and moved your leg over his hip, allowing you to sink into his side as your arm slung around his torso and hugged him back.
His arms were holding you tightly as his lips pressed a warm kiss to your forehead, allowing his beard stubble to tickle your skin and form a small smile on your lips. 
“Y’know, I still got something for ya….hope it lifts your mood a little”, he mumbled after only  few moment had passed as he shifted a little and stuck his fingers into his pant’s pockets, rummaging as you hummed in confusion and heard him letting out a low chuckle.
“Won’t be my dick this time, I promise”, he laughed quietly before the movements stopped as he slowly got his hand out of his pockets. “Don’t know if you thought I forgot about it but damn, I didn’t”, he mumbled, as he formed his hand into a fist, hiding what was hidden within, “Couldn’t repair your bracelet but I…well lets say I improvised a little.”
With these words and another small chuckle he opened his hand, revealing what was hiding in its large palm. 
A ring, the one that had just a small while ago laid in the box with the goods he was trying to repair. Before the troughs of its metal had been empty, its stones gone for years but now they were filled up again with the tiny white diamonds that had once belonged to your bracelet.
“Finished it before gettin’ out…just weren’t sure when to give it to ya, so now seems like a good moment”, he said, a little tension stuck in his voice as you slowly lifted yourself a little, enough to prop yourself on one elbow and glance at the small good in his hand.
“It’s beautiful”, you mumbled, feeling how a larger smile was growing on your lips as soon as you touched the ring and realized how many curses he must have lost over it, trying to glue the small stones with his large hands to the thin ring. He’d lost his patience over all the other goods, but he had finished this one, no matter how many nerves it must have cost him.
“Damn glad you like it”, you heard him mumble as he shifted a little up in the pillows as you glanced once more at the familiar stones that twinkled in the light before you looked up into Negan’s hazel eyes.
“’Course I do…thank you so much”, you said, keeping the smile on your lips as you leaned in and kissed him softly, caressing your lips over his as his touch made the frustration vanish some more and brought you deeper into this moment in which you could forget about the rest of day that suddenly seemed to become much better.
“How much did you curse over it?”, you chuckled softly against his lips as he leaned in to peck you once more.
“Oh way too much…doesn’t matter tho”, he mumbled, pulling you into another kiss until you could feel him tensing a little as soon as your lips left his. 
“I just..I want you to know what I want that little fucker to represent”, he mumbled as you backed a little away, enough to glance into his eyes and catch the muscles in his face twitching, almost as if he was nervous.
“Meant what I said…as long as we two got each other everything’s fine as hell, was always that way”, he grumbled, sitting himself a little more up as he still held onto the ring in his hand, “You and me, that’s all we fucking need.”
“Yeah”, you mumbled with a nod as you reached up and caressed your fingertips over his beard stubble, smiling softly at him. You could feel him shifting a little more, enough to sit straight up and reach out to your legs to pull them over his legs and hug you closer as he cleared his throat softly, clenching his jaw as he grew a little more nervous.
“I know I can’t marry you the damn real way here…shit, can’t even propose the fuckin’ way I’d like…I’m just”, he stopped, shaking his head as he run one hand over his stubbly jaw ,”Talkin’ too much”
Your heart was already speeding up as you heard his words echoing through your head and felt how his hand that was still holding the ring was beginning to trace over your leg, nervously fumbling on the loose threads. 
“I just, I want you to know that we both are set in damn stone,…real damn marriage…not how it was with- them...”, he mumbled, struggling on that one word before he glanced up at you and pulled you a little tighter against him,”The fucking real way.”
The smile on your lips grew wider as you watched him relax a little in response to your reaction, grinning as he bit his lip.
 “And shit, we’ve actually been having that for all this time…no matter if we talked about it or not…you’re mine and holy shit I am fuckin’ yours, with neck and crop…and dick”, he chuckled with a wider grin, playfully squeezing your waist before he stroked softly along it, “And that won’t fuckin’ ever change.”
“We’re the real damn deal”, he added with a soft chuckle, holding you close as you nodded softly, feeling the warmth spreading further through your body, sweeping into every little inch of yours and turning the rest anger into happiness.
“Yeah”, you mumbled, running your hand up his chest until you let it rest on its center and glanced happily at him,”We are.”
“Now that finger looks a little naked, huh?”, Negan grumbled in the next moment, nodding down to the hand on his chest before he glanced for a short moment up to grin at you and moved the ring closer towards it.
It only needed another soft nod of yours for him to pick your hand up and slip the slim ring over your finger, just as smooth as you had once done it when you had tried its damaged form on months ago, even though it felt so much better now.
And as your lips crashed onto his this time it felt like you were giving each other a silent promise on top of it, sealing off what had already been clear to the both of you all these years. Of course, you couldn’t marry with all the bells and whistles but Negan was right on this, as long as you both knew what your relationship meant to you, it was more than enough. 
“Y’know, if you wanna and if the situation will ever allow it, we can do it with all the little shit…hell, I can do more to make this all better…I-”, 
“You don’t need to…this is already perfect”, you muttered back, a soft smile still curling your lips as he stopped for a moment and backed away, enough to glance at you and raise his brows. 
“Negan, this is all I need. If we ever can get married the official way, I’ll marry you without batting an eyelash, but you don’t need to do more…giving the ring now so you can cheer me up and take care of me is so genuine and sweet, and real. That’s the best”, you said, glancing from the ring to his hazel eyes that began to soften even more, just like the smile on his lips that grew larger and the warmth in you that took over once for all.
You could still feel the smile as his lips caressed once more over yours, kissing you deeply as he held you tighter, as if he was never planning on letting you go again. “I love you”, he grumbled against your lips, pecking them as he sighed contently, “More than fucking anything.”
“I love you too”, you mumbled back, smiling softly as your fingers caressed over the salt and pepper stubbled, electing a small purr from deeply within his chest before he shifted a little with you on the bed, enough to move the both of you into the pillows to hold you even tighter.
“By the way…I’m not fuckin’ sweet”, he mumbled with a low chuckle as soon as you had cuddled deeper into his embrace, urging a small laugh to fall from your lips as you backed away again and glanced into his playful and teasing eyes.
“Yeah, you are”, you softly chuckled, grinning at him as you ran your hand over his firm chest, up until you could rest it on his neck and caress the sensitive skin while the tiny diamonds of the gift that was stuck to your finger twinkled in the rest sunlight,”No way you can prove me wrong on this.”
“Oh I could think of a way or two”, he thickly chuckled, grinning suggestively at you while his tongue slipped slowly over his lower lip, “Want me to try out?”
“Sure”, you chuckled back, already feeling how he was pulling you closer before you shot him a playful grin, “Still, you won’t convince me.”
“Oh, you’ll see, Baby. You’ll fucking see”

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TWD ~ Negan Imagine – “Adaptation”

Summary: When Negan escapes from his cell to find a way to a better future with the reader, he provokes a storm in Alexandria that gets the one person in trouble he wants to protect the most.

the last part / all other previous parts (None of the previous parts have to be read to understand the plot!)


Sleep was still lulling you into its depths as a low voice began to stream through to you, slowly tickling the consciousness awake.
Softly groaning your tired mind tried to sort the voice into a category as it sounded through your head once more, pushing you enough to the edge of wakefulness to let your eyes flutter slowly open.
Your view was blurry at first, only taking in the brown hair and hazy features of the man in front of you before it got clearer with each passing second.
“Miles?”, you groaned drowsily, wrinkling your brows in confusion before your head bounced into reality and made you remember where you were.
In a bed of the infirmary, not by Negan’s side in the cell.
Working all day and night before laying down to take a nap while all the patients were sleeping –
“Oh crap, the patients”, you called out, standing almost straight in your bed as you were suddenly wide awake, cursing yourself for oversleeping.
You had laid down when it had been completely dark outside, now the morning sun was shining brightly through the windows, urging you to realize that your exhaustion had urged your body to take more sleep than you had planned.
“Its fine, they’re all still sleeping, and if they wake up, Karen’s already ready to take care of them. We’re taking over now, came back earlier from the run than we thought”, your co worker said, giving you a small smile as your muscles began to tense a little less and the adrenaline that had rushed through your veins decreased, “I just decided to wake you up so you know we’re back.”
“Okay, thank you…sorry though, just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and they were all asleep”, you mumbled, adjusting your clothes as you heft yourself up from the bed and have him an apologizing smile.
“Don’t worry, can’t blame it on you, keeping that thing here going all alone is one hell of a job, no wonder you needed a break”, he chuckled before he nodded towards the half open door, “You mind getting Karen and me up to speed? Then you’re all free for now.”

“And Will’s wound is doing better, still needs the salve Siddiq mixed for him though.. but that must be it”, you said as you found yourself standing ten minutes later in the kitchen of the infirmary while both of them listened to you as you finished going through the list of patients that laid in the beds of the infirmary.
“Great, then we see you back tomorrow, right?”, Karen asked with a smile, already grabbing some bandages while you gave her a small nod.
“Yeah, see ya”, you said back, grabbing your jacket while the anticipation begun to grow in your body, only rising as you finally stepped out onto the porch that was enlightened by the morning sun.
A soft breeze was brushing over your skin, bringing a little peace into your still tried body while a smile began to grow on your lips as you realized that only a few minutes parted you from huddling up to Negan.
You couldn’t wait to feel his arms wrapping around you, feel him tucking you in along with him beneath the blanket and nuzzle your nose into the warmth of his neck just so you could doze back off and get something of the sleep back you lost while treating the patients all night. Your thoughts only let the smile grow wider as you hopped down the stairs of the porch and made your way down the street, enjoying the warmth of the rising sun that danced over your skin.
A content sigh left your lips as you made your way further down the street, your eyes fixing on the path you were making every single day for the last seven years before a figure made its way into your field of vision that threw your good mood slowly off.
His face was twisted in anger, the eyebrows pulled into a tight curve, his eyes squinting even though it couldn’t cover the furiousness burning within them while his hands clutched a piece of paper while he stumped towards you.
For a moment, you questioned that Kent was walking towards you, wondering if it had to do anything with the bad news about Rosita and Eugene you had gotten yesterday but with each step he came closer, you excluded it more and more.
He was having you as his target, for whatever reason.
“You wanna tell me anything about this?!”, he growled, as only a couple feet parted you, the hand with the paper sheet rising up, almost holding it into your face as you glanced full of confusion at him.
“What is this?”, you only choked out watching as more fury spread over his features with each of your words.
“Are you fucking kidding me?”, he growled, his jaw clenching threateningly as he pushed the sheet finally into your hands.
“Laid on his bed in his cell, you wanna explain this?”
With now shaking hands you began to unfold the paper, still utterly confused and with the worst scenarios sneaking into your head before your eyes eventually scanned over the familiar handwriting that shook you to the core.

I’m coming back, Sweetheart. Gabriel let the door open and I had to take the damn chance. I’ll be fine, so don’t you worry your pretty head off. Don’t risk shit and come after me, just trust me. I’ll make it right for us.
Love you more than fucking anything.
– Negan

“He’s gone”, Kent spellt it out for you as an icy shudder ran down your back while your eyes went over and over along the lines, still feeling as if you were caught in a surreal dream instead of reality.
“You set this up with him? Pushing the fault on Gabriel? You-”, Kent growled out but instead of reacting to his accusations your mind ran past it, your head only twirling around Negan as you cut him off.
“He can’t be gone-…I-”, you stumbled, your fingers clamping on the edge of the sheet, your eyes still tracing over it over and over again while your throat was beginning to tighten as your body filled with worry and more confusion. Before you could even notice anything else you felt yourself moving past him, urged to see it for yourself, urged to go to the place you last saw Negan.
“Where the hell are you going?”, you heard the man snap, keeping up with you as you rushed down the still empty streets of Alexandria.
“I…I have to see this for myself.”

Your breath was shivering and harsh as you stumbled down the stairs, almost falling as you felt your legs becoming weaker with each step while your trembling hands still clutched the handwritten note.
Part of you still tried to convince yourself hat you were still laying in the bed at the infirmary your mind was only churning up an odd dream fueled by your body’s exhaustion but as soon as you stepped into the cellar even this part vanished into thin air.
The cell was empty.
For a moment you froze to the spot before you stumbled slowly into the cell, glancing around the room, at the bed where Kent had found the note you were holding in your hands as if your life depended on it.
“You’re gonna stop playing that game now?”, you heard Kent’s voice suddenly behind you, snapping you out of the trance the shock had kept you in while you first realized what he was accusing you off.
“I am not playing any game”, you choked out as you turned around, glancing into his furious eyes that contributed to the mess of emotions that was beginning to whirl faster through you,”How the hell should I’ve helped him?”
You could feel yourself torn up between the worry of what would happen now and the rising anger of Kent’s accusation, only fueled by a provoking rising of his eyebrows as if you were pulling an act on him.
“I haven’t seen him since yesterday midday, I was at the infirmary the whole time, ask the patients or Miles and Karen…”, you said, just as shaky as peeved, too shaken by what was happening around you to react to the mess he was trying to throw at you.
“Sure thing, (Y/N)”, he snapped sarcastically, shaking his head as he stared with you before he let out a thick huff and stormed up the stairs, following the voices that were beginning to grow louder outside the jail.
A shaky breath fell from your lips as you found yourself alone in the middle of the cell, still confused and as if you were stuck in a surreal dream.
You found yourself sitting down on his bed, staring at the note in your hands while reality began to sneak up on you and began to filter your emotions out of the mess that was whirling through you.
You weren’t mad at Negan, not at all. You’d always wanted him out of this cell, but with these circumstances right now, you were more worried than anything.
He was one strong and big man, but also one that hadn’t been outside for seven years and hadn’t even killed nor seen a walker since then. 
He was lacking practice and even though you trusted in his skills and determination, even the fittest fighters were able to get lost and hurt out there.
And that was the last damn thing you wanted.

For the first time in all these years, Negan could actually feel the sun shining down on him. Not just some light beaming through the windows of his cell, no, actual sunshine that seemed to surrounded all of him as he sat at the door of an empty caravan, chewing on some of the tomatoes he’d taken with him out of Alexandria. It wasn’t too much, but it was fine for the start.
Being outside was great, so damn great that it still felt little surreal even though he had to pay for it with a bittersweet taste that came along with the new grasped freedom.
He was alone, no living fuck anywhere around him and, and this bothered him much more right now, he still had to make a plan on how to act out what had actually made him leave the cell.
He still had to find a way to make it all right, to change his and her future into a brighter one than the one that had awaited them in the dark cell and fuck, he had to do so before anyone could find him outside here. They were probably all swarming out by now, trying to make up where he could go and how to catch him
All he hoped for at least was that they had found his letter and Gabey was man enough to admit that he had fucked up locking his cell door, putting no blame on his girl and leaving her the fuck alone.
A low groan left Negan’s lips as he swallowed the last piece to the tomato and washed it with the last gulp of water left in his bottle down, trying to shut down his worried thoughts and instead focus on his goal.
Pinching the bridge of his nose he breathed thoroughly out, clenching his jaw as he silenced his mind before a noise sounded through his head that he hadn’t heard in years.
A sickly sounding groan combined with snapping sounds of rotting teeth clashing on one another and low growls that were heralding the slowly approaching threat.
And even after all this time his instincts still reacted as fast as a lightning bolt striking through the air, forcing him to snap around as look into the dead eyes that were fixing on him.
A fucking dead asshole, with rotting skin dangling of its bones, threatening to fall off of it with every slurfing step it took as it rounded the caravan and snapped its jaw at Negan. Quickly, it elicited an annoyed huff to fall from his lips as he raised his body up and grabbed the shovel he took from Alexandria, ready to kill his first walker since seven years.

“It was my fault…I was thinking about Rosita-…I left the cell door open”, Gabriel’s voice sounded through the window in Negan’s cell through to you, eliciting a wave of relieve to wash over your body. For the last bit you’d only heard a bunch of people outside the cell wondering and theorizing about how Negan had escaped, some speaking in your favor while others were ranting about how it had only been a matter of time till you’d help him get out.
You hadn’t bothered to leave the cell and defend yourself once more, still too startled and worried to do much. 
A small part of what they said was right, you had lost some thoughts about letting him leave, but not out of spite towards the others, but for his wellbeing, especially during the time he had been nearly suicidal.
You’d always feared he’d fall into this hole again but no matter what you had thought, Negan had kept you from thinking any more about it than the bare minimum.
You could still hear him say he wouldn’t leave, even if you’d rip the door out of its angles, not wanting to risk your place in Alexandria and exchange it for a life on the run just so he could be a free man.
And he was right in the end, you’d always want him to leave the peaceful way, maybe get integrated into the community, no matter how surreal that seemed to the most.
Still, he was gone now.
Because it had been Gabriel to leave the door open, and not you.
A thick huff left your lips as you stared to your hands, hoping to grasp any sane thought even though the voices outside made thinking clearly even harder.
“We have to leave now and get him before Michonne returns. Can’t risk it.”
“Gotta plan it thoroughly. We need to have groups in all directions and with enough people…he’s an asshole but sly as a fox, we need to be sure to get him once we spot him.”
An ice cold shudder ran down your back as you listened to their voices, realizing once more that this was the bitter reality.
Of course they were gonna search for him.
A shivering sigh rumbled through your body as you sprung up, glancing through the windows that were showing you the Alexandrian’s that must have almost forgotten about you in their anger and almost panic.
They were still talking as they were slowly departing from the cell, making up a plan to catch Negan as fast as they could and with that, arguing about the one thing you couldn’t let happen.
No matter what Negan had asked you to do, no matter how much you liked to be able to stay back, trust him, follow his plea for once and hope that everything would just work out, you couldn’t.
You had to find him.
Before they did.

“Home, Sweet Home”, the words rolled from Negan’s lips smoothly as he finally stared at the familiar in front of him, the dark fabric that stood tall and impressive in front of him, like the stronghold it had always been.
His eyes wandered over his old home, the place that might help him to turn shit around for him and his girl now, all while a small grin forming on his lips for the first time in hours.
Till now, this fucking day hadn’t been much of a lucky one.
Killing walkers was as much of a pain in the ass as ever, especially when one of them lands on your supplies and taints them with its mushy and bloody fuckery of a body.
Drinking water out of a small river was a damn dumb idea too, that was noted in the back of his mind now as well, mostly after his body had cranked in disgust until all the shit that had swum in his stomach had left his body the wrong way out, and as a special treat, right at the damn clearing this whole shit had begun.
Fuck, he wasn’t even sure what had urged him there, regret, nostalgia, whatfuckingever, still the odds weren’t much in his favor and rather taunting to force him to throw up especially there.
Next damn thing had been a bunch of wild dogs that had almost torn him apart in a shop for clothes, ending up with him saving his ass in the very last minute.
But hey, at least he had a new fucking leather jacket, and damn that smooth shit felt so much better than that prison suit on his skin.
And now, it almost felt a little like it used too, a leatherjacket slung around his torso, a grin on his lips and a metal pipe resting on his shoulder like his dirty girl had used to.
Maybe this old place could help him with a new start.
Maybe this could be it.

A few food cans were clicking in your backpack, the knife tightly in your hands as you shuffled from the road first into the woods, hoping that the other Alexandrian’s wouldn’t directly see you and keep you from searching for him.
You stayed at its edge though, enough to see the road to keep track on where you were heading while you made your way through the undergrowth, each step determined.
He could be going anywhere judging from his note that seemed to say much by saying nothing concrete at all as well, for obvious reasons, still, your head was working on full speed, trying to figure out where to go, where to search for him.
He wanted to change something, for you two, so maybe he was going back to the root of it all to find a start.
The Sanctuary.
“(Y/N)”, a familiar voice made you flinch, echoing from the road through the trees as it let you immediately flinch up and turned your head towards its source.
“Judith? What are you doing outside?”, you choked out the moment you saw the girl standing on the blacktop, glancing at you while she clutched the heavy colt in her hands. 
“Same as you, I guess”, she said, shrugging her shoulders as you sighed and climbed out of the undergrowth of the woods, glancing to your sides to see if she was alone before a thicker huff left your lips.
“Judith, you can’t go out alone, what if-”
“Well now I’m not alone anymore, right?”, she said, nodding towards you and actually eliciting a small chuckle off your lips before you stepped closer to her, torn between what to do now before you already saw her changing the look in her eyes, almost as if she could guess that you’d tell her to let you take her home, to not get her into even more danger than she already was by simply being outside.
“I won’t go back…and I still got something to tell you”, she said, glancing up from beneath her Sheriff’s hat as you let out another sigh.
“I let him go”, she mumbled, widening your eyes only with this small sentence as he pressed her lips sheepishly on one another before raising her voice again.
“I saw him climbing over the wall…he promised me not to hurt anyone, not even if they’d tried to hurt him…so I let him leave”, she said, huffing softly as her fingers fumbled on the metal of her gun, “He said he’ll make everything alright for you both, that’s why he had to go.”
A heavy breath fell from your lips as you listened to her, hearing those words again that fitted to the one on the note that were stuffed into the pockets of your pants.
“Maybe I can help you find him before the others, so you can talk to him”, she said, glancing up at you with that look that told you that she wouldn’t take a ‘no’ nor would she let you walk her home, back to Alexandria that must be about an hour march away by now.
“Okay…but you’ll stay right by my side”, you eventually said reluctantly after a couple moments of pondering and hoping that you’d be earlier back than Michonne before you watched a smile spreading over the girl’s lips.
“Great!”, she exclaimed, a wide smile spreading over her lips as she grabbed her colt tighter, held her hat with the other hand and began to sprint forward over the street, leaving your side within seconds.
“You’re coming?”, she called the next moment, turning around to look smiling but challenging at you before you couldn’t hide a grin as you shook your head and let out a small laugh.
“What did I just say?”

This wasn’t what he had wanted, not even what he had fucking expected the he had stood outside, all enthusiastic and hopeful too see his old home after all this time again. But there he was now, sitting in the great hall of the Sanctuary, or rather of what was left of it. 
It looked like nothing ever had happened here, as if this factory had been empty from the moment on the world had gone to shit.
As if no people had ever buzzed through this hall, working and selling their goods.
As if he had never held meetings in the room far up in the Sanctuary’s floors.
As if there never had been life inside these walls.
As if everything he had worked for and built up had never taken place. 

He didn’t even know what he had exactly expected when he had arrived here, after seven and a fucking half years. He’d known a couple things, the stuff (Y/N) had heard and told him, but even she hadn’t known everything about this place, nor its downfall. 
But here, here was nothing left. No person alive, just dead fuckers and one of his former lieutenants who had also seemed to have kicked the bucket years ago.
But shit, at least he’d stayed till the very end…oppositely to everybody else.
A thick gulp traveled down Negan’s throat as he glanced around from his crouched position on the couch in the middle of the hall at the furniture he had found sprawled out across the place and which was now aligned to a small room, almost as big as his cell back in Alexandria.
He couldn’t deny that part of him had hoped that moving things around and creating a little space with them would elicit a feeling of comfort in him, but there was nothing.
Just emptiness.
The ring for his girl he had stuffed into his pant’s pocket before escaping his cell was pressing now into his skin, as if it was trying to remind him that it was still present, urging and pushing his mind to rotate over and over again, churning him up from the very inside.
He’d really hoped he’d find something here that could help him change the situation, change their future and make it better, whatever the hell it might be.
But with nothing left here, his hopes seemed to dangle on a thin thread, daring to tear each other second.
Running his hand over his face, along the scruffy salt and pepper beard and over his mouth that had changed from a grin back into a form that looked like the one of a pissed off but especially sad smiley, he glanced around once more, feeling how a thick lump was forming in his throat, growing along with his desperation.
No matter how much he wished for some solution to pop up in his head, for this place to change into something better just like the future he had longed for, he realized with every minute he spent within these walls that there was none.
Not outside here at least.
Here was nothing to built up on, nothing but dead fuckers and ruined buildings.
He hated to admit it, hated even more that this was the painful truth, but there was not only more for him back in Alexandria, but also more for her, for them both.
He had to go back.

“Oh no”, you huffed as you spotted the approaching four walkers between the trees, stumbling through the undergrowth you were making your way through along with Judith.
“I’ll help”, she said as soon as you grabbed your knife, keeping it tightly in your hands before you turned around and glanced right at her.
“Oh no, I know you can do this but there’s enough trouble going on right now. I won’t get you into any more danger”, you said, trying to work against her stubborn little head while the groans of the dead got louder, “Those aren’t that many, I can take care of them, just stay here.”
You saw her nodding for a moment, right before your glance stayed a little longer on her before you turned back around and stepped towards the growling walkers that were already stretching their rotting arms out for you.
With a huff you grasped the wooden handle of the knife tighter, stepping closer towards the first dead one as you kicked its weak legs back, snapping them by the knees into half and forcing it to stumble back into the ground, harmless enough for you to step over it and drive your knife into its skull.
Sighing heavily you marched towards the other three, while you heard an approaching engine in the distance that pushed itself into your head as you made your way closer to the walkers.
It were probably Alexandrians on their way to search for Negan, and while the thought of them finding him brought nausea over you again you forced yourself to concentrate on the threat right in front of you.
You were swinging in a deadly trance as you fought walker after walker, panting as you struggled a little with the last and tallest one until its body finally got limp and fell lifeless to the ground.
Just as you caught your breath again and shook the blood of the knife, ready to turn around to Judith your body flinched up in shock by the sound of a gunshot echoing through the air.
Gasping for air you turned around, already seeing what you had expected, Judith was gone, and so was her colt, the gun that had to be responsible for the shot.
“Fuck!”, you cursed loudly, filled with desperation and worry as you glanced around, trying to retrieve the source of the shot before you saw her standing on the blacktop of the road, a good bit away from your position in the woods, her body crouched, as if she was talking to someone or something on the ground.
“Goddamn it”, you cursed under your fastening breath, already imagining the worst as you rushed through the undergrowth, trying to stay upright and not to trip over every root and bush in your way.
You were only a few dozen meter away from reaching the blacktop as you finally saw a figure appearing beside her, tall and broad, right before this figure became a person whose appearance took your breath away once more.
“Negan”, you breathed out, still not fully believing your eyes as your footsteps fastened, almost entangling with the undergrowth as you rushed through it until you reached the wood’s edge with a harshly beating heart and relief that began to wash all over you.
You mumbled his name again the moment your eyes finally caught his, softening them as you watched a smile growing on his lips, pushing his dimples forward beneath the salt and pepper stubble.
“You’re okay”, you mumbled with another relieved sigh, rushing towards him, lost in your emotions until you could finally feel his arms wrapping around your body and pulling you close against his.
“Yeah..’cept for that this little lady shot me off the damn motorcycle”, you heard him mumble into your hair with a low chuckle, right before the adrenaline in your veins sunk a little and you began to combine what had just happened and look around you.
Not only Negan was here, clad into a new leather jacket instead of the prison suit, there was also a motorcycle almost laying beside the road, its frontwheel still spinning slightly from the sudden impact it had gone through by Negan’s fall after Judith’s shot.
“Jud-”, you called out, spinning in his arms around to her before he pulled you closer and made you look at him, calming you a little with his touch that felt soothing after the distress and nerve-racking emotions the day had put you through till now.
“She told me she’d shoot if she’d see me again here so…”, he mumbled with a chuckle, shrugging his shoulders slightly before you heard the voice of the girl sounding through the air again.
“I’ll give you a second…”
“But don’t go too far, okay? Can’t have you slipping away again…I just don’t want you hurt, Judith”, you said, giving her a caring but warning look in response to what had happened just minutes ago before she nodded, this time more genuinely, before grabbing her colt and walking a bit until plunging down onto the edge of the blacktop.
Breathing throughly through you forced your glance from Judith and instead closed your eyes as you hugged Negan back again, nuzzling your nose into his neck while you could feel more and more burden falling off your shoulders until his voice rumbled through to you.
“You’re not mad at my ass?”
“No…you just scared the shit out of me, you got no idea how many of them are out here searching for you”, you muttered back, sighing quietly as you huddled up to him ,”I’m just so glad you’re fine.”
For another moment he stayed quiet, just cradling you and allowing you to calm down until your mind was less of a mess again before he shifted uncomfortably.
“Sweetheart?”, he mumbled, pushing you with the tension in his voice to make you dive out of his neck’s curve and look into his eyes ,“I’m going back”
“What?”, it directly jumped out of your lips, eliciting confusion once more as you stared blankly at him.
In your euphoria you hadn’t even wasted a thought to what was coming next, if he was staying outside, what he had wanted to do for the both of you or if he had a new plan, but even though you could have imagined many answers, going back wasn’t one of the first ones you thought of.
“Cell and all…I’m going back to Alexandria”, he added, clearly and determined, leaving no space for doubt even though confusion was still keeping all of your facial expression hostage.
“I uhm…I thought I could change something”, he mumbled, sighing as he stared for a moment into the woods before his glance met yours again,”For us…get us that damn future we’ve been thinking’ ‘bout.”
A weak, even sad smile was growing on his lips, catapulting your thoughts to your talks about the wishes the cell wouldn’t let you fulfill.
”Now I know I…I know I can’t”, he mumbled, gulping thickly as his voice was filled with pain and defeat while a heavy breath rumbled through his his chest.
“Sanctuary’s gone…all of it…and-…fuck, there’s no damn other way out here for me to prove to them that I ain’t belong into that cell”, he said, trying to keep himself talking while you just looked at him, allowing him to get everything off his chest that needed to leave.
“And I won’t bring you out here into this shit world for sure. Not you…not anything that could ever be on the way”, he mumbled with another sad smile, caressing the side of your stomach before he sighed once more and clenched his jaw uneasily, “There’s no future out here…I gotta accept that.”
“In Alexandria, hell I know you’re safe, I know you got a doc when you need one, got shit to fill your stomach”, he chuckled softly as he rose his voice again, trying to lift both of your moods as a small grin slipped into the sad smile,”And I got some gossip at my little window, and that’s better than those fuckin’ dead asshats tryin’ to turn my ass into a snack.”
“Are you sure?”, was the first thing to slip out of your lips as you were glancing concerned at him, “I don’t want you to feel like you gotta go back just for me…I don’t want that.”
“It’s all fine, Sweetheart. Trust me, it’s fine”, he said the moment your voice hushed, leaving you no space to argue his decision. For another moment, you looked at him, watching his reaction, the glance that was filled with genuineness and muscles that were relaxed, as if he was at peace with his choice. 
“And who knows…maybe I get the chance to prove other shit”, he mumbled, tipping in to plant a small kiss on your lips before backing away and capturing your eyes once more, “I’m not givin’ up on our future, just gotta find a different way.”
Softly, you nodded, still trying to sort the mess in your head that slowly got less entangled by the relief that washed more and more through your veins.
“And at least I got a new leather jacket, knew you were always a sucker for that”, he added with another low chuckle, eliciting to let a soft laugh fall from your lips as well before another voice made you turn around.
“Are you ready? Can we go home?”, Judith asked, glancing at you out of a little distance before you gave her a smiling nod and stepped finally out of Negan’s embrace.
“Yeah, we can go home”, you said, seeing a small smile growing on her lips as well before she turned around and marched forward, the sheriff hat on her head swinging a little from side to side as it was still way too large before your eyes detached from her and found Negan again.
“Everything will work out just fuckin’ fine”, he mumbled, taking his first steps to follow Judith and grasping your hand in the process, engulfing it in his large palm and squeezing it softly, letting you hope that he was right, letting you hope that there was no aftermath to his escape, letting you hope for your future.

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Negan Imagine ~ Caught (pt.5)

After Negan feels pushed to set another example in Alexandria, Rick forces his daughter to make a final decision

Negan x Reader/Rick’s daughter

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 (none of these have to be necessarily read to understand the plot of the following part)


Your pulse pounded in your ears and the shots from moments before still sounded cruely through your head as you ran out of the house, Carl close on your heels as you stumbled down the porch and sprinted towards the sound’s source.
Your eyes were searching for an answer outside, for an answer to these shots before your heart stopped as you heard Negan’s voice.
“Are you people fucking kidding me?”, He roared through the air before your eyes caught his tall figure standing over a crouched, dark haired man.
He had to be Robert, judging from his clothes and the messy hair cut but your focus was only laying on him for some more seconds before you glanced at Carl, who you had tried to convince that the man who was raising his bat into the air in these moments wasn’t the monster he saw in him.
“Now I knew you fuckers were a pain in my ass but this-”, he pointed his bat at the kneeling man, “This is beyond fuckin’ stupid. What kinda dumb asshole thinks tryin’ to shoot my men is gonna work the fuck out.”
A cool shudder ran over your back as you slowly began to get the scene in front of you, before an even colder, even icy one spread all over your body as you realized what Negan was gonna do.
He was gonna make an example out of him.
He was gonna punish him.
But would he really?
After everything that had already happened for your family and community to hate him?
Would he?
“Now Rob here for sure knew what was comin’ to him when he was gonna get caught! Sure, you did, huh?”, Negan called sarcastically out as he nudged Lucille’s end against the man’s shoulder.
Fuck, he was gonna do it.
But would he go all the way?
Your heart seemed to pound its way up into your throat, taking away your ability to breath as your glance wandered from Negan to your father who was suddenly stepping into the wide circle of people that was building up around the scene.
“I don’t wanna do this, fuck no I don’t. But you fuckers really don’t give me a choice. I need you to get that those fuck things are a big ass no-no. Thought we’d be finally on a path of understanding, apparently we’re not”, Negan growled, his eyes staring at the ground as he didn’t seem to notice that you were part of the circle, too caught up in his rage.
“Well, then back fuckin to it.”
And just like that, your heart stopped with the next scene.
With the swing.
With the blood.
With the cracking skull.
With the screams.

Your whole mind seemed to shut down as you watched Negan leaning back, saw the blood dripping from his bat and captured the dead body laying on the ground.
You couldn’t stop tears from welling up in your eyes as you caught from their corners how Carl stared at what laid in front of him, how everything you had just tried to tell him was vanishing from his mind.
He had been willing to talk to you like a fucking normal human being instead of treating you like a traitor as everyone else and now, fuck now there was no way this was gonna stay this way.
You could only see your Dad storming from the circle before your glance wandered to Negan, blurred by the welled up tears as your eyes caught his.
His face fell in the matter of seconds, the mask like mix between a grin and frown falling right off his muscles as you could see the panic growing in his eyes that rushed restlessness over his body.
But before you could concentrate more on him, could see what he would do next you felt your body urging you forward out of the circle as you saw from afar how your father stormed into your home.
You had to go after him.
You had to.
You couldn’t keep on standing here, hoping that this was just an awful nightmare.
Your heart pumped against your chest as if it tried to break out of your ribcage as soon as you could feel yourself rushing over the blacktop, trembling as your mind skipped through all kind of horrifying scenarios you could imagine.
Would your Dad lose control now?
What if he would make an impulsive move?
What if this whole shit would turn into an even bigger bloodbath?
Your thoughts got cut off from nausea that began to capture your body, settling into you as the panic turned your view almost blurry while you tried to make your way up the porch, horrified with what could happen next.

Footsteps rumbled down the staircase as you stepped into the house, the door falling with a loud thud into its lock before your widened eyes caught your father stumbling down the stairs, a big sports bag in each of his hands.
“Dad? What are you doing? What-?”, you choked out, your heart still beating as fast as a hummingbird’s wings as he tossed the bags to the ground.
“You need to make a decision”, he said, his voice swinging between utterly stern and on the edge of an emotional outburst,”I can’t do this anymore. Either you break things up with him or you’ll have to go.”
“What?” Dad I-”, your voice got cut off by the growing lump in your throat as you stared with watery eyes at him while he clenched his jaw, coldness spreading over his features, freezing them with each passing second more.
“If you decide for him, take them and leave the house now”, he said, exhaling thickly as you couldn’t get a single word out,”And don’t come back wailing when you finally get who he really is.”
He ran a palm over his beard stubble, glancing from the bags to you as a pinch of hopefulness flared up within them.
“If you decide for us, I’ll carry those bags back up and all will be fine.”
“Dad, you can’t mean this”, you said, your voice thick with emotion and disbelief as the first tears threatened to roll down your cheeks ,”Dad, please don’t make me do this.”
“I have to, I have to-”, he called out, anger and pain mixing in his glance as more panic rose in your body, seeping slowly but surely in each and every of your cells. 
“No, no you don’t”, you said, your lips trembling as you felt the first tears falling while this all felt like a horrible hallucination. 
“You’ve just seen what he did! Again!”, he called out, his finger shooting up as he pointed it outside, while thick pants shook his chest while more and more tears began to make its way down your skin, blurring your view and wetting your face.
“And don’t tell me you love him, don’t you tell me that!”, he shouted now, the anger overcoming the pain as his face grew blood red ,”He’s a monster! And nothing, nothin else!”
You stared at him, startled by his words and by the events that had happened outside just now as your whole body trembled like aspen leaf and your mind sunk into the absolute mess of emotions and thoughts.
“But I do”, you choked out, staring into the eyes of your father that darkened even more with just these three words,”And I love you and Carl and Judith too, I just-”
You hoped he’d say something else.
You hoped he’d take those words back and let you stay.
You hoped he wouldn’t make you choose.
But he didn’t, he didn’t say more nor did he take anything back, he just stared panting at you.
And he made you choose.
He actually made you choose between him and the others, and Negan.
“I can’t”, you choked quietly out, your voice paired with a whimper as you stared at the packed bags.
“You have to…there’s no other way.”
You couldn’t leave Negan, not even after what had happened.
You could rip his head off right now for pulling such a show but you still loved him, no matter if you were cursing yourself for it in these moments.
Besides, you knew what your own father had done as well, what he was capable of.
He wasn’t doing it the way Negan did, but that didn’t make it any less cruel.
But could you leave your family?
It wasn’t even about your father, it was about your half brother and Judith as well, you couldn’t just leave them could you?
But Negan-
You could think over and over it again and there wouldn’t be a sane way to choose, a better way to choose.
You loved both, Negan and your family, but in the end, there was only one difference that finally pushed you over the edge to make a decision.
“Only because you were the one making me choose”, you heard your own voice say, almost as if it didn’t belong to you while you reached out for the bags, lifting them with a sniffling groan before you glanced a last time at your Dad.
Part of you hoped he would stop it now, tell you that he was only bluffing you but instead, he didn’t say a single word.
He just stared at you, cooly, still you could see him breaking beneath the the stare that broke your own heart all over again.
You choked on your tears as you turned around, your shoulder slumped in by the weight of the bags and the pain that shook through your body.

The air outside hit your wetted face as you tried to lift your arm, leaning your face down to brush the tears of your face, hoping that the most people would have gone back into their houses.
They had, all of them except a couple that were still huddled around the bloody corpse on the blacktop.
You stumbled past them, with as much distance between you as you could manage, balancing on the side of the road while the belts of the bags cut into your hands until you could swear they were red swollen.
Sniffles still left your lips as you tried to pull yourself together, catching how the gates came closer and closer, right along with the trucks and the tall figure right beside them, in the midst of his men that were swarming into the cars.
You didn’t want to face them, not even face him right now but you had to, there was no other way.
So you walked closer, feeling the bags growing heavier until you could feel pairs of eyes falling onto you, forcing you to look up as well. First, you met a couple unknown eye pairs, only familiar from the visits to Alexandria, then, then your glance fell on a hazel pair of eyes as you forced yourself to keep walking.
“Get in the fuckin’ trucks, now”, you only heard him roar, not taking his eyes off you while the people around you began to disappear.
Still, you could see his brows puckering, his lips falling a little open in confusion as soon as you stepped closer towards Negan who stood right by the entrance of his truck.
“He made me choose”, was the only thing you managed to bring out, your voice more strained than you had thought.
“What did you-”
“What does it look like?!”, it suddenly snapped out of you, not as harsh as you intended it to be but as pain drowned as you actually felt in these moments.
A big but whimpering sigh left your lips as you tried to grip the bags tighter that threatened to fall right as you caught Negan reaching towards them.
“Lemme take-”
“Don’t touch me”, you hissed shakily, pushing yourself past him without looking once more at him.
Instead, you forced yourself further to the open door until you could step upwards, gritting your teeth as you lifted the bags one by one and finally slipped into the truck’s inside.
“Fuck”, you cursed shivering as you tossed the bags down, pushing them as far as you could with your feet to the side before you felt something warm grasping your wrist and turning you around.
“Why Negan? Why did you have to put on a big fucking show?!”, it bursted out of you as soon as your eyes caught the man in front of you who let go of your wrist and instead shook his head and sighed out.
“That guy shot at my fucking men.”
“You could’ve punished him else! You didn’t have to bash his fucking head in front of fucking everyone! You knew what they were already thinking about us being together, you knew-”, you scoffed out, cutting yourself off as your was voice growing louder and weaker at the very same time while Negan stared at you in the dim light of the truck, his brows puckering stronger as he clenched his jaw.
“I needed to do it, I don’t get fucking joy from that crap! I needed to so this shit won’t fucking happen again!”, he defended himself, while the whole reality began to hit you, urging tears back into your eyes while the desperation grew and grew within you.
“You don’t get it, huh?”, you said with a trembling tone that threatened to let your voice fall apart while feeling how the lump that was growing in your throat pressed in on you,”I was just trying to tell Carl that you’re not as bad as they think, that you’re a good damn man and then you come around to prove the fucking opposite!”
“I was just about to find a way to them again”, you added, sniffing as you stared to the ground not bearing to look at him as more tears filled your eyes ,”And now it’s worse than ever.”
You pressed your eyes shut, damning those tears as the frustration took hold of you, turning you inside out as you shoved your shoe’s tip angrily into the wood of the truck’s floor, “I’m so fucking dumb for loving you.”
It got completely silent for a moment before you heard Negan exhaling shakily, letting you glimpse sniffling up for a moment as you caught his eyes fixing on you, while your blurred view caught the pain your words had elicited whirling within them.
“Well, then maybe you should’ve chosen them”, his voice was firm but it didn’t take a genius to hear the little tremble and hurt through it before his heavy footsteps sounded through the truck.
Unable to think clear, nor to figure out if you should be even more angry or pay attention to the pain that sneaked up within you by the hurt in his voice you shifted on your feet, trying to still the storm in your head.
“D.J.? Get your ass over here you’re driving that truck now”, you heard Negan roar outside the window as you finally got yourself from the spot you had seemed to be glued on and plop yourself onto the bench at the truck’s side.
The wood creaked beneath the thin cushion as you shifted, staring onto the ground and resting your elbows on your knees while you caught from the corner of your eyes how first Negan let himself fall onto the passenger seat and then  how his savior took his place in front of the steering wheel.
Quickly, you concentrated your eyes onto the ground, onto the wooden panels, the creaks within them and the dirt that stuck in the crannies.
You didn’t want to see the gates open and neither did you want to see you driving out of it, all you wanted right now was to tune out and dive into some other kind of world far, far away from here were everything was fine.
You knew when the engine started and the truck began to roll that you’d be leaving Alexandria without knowing when you’d come back, if you could ever come back.
You were leaving your home there, the home where no-one wanted you anymore, the home that wasn’t even your home anymore.
Your home was the Sanctuary now, wasn’t it?
The place you had only once seen from afar, had never even been inside and just knew from Negan’s stories. 
People do make a home, you knew this very well, but the only person who would turn the factory into a home for you was Negan, the man you’ve had a fight with just now and-

Shit, yes, that’s really what it was, shit.
Pure, steaming shit that embodied your life right in these moments.

You stayed this way, with slumped shoulders, sniffling and noticing how Negan turned in his seat to check on you every once in a while.
The ride was long and bumpy, the air was growing colder as the sun began to slowly move on and sink closer and closer towards the horizon while the effect it had on your body didn’t take long to set in.
The exhaustion the stress had put on your shoulders already had an ugly effect on you but the coldness now slipped beneath your clothes and seeped into your skin, bringing back the shivers that had just began to become smaller.
“Shit”, you scoffed quietly and almost inaudible beneath your breath, shifting over the uncomfortable becoming bench before you caught something moving in the front of the truck.
You didn’t look up, still the corners of your eyes caught how Negan stood up from his seat, the wood squeaking in protest as he was moving into the back of the truck, passing you even though it felt like his glance was brushing over your figure.
He was roaming around somewhere in a box in the back, huffing a little here and there while you could feel yourself growing slightly restless, asking yourself what the hell he was doing there.
“There you are”, you heard Negan sigh after a couple more moments, quiet and almost as if he was talking to himself before you could hear the footsteps again,  even see him from the corner of your eyes but instead of passing, he stopped in front of you, not more than a few feet parting you.
“You’re freezing…”, you heard him mumble, the sternness from before gone and replaced with worry while you could finally see what he was carrying in his hands as he was letting half of it fall to spread out. A blanket, thick and warm, probably exactly meant for cold and long nights in the truck.
He waited another moment, as if he was checking if you were gonna snap at him or push him away but right now, you were only waiting about what he was gonna do yet, way too exhausted to start the fight anew.
”I’m sorry…for it all”, he mumbled with a sigh, slowly coming closer as your eyes still didn’t look up at him,”And I didn’t mean to say that…”
He was growing quiet for another moment before he raised the blanket a little, enough to turn it and drop it carefully around your shoulders, “I’d be a broken damn mess if you’d decided against me.”
You weren’t looking up at him right away, still you could feel a little warmth arise in your body, working on you and your whirling mind that just wanted to be at peace again.
“I love you and hell, I wish I could make it all right for ya…I’m trying to balance this thing too, y’know…keeping this whole thing running and giving us two-”, he stopped, sighing deeply out, waiting for seconds as if he was trying to grasp words and put them into the right sentences, “Now I get that I sucked at doing that job today and I’m damn sorry for it…never intended it to happen this way…I just…hell I struggled, hard.”
You could tell he was trying his best to say what he was feeling, trying to show you his position of the things and part of you did see it bright and clear while the other was still drowning in the pain of being forced to choose.
“I get that you’re mad at me, I do and hell you got all right to be pissy at me just…just know that I didn’t do all that to make it harder for us…I just wanted to do the right damn thing and face planted it into a fuckin’ pile of shit”, he said, shifting from foot to foot as the truck was driving over a bit bumpy road, “Just know that you’re my damn top priority, no matter what.”
You caught him sighing, saw him fumbling on his fingers as one of his hands moved up, as if he was stroking over his beard, waiting if you would give him a response and just as you already saw him beginning to move back to the front seat, the stubbornness in you gave in to the pain.
“I don’t know what to do”, you choked out as you glanced for the first time since the plopping down on this bench at him, feeling how the lump was right back in your throat  as soon as his hazel eyes fixed on yours.
God, you just wanted it all to be right, yes, part of you was still mad at him for what he had done back in Alexandria, while another part deep down in you knew that this had in the end just shot out the process.
Besides whatever could have happened with Carl, your Dad would have exploded earlier or later.
You had seen it seething in him like a volcano for the last weeks, only slowing down its fuming when the accident had happened but except for that…a bit of you had always known and feared that it would go wrong some day.
And he would have made you choose, earlier or later.
The stress and exhaustion was pressing in on you again, bringing the agony back and pushing you further to the edge as you saw Negan’s eyes softening in worry.
“I also didn’t mean to say I’m dumb for loving y-…. I just-”, you began, unable to finish as your body finally gave in to the pressure of the lump and set the welling tears in your eyes free and elicited a sob from your already sore throat.
“Oh shit, Baby…c’mere”, you heard him sigh concerned, falling down onto the bench next to you, waiting for a second to find out if you were letting him before you felt him wrapping his arms around you.
You sunk into his embrace, feeling how he pulled you into his lap as more sobs and whimpers erupted your body as they brought all of the pain back up to the surface.
”I couldn’t even say goodbye to Carl and Judith, I-”, you sobbed as your head sunk into the curve of his neck, your tears quickly beginning to wet the fabric of his shirt as he pulled you closer, cradling you in his arms.
“Shh..”, he hummed against your skin as he leaned his head against yours, pressing a kiss to your forehead as you caught for air between the sobs.
“This is…this is exactly what I never wanted to happen”, you whimpered, feeling him exhaling deeply as you clung to his chest, memories flooding your mind of the fears you’ve had when your relationship had still been a secret.
You had to lie back then, and you’d hated every second of it, but at least you had both.
At least you had Negan and your family, without more hatred and agony swirling in the crack that was already between them.
Now, well now everything was even more messed up than it had already been.
”I know this is all fuckin’ crappy, I know…”, he mumbled, not only worry but also guilt swinging through his voice as he nuzzled his nose into your hair, holding you a little closer while he wrapped the blanket a bit tighter around your shivering frame,”But things will get better…we’ll figure this out.”
You were still sniffling and whimpering as you felt him holding you tighter, trying to calm you while more and more of the burden that had lasted on your shoulders got released and turned you into a bigger mess with each passing second.
You tried to let Negan’s words work on you, you really did but you were too deeply stuck in your own sorrow to make your sobs and cries stop yet.
So you only sunk deeper into his embrace, trying to concentrate on his deep voice, his warmth and his calming scent, hoping that your body and mind would give in to it earlier or later.

”We’re almost there”, you heard Negan mumble after a good while, when your breath was all calm and steady, and the shivers and sobs had stopped to erupt your body. Slowly, you were shifting your head a little out of the curve of his neck, enough so you could glance forward, straight through the large front window of the truck.
It was growing dark, still you could see what was beginning to appear behind the horizon the crowns of the trees were creating.
The Sanctuary, just like you remembered it from the one time you had seen it. Tall, dark and with a presence radiating from it as if it stood over each and everything.
So there it was.
Your new home.


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Negan Imagine ~ On the Edge

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader (Negan’s so) has a panic attack because she thought Negan was going to die when he fought simon and he comforts her?


Pictures and screams still rushed through your mind as you fell to your knees in the corner of the pantry, shifting your body into the cold stone until your arms were hugging your legs.
Sobs and whimpers left your lips as they blurred your view, turning the stocked metal regals that were hiding you into a wavy mess while your own heartbeat was pulsing up your throat.
You’d almost lost him.
One wrong step, one missed punch and Simon would’ve gotten the upper hand back.
One wrong step, one missed punch and Simon would have killed him.
The scene was playing over and over in your head on repeat, showing how Simon caught Negan by surprise and punched him to the ground, how his fist drove down on him over and over again while you couldn’t do a single thing.
There was only one pic keeping the relief in you upright to fight the panic and it was nothing else than the one of Negan kneeling over Simon, closing his hands around his throat until the life drained away from his body.
And that was exactly the last thing you had seen in the hall before the panic in your body took over and urged you away, telling you that if you wouldn’t move now, you would break down in the middle of the whole Sanctuary.
And now you were here, rocking softly back and worth, with your fingers fumbling nervously on the worn fabric of your pants while your throat only brought muffled cries and strained whimpers out.
You couldn’t lose him too, you couldn’t lose him like anybody else and while you had liked to think all this time that Negan was untouchable, these moments brought you back to reality, showed you how fast you could lose him too.
You couldn’t take that again, you just couldn’t, you couldn’t see him torn up and blood overflown like your family and friends,.
Your whole body cramped just by the memory and the thought what had just almost happened, forcing you to choke out another cry as your body shock with harsh trembles.

“Baby? (Y/N), fuck…where are you?”, a deep and still strained voice made you flinch against the cold stone walls, slightly stumbling but still heavy footsteps following as you saw his shadow catching through the paths between the shelfs.
You couldn’t grasp a clear thought as you saw him coming closer, whimpers still leaving your lips before your blurred eyes caught hazel ones that stared within seconds down at you.
“Oh shit…”, left his lips as your eyes ran over his face, catching the wound on his temple and cheekbone that still let a little blood trickle down his skin.
You couldn’t stop more shivering breaths to fall from your lips as you caught him rushing towards you until he kneeled down in front of you and leaned Lucille against the nearest wall.
“Damn Sweetheart…what-”, he mumbled, cutting himself off as he cupped your face, stroking the tears from your skin as you tried to churn out words.
“I thought…I thought he was gonna kill you”, you mumbled, your breath still heavy as the next tears rolled down your face, paired with the words that made every muscle of yours cramp.
“But he didn’t, see? I’m as alive and fuckin’ brisk as ever”, he said, trying to calm you as he put a smile on his lips and leaned a little closer, showing you even more of his wounds.
“You need to get patched up”, you sniffed, reaching one of your trembling hands up to trail them over the skin beneath the wound that was boasting on his cheekbone.
“No, no that can wait till later…what I fuckin need to do now is calm my girl down”, he softly chuckled even though there was worry swinging in his glance, mixed with the exhaustion from the fight.
He sighed quietly as he let himself fall next to you, suppressing to groan out loud as soon as his body hit the ground.
“Come here, I could use some damn cuddling with you too after that whole shit”, he said with another chuckle as he opened his arms and motioned for you to climb into his lap.
You nodded quietly in response, moving your still shaking body closer, aching for his warmth and closeness until you could huddle up in his lap and feel his arms wrapping around you.
You felt a little relieve washing your veins as you nuzzled your face against his neck, breathing his comforting scent in as you could feel his head leaning against yours.
“And a blowjob but that can wait”, he mumbled with a chuckle against your forehead, pressing a kiss to your skin as you snorted softly.
He was trying to cheer you up, you could tell.
He was trying in his very own way but it worked, it always had worked before and it was working now. 
“Now that’s what I wanted to hear!”, he chuckled triumphal, as he pulled you closer into his warm embrace, playing some more kisses on your skin, tickling you softly with his beard stubble while you slowly began to calm down.
You were still on edge to fall back into the panic, you could feel it luring behind every dark corner in your mind but Negan’s warmth and affection helped you fighting it just now, even though there were still sniffled and small whimpers that managed to press themselves out of your lips.
You shut your eyes tightly, trying to focus on what helped you the most: his scent, his touch, those small growls that rumbled though his chest, his warmth, his nose that nuzzled into your hair, his hot breath that brushed over your skin.
“I can’t lose you”, you still choked out, feeling how Negan held you even closer the moment your voice hushed.
“You won’t lose me, not now, not fuckin’ ever and that’s a damn promise”, he mumbled, pressing another kiss to your skin, “Always gonna be right here with ya.”
The warmth within you began to spark further out as you let those words echo through your head, over and over again, slowly silencing your fears as you melted into his touch.

You didn’t know how long you exactly stayed this way but slowly, you calmed down, you heartbeat stopped pounding against your ribcage and got back to its regular thumping, your breath changed from rapid to relaxed, your body let loose and your whirling mind got finally silenced as well.
“Better now?”, you heard Negan eventually ask, his deep voice vibrating against your skin as you slowly began to nod.
You could hear him clearing his throat as he moved a little, enough so he could still keep you in his embrace as he lifted one arm and let his fingers grasp your chin.
Tilting it up you glanced into his eyes that roamed over your face, still searching for any tiny bit panic that could be left until he seemed to be sure that you were fine again.
Giving you a small smile he leaned in, pressing his lips to yours in a soothing kiss as his mouth caressed over yours, kissing away the salty but dried tears that had lingered on your lips.
“Alright, then how ‘bout we head upstairs? I let Carson check my damn wounds and then we run some nice ass bath or some shit, sounds good?”, he asked as soon as his lips parted from yours, his fingers still tracing along your jaw as you felt a smile creeping up your lips as you softly nodded.
Your exes were fixed on him for another few seconds, on his hazel eyes that glanced with deep affection and relief at you and his dimples that were slightly showing through the salt and pepper stubble as he grinned while the hope and warmth were fully beginning to take over your mind again.
He wasn’t only gonna be right there with you, the very same counted the other way around as well.
There would always be threats and there would always be this tormenting panic to lose him but you had each other to fight these threats and fears, and in the end, that was all that counted.


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Negan’s Winter Writing Challenge – Masterlist


There are still some imagines to come but these are all until now and they are amazing! Hope you’ll have fun reading them and with time, I’ll add the other imagines as well

“Aftermath” by @jchn-winchester
Prompts:  4: “You look like Santa with that beard” &  31: Red scarf

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Prompt:  10: “Well, looks like we’re snowed in.“

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Prompts: 16: “You shouldn’t be alone on Christmas.” & 17: “Shit, the car’s stuck in the snow.”

“Snowglobes” by @pseudonymfox
Prompts: 8: “You’re warm…you’re like my personal heater” & 17: “Shit, the car’s stuck in the snow.”

“A Christmas Miracle” by @the-imagining-dead
Prompts: 16: “You shouldn’t be alone on Christmas.” & 17: “Shit, the car’s stuck in the snow.”

“Shiver” by @genevievedarcygranger
Prompts: 24: Red lingerie

“Warm me up” by @hopes-archer
Prompts: 8. “You’re warm…you’re like my personal heater” & 22. Cold hands

“New Year’s Eve at Home” by @hopes-archer
Prompt: 2. “Kissing at midnight is for suckers…I got better ideas”

“Must Be Christmas” by @love-those-boys-in-flannel
Prompts: 7. “You’re my secret Santa aren’t you?” & 24. Red lingerie

Candy Cane by @dark-taco-castle
Prompts: 13.“Bet you’d like to taste my candy candy, don’t ya?“

“Christmas Eve” by @ditzahernandez
Prompts: 4. “You look like Santa with that beard.” & 16. “You shouldn’t be alone on Christmas.”

Negan Imagine ~ Sleigh Ride

Summary: Negan takes the reader on a trip outside the Sanctuary that ends better than she thought

This is my entry for @ne-gans lisas5kxmaschallenge and my prompt was “sledding”! I had a lot of fun with this, and I really hope you all will enjoy this too! 


“Hey, don’t fall asleep on me”, a deep voice rumbled through to you as the truck vibrated softly beneath you, keeping your eyes from falling shut, even though the tiredness that was stuck in your bones kept putting more weight on your lids.
You could feel Negan nudging you slightly with his prepared can of coffee, his signature grin growing all over his lips as soon as your eyes glanced at him, then to the can,”Need you here with me.”
You let out a drowsy grunt, stretching your entangled limbs that had kept you in an embryo-like position in the passenger seat beside Negan. With another small huff you grabbed the can, turned its lid just enough to open it and eventually allow the hot and wakening coffee to run down your throat, filling you for a short moment with the feeling that it could actually work.
“Why did we have to move out so early, Negan?”, you mumbled as you put the can back to the other things he had prepared for your little trip in the early morning hours away from the Sanctuary and through the winter wonderland the world had turned into over night.
When he had stood before your door just more than an hour ago, with his arms full of supplies, the sky had still been pitch black, giving you the feeling that nearly no time had passed since you had fallen into bed after work.
If it was up to you, you could have just cuddled up with him on the bed, waited until at least the sun was up and then get going but this wasn’t Negan’s plan.
His plan was laying behind your seats in the truck and it was nothing else than a damn sleigh.
The thing probably hadn’t seen the daylight since the world had gone to shit but that would most certainly change in near future, judging from the excited glance in his eyes as they ran over the new fallen but still thick layer of snow that laid over the woods.
You still had to figure out why exactly the big bad wolf wanted to go out of all things sledding with you, but you had your few guesses even though your still tired mind didn’t allow you to widen them too much.

“Baby, we had to get going ‘cause your man’s still got shit to do ‘round home, and ‘cause we go now, we got an assload of time just for us”, he explained, glancing over to you as one of his large hands gripped the steering wheel tighter, while the other one reached towards your leg, squeezing your thigh with a larger growing grin as soon as he caught the shiver his touch elicited within you.
“Besides, that’s what my mom did with me when I was a damn kid, had to go to work till late evening so she got me up at the asscrack of dawn so we could still go sledding before all the other kids had fucked up the hill with their dumbass sleds”, he said, a soft smile mixing into the grin, his eyes wandering over the road in front of him and the sky that slowly grew lighter as he served you the answer to your question why he wanted to go sledding on a sliver plate.
You smiled slightly to yourself, allowing your glance to wander over his face and catch the way the nostalgia was flooding his veins and grasping his handsome features.
For a short moment you drifted off into memories as well, caught by what had been and what still could be if the dead hadn’t begun to walk the earth.
“Dreaming?”, Negan asked after a short silence with a soft chuckle, his fingers tracing along your knee as you shook your head slightly.
“Nah…just got caught up by nostalgia”, you mumbled, before you pushed the thoughts out of your head as you glanced through the truck, grinning as other thoughts quickly replaced them “Oh and wondering you didn’t hang up some mistletoes in here too.”
“Fuck…should’ve thought about that”, he said with a throaty chuckle, pushing the steering wheel with a groan before he shook his head slightly, grinning wider as he glanced over at you.
“Ya know what I just realized?”, he asked, dragging his tongue over his lower lip with relish ,”I’ve never fucked on a sled, we could change that.”
“Mhmm sure”, you chuckled, irony swinging through your voice ,”You couldn’t even get me under a mistletoe yet so-”
“Yet”, he retorted quickly, raising his hand from your leg to point his finger demonstratively into the air,”Still got some time”
“Good luck with that”, you chuckled, feeling his hand squeezing your thigh once more as he laid it back down your leg before he nodded towards the supplies in the foot room before your seat.
“Now eat your croissant, need you to be all strong and full.”
“Sure, Mom.”
“Eat or I fill ya up with something else”, he chuckled, trying to sound firm even though the tease sounded fully through his deep voice as shook your head with a laugh and eventually reached towards the supplies and crammed out the food.
You had just stuffed the last piece of the chocolate croissant into your mouth as a deep gasp left his lips and his hand shot up to point into the white landscape before you.
“There we are!”

“Gotta go by foot, just a couple minutes”, Negan said minutes later while he held his now in leather gloved hand up as he stood in front of your opened truck door.
The cold was already biting into your skin as you shifted towards your seat’s edge, even though there was no way you could deny how beautiful the snow looked with the morning sun shining down on it, enlightening it like a sea of sparkling diamonds.
With a quick movement you got the gloves over your hands Negan had brought with him this morning as well, before smiling down to him as you slid your hand into his large one, feeling his warmth even through the layers.
The snow scrunched beneath your shoes as you hopped down from the warm truck into the iciness of the woods, landing right in front of Negan who grinned widely down at you.
“Do I have another choice?”, you teased, eliciting a throaty chuckle to rumble through his body, shaking his firm chest beneath the leather jacket and the red scarf.
“Anyway, you wanna take Lucille? I take that heavy ass sled”, he said, nodding towards his beloved bat that leaned against the truck’s side, along with the sled that would have to get carried through the forest’s undergrowth.
Nodding you leaned towards her, sliding your fingers around the wood where Negan’s usually rested before swinging her up until the spikes of the barbed wire dug softly into your coat as she leaned onto your shoulder.
“Suits you”, Negan mumbled with a grin, his glance wandering from his bat to your face as you gripped his bat a little tighter, trying to keep it balanced.
“Alright, then lets go.”

“Just some more steps and we’re there!”, Negan called enthusiastically out, pulling his long limbs up to climb over the snow-covered roots and bushes while trying his best to keep the sleigh securely in his arms and pressed against his side.
You hummed in response as you glanced forward, looking at the snowy trees that were slowly becoming a little less dense until you finally arrived at Negan’s long announced destination that spread out in all its beauty right in front of you.
Your eyes ran over the landscape, over a hill that was going in a soft curve downwards until it ran softly out, forming into a field that was surrounded by a slim and only dabbling river, enlightened by the stronger growing sun beams.
Negan had a big mouth for sure but differently to other men who were all bark and no bite, you couldn’t deny that he actually lived up to his announcements, no matter how big they were.
And the proof for that was unfurling right in front of you in these very moments.
“Now would you look at that!”, he called out, stomping a little closer out of the woods as he let the sleigh fall next to him into the fluffy snow.
“Now I know it’s not as fuckin’ pretty as you, Baby but…ya don’t regret coming out with me now that you see this fucking beauty, huh?”, he throatily chuckled as he caught the way your eyes lighted up by the picture in front of you.
You let out a soft snort, feeling your cheeks flushing more than they already were from the cold and the tingling in your stomach increasing with each more second those hazel eyes of his ran over your flushed face.
“How did you find it?”, you mumbled, shaking the speechlessness about him a little off.
“On a run ‘round here. Come here when shit’s too much back home…ya know, once in a while”, he shrugged softly, looking into the distance before glancing back at you, “Thought you’d like it too.”
“I do”, you mumbled, taken aback by the sudden softness that filled his eyes before you got distracted by the large grin that began to form again on his lips.
“Well, now that makes me one happy fucker”, he said as he winked at you before nodding towards the landscape, “So we’re gonna get started or what?”

The cord of the sleigh felt rough in your gloved hands and the wood was pressing against your legs as you found yourself sitting on its front, waiting for Negan to place Lucille securely against a tree and get ready to sit down as well.
“Gonna get cozy on there”, you could hear him chuckle from somewhere behind you, the slurfing steps he made through the snow coming closer with each moment until he plopped down onto it behind you.
Within seconds his warmth was pressing against your back, his arms sneaking around you to hold you tight while his warm breath began to brush over your neck and the bit skin that was uncovered.
“Okay, I got ya”, he lowly grumbled, the sound in his deep voice letting your stomach dip more than you liked to admit.
For a short moment you could feel him leaning a little more in, nuzzling his nose past your scarf and into your skin before he in and exhaled slightly, allowing his hot breath to spread more goosebumps over your body and put you for a moment into a state of trance.
“Changed your mind about my little offer from before? I’m still ready to cross fucking on this thing off my list”, he chuckled, tightening his arms around you a little more as you could already feel how you threatened to melt right there in his arms.
“Nah, let’s get down there”, you mumbled with the last bit of determination that was stuck in you, feeling how a low laugh let his chest rumble against your back.
“Alright”, he amusedly chuckled, the tone in his voice giving away that he exactly knew what he was doing to you.
Carefully, you eventually moved towards the slope, both of you trying to keep your legs under control as you shuffled through the snow before you stood shortly before the threshold.
“Get those legs hooked in, Baby. I’ll do the rest. Hold on tight”, he chuckled, pressing his body closer against yours as you did as he said and stemmed your feet onto the sled’s runners and felt Negan beginning to push.
“Here we – GO”, with that he pushed you over the threshold, allowing the sled to dive down the slope while a rush of adrenaline flooded your veins, mixing with the heat Negan’s touch brought into your whole body.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck!”, you called half laughing, half yelling out as you could feel the sled picking pace up while your voice mixed with the booming laughter of Negan behind you.
Your fingers grasped the cord tightly as you pressed your back into Negan’s chest and his tight embrace while the hill rushed past you, faster and faster with each moment, simultaneously with your louder becoming laughs and shrieks.
“Ah shit”, you called out as you felt it moving even faster beneath you, the cold air hitting your face and brushing along your body right until you got to the flatter becoming field and Negan stretched his legs out to stop the both of you from rushing further.
“Gotcha”, he panted with a low laugh as the sleigh finally came to a stop and your bodies shook a little forward in response to the halting movement.
Adrenaline was still rushing through you as you sunk a little back, feeling how Negan embraced you tighter and let his head lean against yours until his lips brushed against your ear.
“Shit, if you scream like that in bed too-”, he chuckled, stopping as you nudged him with your elbow, although only softly and barely palpable as you were still too caught up in the cloud the adrenaline had pushed you in.
Nevertheless more blood rushed into your cheeks, reddening them even more as his words reechoed through your head. 
“Now this isn’t just a blush from the cold, huh?”, you heard Negan lowly and with a tease filled tone mumble as his glove hand reached up, grasped your chin gently and tilted it until you had to look straight into his eyes.
For a moment you lacked of words, your whole attention caught up in those hazel eyes that had more power over you than you’d like to own up to.
“Looks like my idea wasn’t so bad after all, huh? At least when I gotta judge from that speechlessness right there”, he chuckled, biting his lips slightly as you finally got yourself out of this bubble he was beginning to put you in.
“Never said it was bad, just the time of the day”, you softly chuckled, seeing how he raised his brows and gave you another toothy grin.
His fingers were still grasping your chin just like his other arm was still wrapped tightly around you, and the mixture of his scent and the warmth that was radiating from him elicited the urge in you to melt into his embrace and just give all of yourself to him.
You were balancing on a thin rope, just like all the nights he snuck into your room and your bed, wrapping those strong arms around your body as he huddled his tall and broad frame up to you. And no matter if you stayed like this until dawn or began to talk and laugh through the night, with each more time he came in you knew the wall that kept you from letting him fully in was becoming thinner  and the fantasies and longings about him stronger.
“We should get that sled up again”, you caught yourself mumbling in an act of your last defense, catching how Negan shook his head with a grin, as if he could read your mind before he licked quickly over his lip and nodded up the hill.
“Alrighty, Sweetheart, lets get that fucker up.”

Your clothes were clinging to your body as you made your way for about the sixth time up the hill, panting softly as the layers of wetted fabric and the snow didn’t make the path any easier.
Sledding really was a shit ton of fun, especially with Negan by your side, but you would gladly pass on the way up.
“If you would’ve eaten all of the food I got ya, you’d have enough fuckin power to get up here lickity-split”, Negan chuckled as he dragged the sled next to you up the hill, grinning as he caught your red flushed face.
“Nah by that amount, i would’ve thrown up for sure”, you teased back, hearing how a throaty chuckle left his lips as he stemmed himself further up the hill.
Just as your glance strayed from him and looked at the snowy ground, your foot settled down for the next step but instead of hitting earth beneath the snow, something icy and slippery welcomed you instead.
A gasp left your lips as soon as you felt yourself slipping away, your hands whirling around you to find something to grasp before gravity could give you the rest. 
“Negan!”, you choked out, your fingers grasping his arm in a last attempt to save yourself from falling right as a pair of widened hazel eyes caught yours and a large hand reached out to catch your arm.
“I got yo- fuck”, he called out as you could feel him losing control of his body as well, stumbling backwards as both of you kept trying to find your balance back but instead lost even more of it.
With a groan and a loud curse that slipped out of your lips, your back hit the snowy ground that cushioned the blow a little as you felt Negan falling atop of you, his arms still trying to grasp you as you rolled only a short bit further down until you met the flatter becoming field again.
“Shit, you okay?”, you heard him pant as soon as you laid still, your back pressing into the snow while his body was shifting on top of you, your eyes catching his in the split of a second.
“Yeah, you?”, you grumbled, breathing deeply out as his eyes were still running worriedly over your face before the absence of any more pain let his glance soften a little.
“All fuckin’ fine”, he mumbled, giving you a slight nod before he glanced up and squeezed his eyes a little, catching something in the distance.
“Fuckin’ sled”, he grumbled as you tilted your head a bit, glancing to your side as you caught the sleigh that had come a good bit away from you finally to a stop.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to-”, you mumbled, sighing quietly as you shifted a little, feeling how your clothes began to become more covered in snow that slowly melted in response to your body’s warmth.
“Really?”, Negan chuckled teasingly instead, grinning widely at you as he glanced down at your joined bodies and entangled limbs, raising his brows suggestively as soon as his glance met yours again.
“Oh my”, you groaned, shoving his chest that rumbled beneath the snow covered leather jacket.
“You got snow fuckin’ everywhere, you know that?”, he softly chuckled as his gloved hand reached up and stroked along your face and hair, brushing the snow flakes out of it while your eyes stayed fixed on him.
He had some of the flakes in his dark hair and the salt and pepper beard himself, both of them glistening a little from the ones that had already molten.
The sun and the light’s reflection from the snow let his roaming eyes gleam up even more, enlightening the brown in his hazel eyes like a pot of honey and the green like a deep and vivid forest. 
God, you were getting lost in them again but the more you glanced at the man hovering above you, the more you had to realize that every defense was long gone, everything else was just pretense.
You were falling for him, hard, and there was no way anymore for you to deny it.
And right now, you didn’t even want to anymore.
Not with his intoxicating scent surrounding you, not with his body pressed up against yours, not with his fingers caressing along your face, not with those eyes wandering over you, not with his hot breath brushing over your skin.
Your head felt like spinning and your emotions and senses were slowly beginning to run wild as you could feel him leaning closer down, his glance testing as if he wanted to check for a last time if you were alright with his next move until you finally felt his lips brushing over yours.
Still careful and if half of him still expected you to change your mind and pull back, but instead you reached up and leaned into his kiss, your gloved fingers entangling in his dark and wetted hair.
A deep but soft groan of his vibrated against your lips as he sunk into you, deepening your kiss as the sound and his taste allowed a heat to pool in your body that let you forget the iciness around you.
You hummed into his kiss, clinging to his body as you could feel the tension that had built up between you finally being set free.
Even though his movements were skilled, his lips moved over yours as if he had been starved, almost uncontrolled and if he was getting as lost in you as you were getting lost in him.
You were only letting go of each other as soon as your bodies longed too much for oxygen, forcing your lips to part even though you remained close to one another, forehead pressing against forehead.
Your eyes stayed closed until your lips formed into a smile, beginning to realize what had just happened before your lids fluttered slowly open, a spark of curiosity enflaming within you to see Negan’s reaction.
“Damn…”, you finally heard him quietly mumble after your eyes caught his and a trance like silence had passed as you saw them running over your face as he still held you tightly to himself.
“Fuck, you had me fuckin’ speechless for moment there, Baby…touché”, he mumbled with a soft grin on his lips, leaning in to give your lips another peck before he grumbled with a low chuckle against your lips.
“But look, Sweetheart. I didn’t even need a fucking mistletoe, just some slippery shit”
“And fuck, there he is again!”, you laughed, shoving his chest slightly before leaning up to kiss him softly once more, longing to feel those lips on yours again and feel his beard stubble tickling your skin.
Just as your lips parted, the cold around you let a shiver run through your body, hard enough for Negan to notice as he backed slightly away to glance down at you.
“Shit, you’re freezing, huh?”, he grumbled, shifting slightly before the worried glance turned into the roguish one you were used to, simultaneously with the large grin that formed back on his lips and allowed his dimples to shine through the salt and pepper beard.
“Ya know what? Let’s get that sled and head back to the truck, I got loads of ideas how to get ya warm again”, he said, his tongue running over his lower lip with relish as he winked teasingly at you.
“Sure you do”, you chuckled before your laugh got stuck in your throats as his lips crashed on yours and brought the heat back into your trembling body.

And so you melted right there into his kiss and his embrace once again, forgetting the icy coldness and thick snow around you until you made your way back to the truck, arm in arm, with kiss swollen lips and bodies filled up to the rim with happiness and the longing for more.


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Negan Imagine ~ Flames & Whiskey

Cuddled up in front of the fireplace after giving the Christmas decorating a rather stormy end, Negan is more than ready to go for a round two

Winter Special! Warning: Only a bit mild smut


The fire crackled in the chimney, casting its heat onto your bodies that were cuddled up in front of it, only covered by a fuzzy blanket and surrounded by the holiday decoration you had put up earlier.
Negan groaned quietly in satisfaction, wrapping his arms closer around you as he pulled your back closer against his bare chest that rose and fell more peacefully again after heavy breaths and moans had shook through it just a short while ago.
“Feel like in one of those cheesy ass movies”, Negan grumbled with a chuckle as he leaned down to press a kiss on your shoulder, allowing you to feel the larger grin that grew on his lips as he rose his voice again, “Or some kinda fucking porn.”
A small laugh left your lips as you nudged your elbow into his side, eliciting a low laugh to rumble through his chest and against your back. “What? If ya ask me, our performance was fucking oscar-worthy”, Negan chuckled, pressing another kiss to your skin before sitting back up to reach over to the couch table and grab his glass of whiskey.
The fancily cut glass twinkled in the light the flames were casting, letting the amber liquid shine in an even warmer tone as he lead it up to his lips and took a big gulp.
“Oh this is good”, he exhaled as soon as the smoky whiskey had travelled down his throat and the sound of the glass shifting back on the wooden table sounded softly through the room.
“Hell, but this is even fuckin’ better”, he groaned lowly as he felt you cuddling closer to him, his hands immediately running over your still heated skin, allowing his fingers to trace and tease along the parts he knew you liked best.
With a content hum you sunk a little more against him, turning your head to nuzzle it against his warm neck and place a soft kiss on the thick vein that boasted on its side, knowing too well how much of an effect it had on him.
“Fuck…”, he groaned quietly, tightening his hold on you as you continued to let your lips brush along the side of his neck, grinning to yourself as soon as you could begin to feel its effect.
“Already?”, you softly chuckled, feeling him beginning to grow hard again, pressing into your back as a low laugh rumbled through his chest.
“Don’t act so fucking innocent, know what you’re doing there”, he mumbled, groaning once more as you placed another teasing kiss on his neck and nibbled his skin softly before looking up into his warm hazel eyes as he rose his husky voice again, the smirk on his lips growing wider, “But yeah, think my elf is eager to go back to fuckin’ work again”
“Wow, thought you couldn’t have any more names for your dick”, you chuckled, tease and irony swinging through your voice as he perked his eyebrows softly up and let his lips draw into a bigger grin.
“Well, your man’s full of fucking surprises”, he grumbled, dragging his tongue along his lower lip before leaning slowly in to capture your lips, moving them with relish and a deep growl over yours. The smooth taste of the whiskey mixed with his own as he sunk deeper into the kiss, letting you wince for a moment as he let go to grumble  against your lips that already longed for another kiss,”And a damn urge to bury that dick back into your sweet, soaked-”
He cut himself off as he wrapped his arms tighter around your body, capturing your lips once more as he turned you enough to roll you onto your back and let you huddle into the fluffy carpet beneath your bodies.
His lips only let go of you as he settled himself in between your legs, hovering with a bright grin over you as he pecked your lips once more and eventually let his husky voice vibrate against your skin, “There ya go.”
You smiled softly, running your hands up his chest, caressing the black hair that peppered it and the warm skin beneath as Negan watched you with a hunger and affection filled glance. His eyes ran over your face and body as you looked from his firm frame into his face, watching the sheds of lights the flames were throwing on him dance over his skin, illuminating his eyes and letting the salt and pepper stubble that was glistening slightly in the remains of the whiskey sparkle.
You were almost about to sink into a trance, captured by his handsome features that were still able to take your breath away before the sudden jerk of his hips into yours made you flinch in pleasure and elicited a soft moan to fall from your lips as you melted beneath him.
Within seconds the grin on his lips grew wider as he was grinding himself against you, letting you truly feel how ready he was for you by now while he leaned down until his deep, low voice husked against your skin and gave you the rest before you had even begun.
“Get ready for round two, Baby…I got plans for us.”


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Negan Imagine ~ Hot Shower

All you need after getting into a heavy snowstorm is a hot shower with the big bad wolf, right?

Winter Special!

“Negan, I swear to fucking god my toes are freezing off”, you called out as you stumped with fast steps up the stairs, panting underneath the thick but drained layers of clothes that were clinging to your body, caused by the sudden snowstorm that had overwhelmed your original beautiful walk within the woods that had resembled a winter wonderland.

“Sure”, Negan chuckled teasingly, the keys he tossed onto the wooden regal in the hallway echoing up to you as you fumbled on your scarf to get the soaked fabric off your body.

“Told ya already in the car I could warm you up…the special way”, Negan chuckled with even more tease in his voice as the zipper of his jacket mixed with a couple of his heavy footsteps, “I mean you’re already soaking wet so…”

With that you tossed your drained scarf down the stairs, right into the widely grinning face of his. 

His eyes were still gleaming, his lips were still drawn into a smirk as he caught the scarf with his large hands, just to run one of his gloved hands over his already wet salt and pepper stubble that matched his glistening black hair.

“Oh you’ll regret that…I’ll get ya”, he chuckled, grinning devilish at you as you shrieked by his sudden movement up the stairs, before laughter rumbled through your body as you turned back around and ran further up.

Both of your footsteps echoed over the wooden floor as you stormed towards the bathroom at the end of the hallway, your fingers fumbling on your jacket to toss it behind yourself, trying to create some obstacles for Negan to overcome.

“That won’t stop me”, he chuckled just as you grabbed the handle of the bathroom’s door, ripping it open so you could slip in and push it shut right before reached you.

“Hey!”, he shouted laughing as he heard you turning the lock while a grin spread over your lips as you saw the shadows his boots were casting beneath the door.

Stepping closer to it you began to drag the soaked clothes off your body and tossed them to the floor, purposely loud so he could hear it.

”Baby, that right there is my job”, got finally elicited by him as he nudged with his boots against the door, trying to get your attention.

“Nah, not now.”

“That’s my punishment for you”, you added as you got to your underwear that was just as you had expected as drained as everything else you’ve had clung to your body ,”For your glorious shortcut through the woods.”

“You always love that!”, he chuckling tried to defend his idea that had ended up letting the both of you err through the storm that had gotten thicker and harder with each moment.

“Not in a fucking snowstorm, when everything’s white so you can’t see shit”, you laughed, reaching into the shower to turn the water on, already pushing it into the highest direction in hope to get hot water as soon as possible.

“Now Baby that’s something you should be used to”, he chuckled, the satisfaction of using this opportunity to tease you sounding clearly through his voice as you stepped into the shower and grinned at the door.

Within seconds the hot water hit your skin and washed over your freezing toes, eliciting a satisfied moan to fall from your lips that turned the man in front of the door into a whining dog.

“I’m really suffering out here, think that’s enough”, he said, audibly pouting as you chuckled softly and decided to finally deliver him from his pain outside.

Reaching out of the shower you turned the key, trying to not slip as you stretched yourself a little more to pull the handle down and open the door.

“Get in”, you mumbled with a grin as soon as your eyes met his gleaming hazel ones.

You could swear you had rarely seen that man get so fast out of his clothes as now, seemingly taking him only seconds to strip down to nothing and slip into the shower to you.

His large hand ran through his damp hair, stroking the black strands back as he grinned at you, running his tongue slowly over his lower lip until his arms flicked suddenly towards you.

In the matter of a split second he pulled you against his still cold body, cradling you against his chest as the sudden struck of coldness rushed through your body that had been spoiled with hot water until now.

“Oh you asshole”, you chuckled, squirming as he held you purposely closer, enjoying to torture you a little for locking him out.

“Yeah, that asshole you madly fucking love”, he grumbled with a low laugh back, pressing his lips to your temple before he moved the both of you closer to the hot water again, enough so its broad stream could hit the both of you.

“Ah this is fuckin’ good”, he groaned out as you slung your arms around his torso and felt the water slowly heating up his skin beneath your fingertips.

Slowly you glanced up, looking into the warm eyes that ran over your face before he leaned in and captured your lips, pulling you into a blissfully deep kiss.

You hummed against his lips, hearing him groaning softly in response that elicited a whole other heat within your body as you sunk further into his kiss and his strong embrace.

“Fuck, this is perfect”, Negan grumbled against your lips as you eventually parted, pecking them once more before he pulled you closer, allowing you to nuzzle your face into the curve of his neck while the hot water kept pelting down on the both of you.

You hummed softly as you nuzzled your nose into his heated skin, closing your eyes for a moment as his fingers traced up and down your spine and elicited small, pleasant waves of comfort to wash through your body.

“Can we stay just like this for a bit?”, you softly mumbled as you cuddled closer against his broad and tall frame, enjoying his closeness as he dipped down to press his lips on your shoulder and let his salt and pepper stubble brush in the most pleasant way along your skin.

“Sure we can”, he mumbled back as he leaned up again, resting his head against yours as he slung his arms a little tighter around you while a small grin grew on your lips as a memory flashed back up.

“And then we can get back to that offer from the car…if it still stands”, you mumbled, just as a throaty laughter rumbled through his chest and his booming voice echoed through the bathroom.

“Oh it damn right does!”

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Negan’s Winter Writing Challenge


I’ve been thinking a while about finally celebrating the follower milestone and the 2 year anniversary of this blog, so here it finally is, my Winter Writing Challenge for Negan.
Beneath the ‘keep-reading’-cut are about 35 winter related prompts (including some Christmas and New Year related ones) which you can use all the way you like!

Anybody’s welcome to join and I honestly can’t wait to see more Negan fics all over tumblr!



• Please send me an ask, containing the prompt(s) you’d like to have (You can also send it anonymously in case you have a secondary writing blog and don’t wanna show your main one. Just mention the blog you’re participating with.)

•  You don’t have to follow me to participate, the challenge is open to anyone  no matter if you’re a writing blog or even haven’t written anything before, if you’re interested, you’re more than welcome to give it a shot

• You can either choose just one prompt or combine two if you like, but please don’t go over this maximum

• You can choose any prompt you want, even if somebody else already has it  but if I notice that one prompt (or combination) is chosen 4 or even 5 times, I’ll most likely close it, so we end up with a bigger variety. 

• It can be fluff, smut, angst, whatever you can imagine (in case you write about sensitive topics please use warnings)

• It has to be Negan x Reader (but which gender you choose is of course up to you)

• It can be as long (or short) as you want, but if you reach over 500 words, please use a ‘keep-reading’ cut

• It can be set in the apocalyptic world of ‘The Walking Dead’ but you can also set it in an AU or in the time before the apocalypse if you like 

• Make sure to tag me and use the hashtag “Negan’s Winter Writing Challenge”. As soon as I’ve seen your imagine, I’ll send you a message, but since tumblr is known for messing tags up, you are welcome to send me a message and let me know in case I don’t respond in the matter of a day.

• The deadline is the 27th of december (If you need more time, that is absolutely no problem, just please let me know!) 

Thanks in advance to everyone who’s interested in taking part, if you don’t wanna participate yourself, I’d be real happy if you’d still share this post!

Keep reading

❄️Still enough time left to sign up!❄️

Negan Drabble ~ New Start

Hoping to slowly leave the horror of Negan’s breakdown behind, the Reader helps Negan shave to make a first tiny step into a new direction. 

This is a drabble for the time jump within season 9! It’s linked to my series, so If you like you can find it right here, but you can also easily read it independently from it.


“Let’s get rid of that Santa beard”, you mumbled with a smile as you picked up the scissors from the small nightstand of Negan’s cell.
Right next to the scissors had laid two small bowls with shaving foam and warm water, a small fluffy towel and a straight razor that were waiting for their job later on.
You turned around, giving him another smile as you glanced at him on the wooden chair in the middle of the cell, still with his slightly slumped in figure and the healing but still horribly visible wound on his forehead.
This one horrifying day was about a week and a half ago by now, Alexandria was still in a complete exceptional state after Rick’s death and you had the odd feeling that this would last for a good while longer.
The first days after, you hadn’t left Negan’s side, stayed huddled up in the bed with him, cradling and holding him close, only leaving it to pick up his food and make sure he was eating as much as he could.
He still was in a state that made your heart ache but for today and to finally but slowly help him out of this slump, you thought of making a small but maybe meaningful step in a new direction and finally get rid of his thick beard, to literally cut him off from the terrible memories that were now connected to it. Especially now, since the people who usually took care of his beard and his hair cut would have waited a whole lot longer until taking action again.
Slowly, you stepped closer to him, reaching up to run your fingertips softly through his dark hair until he raised his head a little to glance at you as your fingertips trailed down until they could grasp a bit of his beard.
“Ready?”, you mumbled with another small smile as he slowly nodded.
“Ready as hell…let’s get that fucker off”, he mumbled, forcing a small smile onto his lips as you ran your fingers once more along his jaw before getting back to your work.

“Thought you liked it…the beard”, Negan mumbled, for the first time in a while some of his old tease sounding through his deep voice again as you finished your work with the scissor and brushed your fingers over his jaw to get rid of the salt and pepper hair that was entangling into the rest of his stubble.
“I did, just think we gotta start off new, huh?”, you mumbled, leaving his side for a moment to get the shaving foam and the thick brush.
“Like those girl’s gettin’ their hair colored or cut the fuck off after breaking up with some jerk?”
“Kinda”, you said softly chuckling as you turned back around to him and felt as if you saw for the first time ever since a bit of his signature grin spreading over his lips, taking in his handsome features that had been held hostage by pain way too much in the last while.
It was just a small one, and still it let some more hope wash into your body as you glanced with a loving smile at him.
Slowly, you got the foam on his face, brushing it in the rest of his beard before some memories flowed back into your mind, letting you grin slightly as Negan’s glance captured yours.
“Remember that first time I did this?”, you mumbled in response to his questioning glance as you looked down on him, his face’s lower half completely covered in white foam just like all this time ago in Rick’s house.
“Hmm, yeah”, he grumbled, the small grin that let your heart flutter still on his lips as you placed the bowl of foam down beside him.
“You looked just like this with all that foam on, really had to control myself to not laugh”, you softly chuckled, grabbing the warm water and the towel to get ready to shave.
“Still caught that grin, believe me that, Sweetheart”, he mumbled back before he pointed swiftly up to his in white covered face, “That’s how you usually look.”
A half chuckle, half groan left your lips as you shoved his shoulder playfully in response to his old humor that was finally showing through again, enjoying this lighthearted moment while it lasted.
He could fall back into this black pit every minute, so if you had the chance to first grasp some small but happy moments, you were gonna do so.
They were a start.

The razor knife slid along his skin as you carefully got the rest of his beard step by step off, touching him softly to keep him in posture until you could finally wash the little rest off foam off and let him brush the towel over his bare skin.
“Can finally see your face again”, you eventually mumbled as you traced your fingers over his skin, sensing its softness after only being used of the long and rough beard,”So damn smooth.”
For another small moment you could see the smile on his lips before slowly but surely the darkness that tried to devour him began to try its best to settle in again, clouding his glance and doing its best to push the smile off his face.
Softly, you caressed your fingers over his skin, cupping his face as you tried to find a way to get him at least for this small moment back into the lightheartedness you had felt before.
One more time you glanced at him before you slowly leaned down and captured his lips, gentle and careful to feel him all the way as your hands held him close to you.
Your lips moved in a pleasant and even calming rhythm until you felt him pulling you down onto his lap, wrapping his arms around you as some small but content growls rumbled up his throat.
Slowly letting go of him you glanced into his hazel eyes, giving him another small peck before he pulled you closer and nuzzled his face into the curve of your neck.
“Love you, Baby”, he mumbled, pressing a small kiss against your skin as he held you tight, almost as close as in those nights before in which it seemed like you were his only anchor holding him here.
“I love you too, Negan”, you mumbled back, wrapping your arms around him as you nuzzled your nose into his dark hair, closing your eyes, hoping that even though the light at the end of the tunnel was still far out of reach, that this would be at least a first tiny step into the right direction.

(The gif isn’t mine/ it was originally posted by dancing-at-the-funeralparty)


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