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Negan Imagine ~ Caught (pt.3)

The Reader and Negan enjoy some more time in their little getaway before their way back to Alexandria takes a drastic twist that just worsens the situation between her father and Negan

part 1 part 2


The scent of freshly brewed coffee traveled up your nose as you stumbled into the brightly by morning sun enlightened kitchen of your and Negan’s little getaway.
He stood at the kitchen counter, dressed in a shirt and his grey sweatpants as he prepared some breakfast, turning around as soon as he seemed to hear your footsteps on the wooden floor.
”Now look at that”, he mumbled lowly, a smirk growing on his lips as his eyes roamed over your body that was clothed just in one of his white shirts you had grabbed after getting up and some panties.
A smile grew on your face as some heat rushed into your checks under his intense glance before he let out a small throaty chuckle and nodded over to the table.
”Sit down, Baby. I’m done in a minute”, he said as he began to pour some coffee into two mugs while you sat down on one of the chairs.
The warm sun rays that fell through the big window danced over your skin and warmed you up, while you watched Negan walking over to you, juggling two plates with warm-up cinnamon rolls and the two coffee cups in his hands before he placed them carefully on the wooden table.
Instead of letting himself fall right next to you he leaned down, wrapped one arm around your shoulder and placed a small kiss on top of your head while the delicious smell of the cinnamon rolls didn’t manage to provoke some hunger in you.
”Thanks, but you can have both, I’m not hungry”, you said with a small smile as you heard a disapproving hum rumble through Negan’s chest.
“Nope, no excuses. You haven’t eaten anything yesterday, you can’t fucking starve yourself. Your body needs some of that shit to not fucking flake out”, Negan mumbled into your hair before one of his arms reached out to push the plate a little closer towards you.
”Try at least. Just a few bites”, he mumbled before a small chuckle left his lips, ”Imagine it’s my dick, just instead of sucking you get to eat that fucker”
”Oh my…”, you laughed as you shook your head slightly and heard him chuckling louder as he stood straight up again and pointed at the cinnamon roll.
”You even got some delicious fucking cum on there. Just for you”, he chuckled at the icing, raising his brows suggestively as he let himself fall into his chair.
”Negan, please”, you pleaded chuckling, trying to make him stop since you very well knew how far and how detailed he could take this whole thing.
”Eat”, he said instead, widely grinning at you as he pointed once again at the pastry in front of you.
”Alright”, you mumbled, taking the still warm cinnamon roll into your hands before you took an exaggerated big bite.
”Satisfied?”, you mumbled as soon as you had swallowed most of the bite as Negan watched you closely, still with that big grin on his face.
”Not yet”, he muttered smirking, grabbing his own cinnamon roll before taking a big bite.

A few bites later but still with a good half of your pastry left you leaned back in your chair, watching Negan finish his food as you took a sip of your coffee.
Letting his thumb run over his beard stubble, he removed the last crumbs before he looked at you and got quiet for a small moments.
“It’s not too late, we can extend our little vacation and just stay some longer”, he mumbled as you breathed tightly out and shook your head, even though you would gladly spend more days with him there.
But after all you had to get back to Alexandria, back to your father Rick and the rest of your friends who were probably still filled with anger about your newly disclosed relationship with the man whose hazel eyes were roaming over your face in these moments.
You could still see how your father had looked at you, could still hear Tara and Daryl’s with rage filled voices before you had fled in pain to this house that had become your and Negan’s secret second home over the last several months.
“No…we have to go back”, you muttered as you fumbled on the handle of your coffee mug while Negan let out a deep sigh.
“You think that’s a good idea? They still gotta calm down”, he mumbled as he looked at you.
“Yes, but you got your people there and my Dad and the others will just fume at me more the longer they have to get along with them”, you said, shifting uneasily on the chair as you heard a deep breath rumbling through Negan’s chest.
“And then what? We’re back there and I gotta stand fucking idly by while those fuckers tucker you out and fuck you up once fucking again?”, he asked, the tone in his voice uneasy while his glance refused to leave you.
A tight breath left your lips as you looked at him, not knowing what to say or do.
You were in a complete discord.
Of course you understood that it was driving him nuts to not be able to help you, but on the other side, if you would let him help you, your Dad and your friends would just hold a bigger grudge against him and you.
“We had this talk already”, you mumbled as you gulped and looked down to your hands.
“Yeah, and I listened to you and a fucking hour later they’d turned you into a goddamn sobbing mess”, Negan growled, a scoff leaving his lips before he got quiet as soon as he saw the way your head dropped.
His hand reached out to yours, his fingers touching yours softly as he let out another deep sigh.
“Shit…sorry Sweetheart, I just…drives me round the fucking bend to see you that goddamn messed up”, he mumbled before you looked up at him and saw into his apologetic and worried eyes.
“I know”, you quitely said before you looked outside for a short moment where the bright sun rays began to vanish behind thick, dark clouds, as if they would adjust to your mood, “I just hope that it works out…somehow.”
You secretly knew that you were just telling yourself that over and over again to  suppress the sorrow that wanted to settle down in your body, but after all, there was still a tiny bit of hope in you that things weren’t completely lost.
As you looked back at Negan, he slowly nodded and clenched his jaw slightly before he rose his voice.
”Come here”, he mumbled as he leaned back and clasped your hand tightly as your brows perked up for a small moment before you let him lead you over to him.
He pulled you on his lap, wrapping his arms around you as you slung yours around his neck and let him hold you closer.
Leaning slightly up, Negan let his lips brush over yours before capturing them and pulling you into a deep kiss as one of his warm hands ran over your bare legs.
“It’s gonna”, he mumbled against your lips and even though those words seemed more uplifting than real you just made yourself believe them, trying to give your mind some peace before facing whatever was waiting for you in Alexandria.
Negan’s glance wandered for a short moment outside as you heard the wind beginning to rattle softly on the windows.
“Some fucking storm brewing outside”, he mumbled before a small smirk grew on his lips as he looked back at you.
“How ‘bout we use the time till that fucker’s gone and take off then? We should have more than enough hot water left for some nice ass shower”, he grinned at you, his hand squeezing your bare thigh teasingly before you already felt it traveling up your skin, persuading you faster than you could think.

Just minutes later you found yourself under the shower, the hot water pelting down on you as you felt Negan’s hands roaming over your body and pulling you closer against his heated skin.
Your hands were deeply sunk into his dark, wet hair, some foamy shampoo covering your hands as you massaged his scalp and heard deep, content growls rumble through his chest.
“You like that, huh?”, you asked with a small chuckle as Negan still had his eyes closed but smirked widely.
“Oh I fucking do”, he mumbled before you heard him clearing his throat lightly. “But it’s your turn now”, he grinned, your hands letting go of his hair, before he let the water wash the shampoo out, slicked it with his hand quickly back as he grabbed a soap bar.
Some lust filled growls slipped out of Negan’s lips as his hands began to travel over your body, one hand guiding the soap slowly over your shoulders to your collarbones, over your breasts and down your stomach while the other kept you close to him.
You could feel yourself heating up beneath his touch and the intense glance that was stuck on your body while his hands, the soap and the hot water kept running down your body until you saw him laying the soap bar aside as he instead pulled you against his body.
“Fuck”, Negan groaned quietly as your body pressed against his, your hands wandering over his chest and up to his neck as more small, content growls rumbled through his body.
You could already feel more heat stirring up in your body as he leaned his head down and began to place warm kisses over your neck, up to your jaw until his lips captured yours once again in a deep kiss.
Swallowing the small moans that left your lips he pulled you even closer, making you feel his growing erection as a small gasp left your mouth while the arousal in your body built stronger up.
Negan’s hands gripped your hips tightly, his fingertips digging into your skin as he began to slowly guide you closer to the shower’s wall, letting you wordless exactly know what he planned to do with you.
One of his hands let go of your hips and slipped down to your core, a grin pressing into the corner of his lips as soon as he felt what he had already done to you.
“Damn”, he mumbled, grinning wider as his touch made you hum in response, his glance glued to your face, watching every little reaction of yours closely as his fingers pampered your sensitive flesh.
Wincing at the loss of his touch as he pulled back, you heard his quite but throaty chuckle before his lips captured yours again, his hands back on your hips as your back pressed against the cold tiles.
His hand gripped your thigh, ready to lift it up right as you felt both of your bodies slip through the fast movement, Negan’s body pressing against yours as you could feel your feet sliding some more.
“Shit”, Negan mumbled chuckling, looking at the both of you in the most unfitting position.
“I already see us on the floor”, you laughed as you got properly back on your feet and felt Negan’s adjusting himself as well.
“Well then we continue fucking there, I don’t see a fucking problem”, he chuckled, his tongue sliding over his lower lip before his brows perked up.
“Ah wait, I got an idea”, he said, letting go of you for a moment as he grabbed a towel and spread it quickly out on the wet shower-floor, the roughened up fabric of the towel soaking in water before Negan nodded for you both to step onto it for some more hold.
“Gotta work”, he mumbled before he quickly captured your lips again, pulling you against his body as deep kiss got you right back into the mood.

Your fingers toyed with his wet chest hair as his lust-filled growls got swallowed by your kiss, his hardening length just waiting for the moment it could finally sink into your heat as your arms began to sling around his neck.
His hand ran to your thigh, grabbing it tightly as he lifted it up and hooked it around his hip, pressing you tightly against the wall and wrapping his other arm around you to keep you steady as you already felt his erection pressing against your core.
A gasp left your lips as soon as you felt him pushing himself into your heat, a deep groan rumbling through his body as he thrusted inch by inch deeper.
“Fuck, Baby”, he groaned as you felt him filling you up, his thick length beginning to gradually stroke faster in and out of your core while his hands gripped you even tighter as the hot water pelted down on you.
Pressing yourself closer against him you felt the sensation of the cold tiles and his heat mixing, combining with the feeling of his pelvis rubbing against your most delicate skin and the deepness of his thrusts that build more heat up in your body.
Both of your moans echoed muffled by the shower through the bathroom as his lips captured yours in another longing kiss, your eyes closed tightly as you felt him rolling his throbbing cock repeatedly into your yearning core while waves of pleasure washed over you.
“Oh fuck…Negan”, left your lips breathily as your hand gripped his wet hair, motivating him to intensify the intoxicating rhythm of his hips.
Lust filled moans and whimpers escaped your lips as his pounds got rougher, letting you swing in ecstasy before you felt his free hand running down to your other thigh.
As soon as you let him he lifted it up as well, your arms wrapped tighter around his neck to keep you from losing hold as he adjusted himself before pounding you harder into the tiles.
“Negan…”, left your lips again as you clung onto him, feeling his thick girth building your high stronger up with every pound as you dug your fingertips into his skin.
Negan let his forehead rest against yours, his hot and heavy pants hitting your skin as your glance met his with lust darkened eyes before he leaned down to let his lips trail over your neck.
”You’re driving me fucking wild, you know that?”, he growled, a whimper leaving your lips as he nibbled teasingly on your skin, his deep voice letting shivers run through you as you got closer to your high.
“Fuck…look down, Sweetheart”, he panted as a hard thrust made a cry of pleasure leave your lips, “Look down and watch me fucking you.”
Your half closed eyes darted down your bodies, the view of his throbbing dick pounding into you just letting you heat up more as got you closer to your release.
You began to get dizzy of pleasure, your whole body shaking as you pressed your hips harder against his to feel him even deeper and stronger.
“I-…I’m close”, you mumbled with the last bit of control in your body.
“I know…fuck, I know, Baby”, Negan growled as he picked up the pace once again as his cock thrusted deeper into your core.
You clung stronger onto him, eager to feel every bit of him as a last hard thrust got you to your release and let your orgasm wash over you while Negan carried you through your high.
You could still feel the aftershocks of your orgasm rumbling through your body as you felt his fast pounds becoming sloppier and his body trembling in pleasure while he got closer to his own release.
Cursing, he dug his fingertips deeper into your skin, before his mouth fell groaning open as he pulled out of your core and let his hot cum drip down your stomach.
His eyes were glued to the part of body that was covered in him, lust still displaying in his eyes, heavy pants leaving his lips before the hot water of the shower washed his cum off of you.

Your legs were still shaking as Negan let you down, holding you close to keep you from losing balance as his lips pampered your skin with light kisses.
He turned you around and pulled you closer until your back met his chest as he wrapped his arms from behind around you, buried his head into the curve of your neck and kissed the skin of your shoulders and neck while his still heavy breath hit your heated skin.
Closing your eyes you leaned deeper into his touch, enjoying every tiny bit of his closeness as you both swung in a deeply satisfied trance while the last hot water pelted down onto your bodies.

Just a bit later the fluffiness of the bathrobe met your skin as Negan wrapped it around your body, letting you slip your arms into the soft sleeves before you cuddled yourself into its cozy fabric.
A hum left your lips as Negan wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer, his scent enclosing you as soon as you could lean your head against his neck to feel the warmth of his skin and the softness of his own bathrobe.
“Storm’s still going on”, Negan muttered as your glance went through the window outside and captured the crowns of the trees that were swinging heavily in the wind.
“Hmm…got even worse”, you mumbled as you let out a small sigh and wrapped your arms around him as well, shutting your eyes for a moment to let his closeness and warmth keep you in the bubble you had build up in the shower, which kept you from thinking about anything outside this house.
You cuddled yourself deeper into his embrace, letting him hold you tightly as you closed your eyes and tried to forget for some more moments about the other storm you would have to fight.

The storm was raging even stronger as you let yourself fall into the passenger’s seat of the car and watched Negan locking the front door of the house, before he made his way quickly towards the car.
You looked up as soon as Negan let himself fall next to you, placed Lucille carefully on the backseat next to some other stuff before he, instead of starting the car, turned towards you and let his glance roam over your face.
”Ready?”, he asked before you slowly nodded and heard the engine starting.
Negan looked at you for some more moments before he began to drive over the empty back road and eventually back onto the wide roads that slung themselves through the forest and past some fields while the wind shook the trees heavily and made loose and broken off branches rush through the air.
”I almost forgot”, Negan mumbled as he looked over to you for a moment and nodded to the backseat.
”Get yourself that bag next to Lucille”, he said, looking back at the road as you looked for a short moment in confusion at him before leaning back and grabbing the small paper bag.
As soon as you let it fall into your lap you smelled the sweet scent you had already smelled this morning before you heard Negan’s voice again.
”Thought you still might want it…If the fucking munchies come back”, you heard him say with a small smirk as you opened the bag and spotted the other half of your cinnamon roll at its end.
”Well, thanks Mom”, you joked as you heard him letting out a throaty chuckle.
”Hey, I’m just taking some fucking good care of my girl”, he said, placing his large hand on your thigh to give it a small, teasing squeeze.
”But hell, if you really don’t want it, give it to me. That shit is seriously awesome”, he said with a wide grin while his fingers stroke slowly over the fabric of your pants.
”I’ll give it another try, thank you”, you mumbled as a triumphal smirk spread over Negan’s lips and his throaty chuckle sounded through the car.

While storm raged outside the car, Negan tried to distract you a bit from what was about to come in Alexandria as he talked to you, trying to loose you up, get a smile on your face or let a laugh leave your lips.
And this all actually worked, you let him keep your mood on a relaxed level until your  mind swung back to your Dad for a few moments.
This wasn’t the first time a big issue stood in between you, but the last time it had been something completely different and was buried deeply in your past.
It laid a big bunch of years back, when your father had met Lori shortly after he and your mother had split up.
And with that things had gotten complicated.
Lori got in the matter of an extremely short time pregnant with Carl, your Dad married her just months after finding out about her pregnancy and even though you had been way too young to properly understand any of what was actually happening, the feeling of being replaced with another family had developed and lingered in you for a pretty long time after all those events.
With time and passing years, things got worked out, you got to be the big sister for Carl and even though you had your problems with Lori here and there, it was alright.
You didn’t even know if your Dad was thinking about it right now, if he was thinking that those things out of the past could be reasons why you allowed yourself to get closer to his enemy or if he was just plain mad at you and wasn’t even searching for any reasons.

“Oh fuck”, you heard Negan groan as his voice ripped you out of your thoughts and guided your glance to what laid not too far away across the road.
A tree the wind had forced to the ground, just thick enough to make it impossible to somehow cross with the car.
“Well look at this fucker”, Negan grumbled as he stopped the car several meters before the tree and ran his palm uneasily over his beard stubble.
“Are there other roads and routes we could try?”, you asked with a small sigh as you looked from him over to the tree.
“Yeah, but that won’t help”, Negan mumbled as he adjusted himself on his seat, “There’s probably the same shit waiting for us.”
You just hummed in approval, realizing that he was right, before something slipped back into your mind
“That’s a car for runs. We must at least have some kinda ax or so in the trunk. Maybe even more”, you mumbled as you turned around and saw from the corner of your eyes how Negan nodded.
“Alright, I’ll go check that shit out”, he grumbled, already beginning to carefully but still vigorously open the door to keep the strong wind from directly shutting it again.
“Be careful”, you said as the sound of your voice made Negan turn around, the mix of a smirk and a smile planting on your lips.
“I’ll be”, he mumbled as he leaned for a short moment over to you and pecked your lips before he got himself out of the car.

Your concerned glance was glued on him as he made his way around the car, the trees around the road shaking thrillingly as he got to the trunk and opened it before carefully closing it again until he rushed back to you, holding an ax tightly in his hands.
“I just got this fucker here”, he mumbled as he let himself fall back into the seat and shut the door tightly.
“And now?”
“I’ll try hacking a bit of that asshole off, just enough to get past it”, Negan grumbled as he eyes the stem of the tree in front of the car, seeming to already try to find out where he had to chop it off.
“Okay, but I’ll come to help you move it”, you said as Negan let out a small sigh while his worried eyes darted at you, letting you immediately know why he was hesitating to answer you.
“I don’t want you out there in danger as well”, you added, knowing way too well that it weren’t your abilities that made him just look at you in these moments, but just the simple fear that you could get hurt.
“If we move it together we’re faster done”, you added as you shifted a little in your seat and watched him reluctantly nodding.

Negan held the ax tightly in his hand as he made his way towards the smaller end of the tree, trying to keep himself steady on his feet as soon as he had reached its stem.
Climbing over it and turning around to let the wind hit his back, he kept his legs wide apart, aiming to get some more stability into his body before you saw him letting the ax rush down into the wood.
Over and over again you saw him fighting against the wind that made his movements even harder as he hacked deeper into the tree.
Uneasily you shifted on your seat, feeling the concern in you grow with every little moment he was longer out there as you waited for the moment he had finally cut through the stem and you could at least help him to move it off the road.
The wind was stuttering the car, leafs and small branches hit the windows while you flinched slightly every single time a bigger branch flew way too close past Negan trough the air.
You sunk deeper into the fabric of the seat, before your eyes caught something that made your heart rate increase immediately.
A small group of walkers made their way out of the woods, their dead eyes darted at Negan who was too distracted and too enclosed into the loud noises of the wind to notice the threat that was coming closer.
Your breath quickened as you knew that you had to do something if you wanted him sitting unharmed back in this car.
Your hand slid quickly to the handle of the car’s door, your eyes always on Negan and the walkers that were coming even closer with every second before you opened the door and slipped outside.
“Negan!”, you yelled, trying to get his attention to warn him before you could even get to him while every single second felt like a painful eternity.
Just as Negan’s glance went up to you and met yours, your mind caught from the corner of your eyes how something long and big  flew into your direction but before you could do anything else a harsh hit against your temple dragged you to the ground.
A groan left your lips as you hit the hard ground, aching pain shooting through your head and your body as you felt something wet trickling down your temple. Negan’s panicking voice mixed into the sound of the wind, creating a painful orchestra in your head before everything got black.

For a short moment you swung somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness, as you felt something warm wrapping around your hand while a small whimper left your lips before you heard a familiar voice.

“(Y/N)? Hang in there, Baby. Just a bit more till Alexandria”

There was all darkness around you as you heard voices around you the next time, aggression swinging in them that made your aching body flinch slightly.

“You stay away from her!”

“Pull your fucking self together or shut your goddamn mouth now, Rick. Swallow your fucking pride and let me help her”

“So you can hurt her some more?”

“Careful Rick, careful how you’re fucking talking to me”

You got pulled back into the depths of unconsciousness again until you heard this one deep voice again which sounded muffled through to you while your eyes were still closed, your body not allowing you to come back yet.

“Simon, I don’t give a flying fuck how, just get Carson here as fast as your fucking ass can”

Negan’s voice hushed for a few moments before you felt a hand stroking softly your cheek while something that felt like warm lips placed gently on your forehead.

“I’m so sorry, Baby. You’ll be fine, fuck…I promise”

His next words made you ask yourself if you were just dreaming and hallucinating or if those words you hadn’t heard out of his mouth before were actually real.
Warmth spread out in your whole hurting body, just like the hope that your hazy mind wasn’t making something up before you got dragged back into the darkness while his voice and his last words still echoed through your head.

“I love you”

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Negan Imagine ~ Ride

prompt 183: “Car sex looks so much more easier in the movies.”


“What if someone sees us?”, you asked, your glance wandering nervously through the rear window of the car as Negan pulled you on the backseat closer, his hands cupping your waist tightly as his lips placed hot kisses all over your neck.
“No ones here, they already took off. There’s just the dead fuckers and us”, he grumbled as he nibbled teasingly on the sensitve flesh just before you heard his throaty chuckle.
“And if not, well, then they’re gonna see one fucking hell of a show”, he purred grinning against your skin, before his hands pulled you closer down on him, just until you felt his growing bulge pressing against your heat.
“Wouldn’t be a shame if they saw what you’re doing to me, right?”, he huskily asked before he buckled his hips up, the pressure of his erection letting a small moan leave your lips as a big grin grew on his lips.
“And how dripping wet I can make your little pussy”, he purred as another small moan left your lips as your eyes closed for a moment, your hands wandered over his chest as deep growls rumbled through his throat.

His hand wandered to the zipper of your pants, quickly pulled it down before his long fingers sneaked into your panties and let them tease the wet and sensitive flesh that was craving for his touch.
“Fuck, Baby”, he mumbled, a whimper leaving your lips as he pulled back while your eyes opened as he smirked wolfish at you.
His fingers were covered in your wetness as he lead them to his lips, carefully licking your juices off his skin as the heat in your body middle only grew.
“God, you taste fan-fucking-tastic”, he growled, his lust-filled eyes not leaving yours until he had finished, just before he bit his lower lip.
“Lets get you out of those fucking annoying pants”, he mumbled, a wider grin forming on his lips as his fingers began to fumble impatiently at the waistband of your pants.

Your hands acted quicker than your head as you lifted yourself a little up to pull them down, just to immediately regret it as the top of your head met the car’s roof with a dull thud.
“Fuck”, you cursed, squeezing your eyes shut as the pain spread over your skull.
“Shit, you okay, Sweetheart?”, you heard Negan concerned ask as you nodded, before you opened your eyes and met his worried glance.
“Yeah, I’m fine”, you mumbled before a small chuckle left your lips as you had to laugh about your own dumbness.
“I guess I was a little too enthusiastic”, you mumbled, another chuckle leaving your lips as you heard Negan’s throaty laugh.
“Now how couldn’t you be enthusiastic when you’re about to have this dick buried balls deep inside of you”, he chuckled, giving you a big grin as you let your forehead lean against his.
”Car sex looks so much more easier in the movies”, you mumbled with a small laugh as he pulled you with a wide smirk on his lips closer against him.
“Oh hell yeah it does, but believe me, that won’t make it any less fucking hot”, he purred as his tongue ran quickly over his lower lip.
“But I just ruined the mood”, you mumbled as he just shook his head, grabbed you to eventually lower you onto the backseat until your back met the dark fabric.
“Nope, you haven’t, Baby”, he mumbled as he began to take care of your shoes and pants, pulling them down your legs as he bowed down to let his lips wander over your inner thighs, nibbling on the delicate skin as he left his marks on you.
A small hum left your lips as the heat of his lips let your core crave for him once again, just before his fingers slid your already soaking panties off your skin.

“Fuck”, you just heard him quietly groan as he let his rough fingers run once again over your heat, his thumb massaging and rubbing your clit with slow circles as you moaned softly.
“Shit, I need you on my fucking dick”, he growled, as you lifted yourself up, his thumb still keeping you longing for more as he grinned for a moment at you as soon as you straddled his lap.
“Watch your head”, he mumbled teasingly as you shoved his chest with a small laugh just before he opened the zipper of his own pants, lifted his hips slightly to pull them a good bit down while your glance stayed fixed on the large tent in his boxers.
Almost automatically your hand moved to his bulge, running your fingers over the hardness before you heard a low groan leaving his lips.
“Stop the fucking teasing”, he groaned as his hand quickly pulled his boxers down, letting his erection spring free while your body craved nothing more than to feel him deep inside of you.
“Ride my dick, Baby. Ride my fucking dick”, he growled as he held himself steady, your hips lifting up as you watched your head this time until the head of his cock teased along your wetness.

Whimpers left your lips before you lowered yourself down on him, his girth stretching you out as the whimpers got replaced by moans.
“Fu-…Negan”, you moaned, as his hands grabbed your waist roughly and pulled you harder down on him.
“Now look at that, look at how fucking well your little pussy swallows by big cock”, he praised, his fingertips digging that hard into your hips that they soon were gonna leave bruises as you looked down at the both of you, a cry of pleasure leaving your lips as you watched yourself beginning to move up and down his length.
Negan pushed you closer against him, his hands grabbing your ass while he readjusting himself on the seat to keep his legs in line just as the movements of your hips made him throw his head back, his eyes tightly shut as you placed your hands on his shoulder to keep yourself steady.
Cursing he groaned in pleasure before his eyes slowly opened, one of his hand leaving you before he cupped the back of your neck and smashed his lips onto yours, swallowing your moans as he let his hips jerk up, pushing himself deeper inside you.
“Fuck, keep-…shit, keep going, Baby”, he groaned against your lips as you began to swing in ecstasy, your legs already quivering as you eagerly tried to meet his rhythm as he continued to pound into your heat.
The sensation of his skin against yours, the short dark curls that rubbed against your sensitive nub and his fingers that found their way to your most delicate parts to take your pleasure further, drove you almost crazy.

The moans and heavy breaths of air of the both of you filled the car as you got closer to your release, his thrust becoming harder and deeper with every passing moment just like your movements craved for more of him.
“Open your eyes…fuck, look at me”, Negan deeply groaned, pleasure swinging in his voice as you slowly opened your eyes and met his with lust darkened gaze, “Look at me when you cum on my dick.”
With that he intensified the rubs on your clit as he pushed you once again down onto him and thrusted harder up, a cry leaving your lips as Negan’s eyes kept yours captured while your high washed over you.
Your orgasm left you trembling back as Negan kept going, the sight of what he had just done to you bringing him even closer to his release as his pounds got harsher but sloppier.
His chest rose and fell at a fast pace, a bunch of curse words leaving his lips repeatedly through gritted teeth until you finally felt his warm cum filling you up as he buried himself deeply inside you.

Heavily breathing and shaking you leaned your forehead against his as he pulled you closer, his length still twitching inside you before his lips pampered your face with light kisses.
Still unable to speak you leaned closer into his touch, a low growl leaving his lips before you heard his deep voice chuckling throatily against your skin.
“Damn Baby,…we would’ve gotten a fucking Oscar for this performance”

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TWD ~ Negan Imagine – “Dead or Alive or”(1)

The first part of an imagine about the 11th episode of season 8

The reader’s first talk with Negan after their fight and after she has found out about Carl’s death, turns out different than she thought…

the last part / all other previous parts
(You don’t have to read any previous parts to understand the plot! Hope you all like it and enjoy reading)


Cold sweat damped your clothes as your eyes snapped open, your body pressed deeply into the pillows as the nightmare that had enclosed you till now was leaving an ugly tension in your shaking body.
After a long break without them, the nightmares were back again and after the past night, it would’ve been a small wonder if they hadn’t returned.
This time Negan’s arms weren’t wrapped around you, comforting you and pulling you into his chest to cradle you softly.
No, this time the only thing surrounding you were the dark sheets and the several pillows of Negan’s bed.
Your ribcage was still harshly rising and falling as you looked down at yourself, finding your body still covered in the clothes of last night and with that, all the memories were back.
Carl was dead.
That boy you had known since the beginning of this all was dead and a part of you was still in refusal to believe it but the more memories of the past night popped up in your mind the harder it was to deny that he was never going to come back.
On top of that, your mind began to circle around Negan again, the man who had first roiling fled after kissing you, had treated you painfully repellant and had then acted all concerned and caring after seeing what the loss of Carl did to you. 
You scoffed by the thought of him while the confusion about the changes of his behavior were taking up a good part of you.
You let yourself sink deeper into the pillows, even though trying to fall asleep again was no option, the nightmare was still stuck in your bones and you could really relinquish on a direct repetition of its torture. 

For minutes you just laid in the bed, staring at the ceiling while trying to keep your thoughts out of your head before peeling yourself out of the sheets.
Your feet hit the wooden floor before you heft yourself up and immediately felt how the way you had treated your body over the last day punished you now.
You hadn’t eaten anything, had drunk maybe a few gulps of water and the remains of the hourlong crying were still stuck in your body, even though you felt in comparison to yesterday at least a bit well rested.
Dizziness was filling your body as you made your way over to the wardrobe to pull out some new clothes while you tried your best to ignore Negan’s stuff and his scent that was surrounding them.
As quickly as your still wobbly legs allowed you shuffled towards the bathroom, trying to get ready for a day that was hopefully better than the last.

Freshly showered you sat on the edge of the bed, the hot shower had, of course, made the dizziness not better but now that you had taken a small break, had sorted yourself back, your body seemed to be willing to work with you at least for now.
Your glance roamed over the room, trying to find something to eat to keep the dizziness banned but much to your annoyance, you found nothing.
With a sigh you got back up again, the feeling of hunger spreading further out in your body as you grabbed the handle of the heavy wooden door.
Slowly, you opened it, your glance wandering quickly into the hallway as you quietly prayed to not come across Negan as soon as you would leave the apartment.
This time, luck seemed to be on your side as you made your way outside, strolled along the familiar hallway until you got to your first destination.

With a small strained breath you stemmed the heavy metal door open, just before you stepped into the faintly enlightened stairwell.
Your footsteps sounded dull through the air as you made your way down the stairs, passing another floor as your thoughts began to whirl around Negan just as you felt yourself missing one of the stair threads.
Faster than you could think you found yourself falling, your body sliding down a few steps until you fell with a dull thud on the cold cement floor of the next platform.
“Fuck!”, you cursed as a stinging pain shoot through your hip and ankle, your voice echoing through the staircase as you grew annoyed of yourself.
Your hand slid quickly to your ankle, your fingers massaging it for a short moment before you heft yourself up.
A small huff left your lips as you looked down to your feet, before the tension first left your body a bit as the pain slid gradually out of your body.
“Holy hell, are you alright?”, you suddenly heard a familiar, deep and raspy voice say from the beginning of the stairs, a weird feeling spreading out in your whole body by the simple sound of him.
“Yeah, I’m fine”, you mumbled stroking over your clothes for a moment before an urge in you forced you to look up to him.
There he was, his tall frame standing right at the stairs’ railing, while you could still see in the faint light how his glance was glued on you, some pain, even insecurity flickering in his eyes.
He slowly nodded, a hard gulp traveling down his throat as you felt a tension and tremble filled breath leaving your lips while your mind tried to figure out how to handle whatever would happen now as your glance went to the floor.
“He wrote you a letter”, you suddenly heard Negan’s voice add, the stress in it clearly audible as your gaze shot up again as he rose his voice, “Carl,..he wrote letters.”
“I just…I thought you needed to know”, he said, his palm running uneasily over his beard stubble as his jaw clenched and a rush of coldness and heat washed through your body, several new question popping up in your mind as you took a heavy breath while the curiosity trumped your urge to leave.
“Do you know what stood in them?…in mine?”, you asked, the tension between the both of you was filling up the whole staircase while a shiver went up and down your spine.
“Rick just told me about his and mine…Carl, hell, he wants us to fucking stop, make peace”, you heard him say, the turmoil still clearly audible in his voice.
Something in you was still surprised, even after you had witnessed what Carl had said at the gates and with that, a question forced itself out of your lips.
“Would you?”
“I gave you a promise, right?”, he said, some warmth beginning to grow in your body as you remembered the promise to try to find a way out, even consider it if a solution came from the other side.
“But fuck, it doesn’t work that way, Rick wants to plug along and kill my ass, so this shit keeps stirring”, Negan grumbled, his jaw clenching  once again as his glance stayed glued on you.
“(Y/N), I-”, he began, just as he got cut off by the sound of the opening door behind him and two voices that immediately let the tiny warmth that had still stuck in your body vanish.
“Negan?”, the brunette asked, her hand finding Negan’s arm before it slid over his shoulder as you already saw the other, red-haired woman sneak to his other side, Negan’s glance leaving you for the first time.
“So what now?”, she asked breathy as your breath seemingly stopped for a moment, your pulse pounded in your ear as your mind began to process the scene that was playing at the beginning of the stairs and even more, what that meant.
Some more nausea washed over you as you realized that the floor you had passed before falling, the floor at which’s entrance Negan was standing right now was the one of his wives.
He had been with those two women who were now like glued to his side.
He had been there, had probably even spent the rest damn night there and that fucker still had the nerve to talk to you, to even tell you about Carl.

You found yourself rushing down the stairs, an urge in you propelling you to keep moving and just try to bring as much distance between yourself and Negan, even though you already felt the dizziness from before coming back.
You should have just walked away, you told yourself, just walked away before he could begin a conversation with you.
You were all fucked over again, Carl’s letter whirling as a painful addition through your mind as you first noticed the tears that were burning in your eyes.
You had no idea where to go, the only thing your mind could grasp was the kitchen while you felt the increasing tightening of your ribcage, pressing all the air out of your lungs.
That was the question which spooked through your mind, combined with a thousand of different additions that just created more and more pain in your body.

 Minutes later you found yourself rushing into the thankfully empty kitchen, the times your glance got blurry increased before you clawed your fingertips into the kitchen’s counter, trying to keep yourself steady on your legs and trying to get the thought of Negan with those women out of your head.
You bit your lip, trying to hold back the tears that were urging for their release.
You didn’t want shed a single tear for him, he didn’t deserve any of them and still, the first tear rolled over your cheek.
You flinched as you heard the kitchen-door opening further behind you, your hand flipping up to quickly wipe the tear off your skin.
“Here are you”, you heard the voice of the man say you wanted to see the least in these moments.

“Just-”, you began, just before he cut you off.
“No, I won’t just fucking go now. Not while you think I pulled some shit I didn’t fucking pull”, he said, a harsh gulp traveling down your throat as you heard his heavy footsteps coming closer while the blurriness began to get accompanied by seconds of a black wall in front of your eyes.
“I’ll send them to a goddamn outpost, that’s why I was there and had some damn chitchat with them”, Negan said, uneasiness in his voice as you clawed your fingertips harsher into the counter while your legs turned wobblier.
Did he really think you were gonna believe that?
Why the hell should he send them to an outpost?
“I don’t wanna hear your lies”, you mumbled, your voice pressed through the lump that was still sticking in your throat just as Negan came even closer until he stood right next to you and let your body tense harder up.
“That’s no fucking lie”, he said, harsher now, combined with desperation as the feeling of dizziness let your body sink slightly.
“Shit, you haven’t eaten anything, now have you?”, Negan asked concerned as you tried to concentrate on keeping yourself standing and to not look as weak as you actually felt in these moments.
“Fuck Sweetheart, you gotta sit down. I’ll get you some food”, Negan added, his voice filling with even more concern as the blackness flickered once again in front of your eyes.
“No”, you grumbled, gulping heavily as you didn’t even think about letting him close now, after what had just happened ,“I don’t need you to take care of me.”
“And I don’t need you to flake the fuck out”, he said harshly and firmly back but just as the room began to turn in front of your eyes as your knees buckled slighty.
“Shit”, you just heard him say, his arm slinging around your waist, his touch letting shivers run through your body as he guided you towards the dining table and let your body slide onto a chair before you could defend yourself.
You would have stood up again, but you couldn’t, your body plead you to keep sitting and your weak legs, just like your glance that was a flickering mess between blurriness and blackness wasn’t giving you any other choice than staying on the chair.
A trembling breath left your lips as you heard the fridge opening, the sound of some cutlery and of a pouring liquid filling the room before Negan placed a plate with something that smelled like some fruity parfait, cutlery and a glass with water on the table.
“Eat”, he ordered sternly just before a big sigh left his lips as you stubbornly didn’t move and the sternness got replaced by desperation ,“Fuck (Y/N), please.”
You sat yourself slightly up, as much as you could, but still refused to take what he had given to you.
“Alright, I won’t go till you’ve eaten”, you suddenly heard Negan say as he let himself fall onto the chair on the other side of the small table, just as your glance went the first time up to him.
“You’re an asshole”, you grumbled while the break on the chair began to let you see more clear again, Negan’s brows were slightly raised, his palm stroking over his beard stubble while his glance burned into you.
“I know, but the faster you get that crap down your throat and let me get the fuck clear that those ‘lies’ were the damn truth, the faster I’m gone.  And that’s what you want, right?”, he said, a sigh leaving his lips as you could hear a tiny bit of pain sounding through his voice at the last sentence.
Your face twisted in a bit of annoyance before you turned towards the table, you didn’t like it, you did everything else than that, but you needed to eat to either get stronger again and get yourself out of this kitchen or make Negan leave.

So you grabbed the fork and began to give your body the sweet meal it was craving desperately for while you felt Negan’s glance stuck on you before he rose his voice.
“Dr. Mullet has to make me some goddamn bullets and since that fucker knows some machine shop I’ll send him there. Frankie and Tanya are just there to keep his fucking head in the game”, he said, the last part of what he was saying there sounding still so absurd that you a small scoff left your lips.
“Yeah, of course”, you mumbled ironically but quietly, the pain acknowledging  your body already as its home as you felt the lump in your throat growing again.
“Just like they keep your head in the game?”, you mumbled, your voice sounding by far not as snarky as this comment intended it to be but rather broken and uneasy.
You shoved a big fork full of the parfait into your mouth, trying to keep yourself busy and to just get this done as fast as you could.
“Frankie was a masseuse before crap hit the fan and Tanya a damn chef. Massages and Food. That’s fucking why”, Negan said, his voice stressed as he seemed to recognize that it needed more than that to show you that he was telling the truth after all.
“And fuck no, they’re not keeping my goddamn head in the game”, he added, as you saw from the corner of your eyes how he let his hand run over his clenching jaw once again.
“Like I said last night, I know I’ve fucked up…but I’m not pulling a fucking Pinocchio here”, he said, fumbling stressed on Lucille’s handle and readjusting himself uneasily on the chair as his glance wandered over you, searching for any sign of understanding.
The sound in his voice was genuine and after all you knew him more than well enough to be able to hear when he was lying.
Judging from that, he wasn’t in these moments.
Part of you wanted to believe him and even craved to get some more of his touch while the other was still suspicious and urged you to protect yourself from another disappointment.
As he rose his voice again, you forced yourself to look up, let your glance, which was now thanks to the food getting clearer again, meet his, letting it judge if the truth was slipping out of his lips or just a lie.
“I don’t need them here, so I’ll send them to Smartypants…If you want, hell, you can have a damn insight in the plans or take a good damn look at the fucking list with food and massage oil and shit for that damn outpost”, he said, gulping as he you found yourself beginning to believe him.
“I’m sorry for going full asshole in that truck…I really am. Now I don’t expect you to forgive me or act like everything’s fucking peachy. Just believe me that I’m telling truth here”, he said, his eyes refusing to leave yours for moments once he had captured your glance as that weird feeling began to stir in your stomach again.
You slowly nodded, as a bit hope flashed up in Negan’s eyes before he let out a sigh as his eyes first left yours and glanced to the plate, that was now empty.
He gulped slightly, realizing that this was the time to comply the deal as he heft himself up and walked over to the door before he turned once more around.
“Let me know if there’s some way I can make it up to you”, he sighed, before he forced himself to turn away from you and grab the door’s handle.
Just as you heard its metallic squeaking, you gave yourself a harsh push as you found yourself longing for answers.
“Tell me why.”
With those words, he turned around again, his eyes meeting yours as a small gulp travelled down his throat just while you had to give yourself another push to get the next words to leave your lips.
“Why you acted that way after-”, you began, letting out a small sigh,“after the kiss,…I guess that’s a good start.”
Uneasily he slid his palm over his beard stubble while the tension in you grew, just like the secret hope that he would agree.
“Alright, but not here”, he finally sat as he made his way over to you, a small wave of relief washing over you that got slowed down by the suspicion that he was trying to stall you some more.
A small shiver ran through your body as Negan stood eventually towards you as you shifted uncomfortably on the hard wood of the chair.
”As soon as we’re in the apartment, I’ll tell you”, he said as he stretched his large hand out for you to take,“I fucking promise.”
And with that you reluctantly reached out for him, let your hand slide into his warm palm while his touch was filling you up with the comfortable warmth you had secretly missed so much.
You got back on your feet again as you found yourself close to him and a small, familiar smirk sneaked onto his lips.
Instead of letting you go, he let his fingers intertwine with yours and squeezed your hand slightly as he lead you out of the room, just as he wanted to make sure that you were staying with him.

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Going on a run with Dwight would include:


• Him trying to not show how excited he actually is as he finds out he gets to go on a run alone with you even though he really can’t wait to have you all for himself

• When you’re about to head out him, even though it’s gonna be harder to haul supplies, preferring to take one of the motorcycles, simply because he wants you close to him

• As soon as you’re outside, him being attentive and always alert as he’s making sure that you’re as save as you can be

• Him enjoying the small breaks with you as you both decide that it’s time to rest a bit and while you’re at it, him finally having the possibility to feel a little lighthearted and relaxed

• Whenever you’re scavenging through houses, fabrics or any other locations, him preferring to stay close to the room or floor you’re searching in, just to make sure that he could be fast with you if anything happened

• Him having an eye on you whenever you have to fight a group of walkers or are about to step into a room you hear suspicious noises coming from, only to notice after some time that you’re doing the same thing for him

• On your way back to the Sanctuary, him having the urge to stay longer with you outside and while he knows that this is just a wish that’s not gonna come true, him still having the hope that he soon gets the chance to go on another run with you

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Calming Negan down after he had a Nightmare:


There are those nights where you wake up to the sound of Negan’s calls and sobs in his sleep, other times its the way he shakes and quietly whimpers as he’s holding you tightly in his sleep or its the way his body flips up, ripped out of sleep while shivers let his body erupt.

In those nights the big bad wolf is nothing more than a person who’s being tortured by their nightmares that combine regrets, painful memories and fears of loss into a horrible and aching mix.

And in those nights, the very only thing that can calm him down and get him out of the painful trance the nightmare has trapped him in is you, your touch and your voice.

Right then all what gives him relieve is the way your arms wrap around him, the way he can bury his tearstained face into the curve of your neck and the way your quiet but soothing voice tells him that everything’s fine.

It’s those moments where he lays trembling in your embrace, small sobs still rumbling through his body and his unsteady breath hitting your skin when you realize again how much he trusts you, how much he needs you and how much you both need each other 

When your fingertips brush through his hair, massage his scalp and caress his neck soothingly, that’s when you feel him calming slowly down, the trembling of his body decreasing while you hear his deep but unsteady and muffled voice 
mumbling those three little words repeatedly, making sure that you know how important you are to him and making sure that those regrets that have followed him in his nightmare won’t ever repeat themselves again.

And when he hears you saying them back, his body relaxes some more as he holds you tightly, as if he wants to assure that no one takes you away from him before you slowly feel his breath becoming slow and steady.

Even if he has fallen asleep, you still continue to let your fingers run through his hair, place small kisses on his skin and stroke over his back and shoulders just to ensure that the nightmare doesn’t come back and instead, peaceful sleep encloses him.

And you do all that because you love him, just like he loves you.

(the gif isn’t mine/I found it on google/credit to the original owner)

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Going on a run with Shane would include:


• Him always choosing you as his partner whenever new runs come up, simply because he knows that you both work great as a team and also, because he likes the idea of spending some more time alone with you

• As soon as you’re outside, him having the urge in him to show you his strength as well as protect you, no matter if the threat around the next corner is alive or dead

• Him taking his time as you’re scavenging through the houses, even though he prefers to be close to you or the room you’re in to ,make sure that you’re as safe as you can be

• Him having his moments of impulsivity, especially when the both of you find as good as nothing in a house and the disappointment washes over him

• Him agreeing to take a small break when you decide that you both need to rest a bit before moving on to the next house or location, only to begin to really enjoy these moments with you

•  Even though he very well knows that you’re a capable fighter, him always having an eye on you whenever you fight a bunch of walkers while he’s trying to keep himself from falling into a rush so he can still pay enough attention to keep the both of you safe

• As you’re finally on your way back home him finding himself at ease, no matter if you’ve found a lot or not, but simply because he realizes again how much he has enjoyed the time with you

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Negan waking up to you having a wet dream abou…


• As he’s waking up to the sound of your soft moans and calls of his name, him not being able to keep himself for a moment from just listening to your lust-filled voice and watching body move in pleasure

• Him beginning to let his hands run over your body, curious about how you’re going to react while he’s closely watching the way your face twists in desire and the way your moans become louder which each little touch of his 

• Him feeling himself getting harder with every passing moment as he’s starting to give his growing erection a few strokes and harsh tugs before turning cockier as he’s getting an idea

• Him sliding beneath the sheets, before carefully placing himself between your legs, trying to not wake you up yet just to begin to tease you through your panties by slowly letting his lips and tongue suck and lick your core through the fabric all while enjoying to feel how you begin to squirm in pleasure

• Him then sliding your panties slowly off just to let his fingers, lips and tongue do their magic as he’s hearing and feeling how you begin to wake up and your moans grow louder with every bit he gives you until your orgasm finally washes over you

• Him climbing back up your body, a giant smirk all over his face as his glance lets you melt beneath him before he leans in to kiss you and make you taste yourself

 • Him beginning to grin even wider as he’s teasing you for your dirty thoughts about him, telling you that even in your sleep you can’t get enough of him just before commenting that now that you’re both already awake it would be a shame to not use the rest of the night

(the gif isn’t mine/I found it on google/credit to the original owner)

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Rick giving you a back massage would include:



• Him noticing you tensing and wincing in pain a a long day of work, only for him to walk over to you, let his hand run over your back and telling you to lay down so he can help you

• Him carefully rolling you on your stomach before he climbs on top of you and begins to let his fingers massage the back of your neck and your shoulders, beginning to smile and smirk slightly as he hears your content hums in response to his touch

• Him letting his hands massage and slide down from your shoulders to the small of your back, adding a bit pressure here and there to dissipate the pain and tension just to feel a bit proud of himself as he feels you relaxing more and more 

• Him leaning down in between to place some small kisses on your shoulders and back while still letting his fingers circle over your skin just to enjoy the way you sigh contently 

• Him letting his palms and fingers run down your spine and back, trying to give you some more comfort as he’s also carefully paying attention to your reactions just to find out where he has to massage and soothe your pain else

• Him sometimes teasing you a bit in between as he’s letting his fingers slightly brush over your ticklish spots only to have to laugh quietly as he feels you squirming and hears you quietly chuckling just before he gives in to your pleas to keep massaging you

• Him taking care of your aching shoulder blades and carefully letting his hands explore your body to find any small adherence that hurts, just to do his best to soothe it as he lets his palms and fingers work on the aching muscles

• Him letting his warm hands run over your sides while he’s letting his thumb massage your skin in small circles while watching happily and gladly how your lips curl up into a small smile 

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Cuddling with Dwight would include:


• Him loving to feel you huddling up to him after a long and hard day, only for him to wrap his arms around you, lean his head against yours and close his eyes as he can finally relax

• Him loving the feeling of your warm breath hitting his skin whenever you nuzzle your head into the curve of his neck and wrap your arms tightly around him

• Him letting you place your head on his chest as you’re laying in bed, all while he enjoys to see the way you relax more and more with every minute and with every touch of his

• Him secretly enjoying your soft touches whenever you trace your fingertips gently over his arms or place soft kisses over his shoulders, his neck and his jaw up to his lips

• As you’re doing that, him even having no problem to feel your lips brushing over his scar as he’s actually finding more and more comfort in this gesture with every passing moment

• Him just sometimes taking his time to let his hands wander over your body to be able to feel all of you as you’re laying in his arms, especially over your bare body after the both of you had sex

• Him actually loving to feel you running your hands through his hair or caressing the back of his neck whenever he lets you hold him for a bit all while your comforting gestures let him too often dive into a deep sleep

• Him kissing your neck as you’re spooning all while being motivated to continue as he feels you cuddling closer against him while more and more content hums leave your lips

• Him sometimes pulling you on top of him as you’re relaxing in bed, just to let his hands run up and down your back to make you feel comfortable or lets them feel you up as they slide beneath your clothes to slowly take things further

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Falling asleep on Simon would include:


• Him feeling and even acting proud whenever he notices that you have fallen asleep on him, knowing how much trust you give him and especially the fact that he can make you feel that safe that you let your guards down and fall into a deep sleep

• Him just having to laugh about the grimaces you unconsciously make in your sleep, only to already know how to tease you about them as soon as you wake up

• Him glaring at anyone who’s raising their voice too much around the both of you or moves things around too loudly and even beginning to gesture in a rather big manner until they finally get it and stop

• Him tightening his arms around you whenever other men walk past the both of you, only to make sure that they get that you belong to him

• When no one else is around, him even acting a little bit softer with you and here and there catching himself how he’s letting his fingers trace along your arm or lets his lips brush over your forehead and temple

• Him making sure that you stay warm, especially when you’re coming back from runs in the middle of a cold night, all while using not only his own body warmth but also any blanket in the truck he can find to keep you warm

• Him sometimes bragging to others that you’ve fallen asleep because you’re still exhausted after spending the whole night with him, only to stop quickly as he feels you shifting uncomfortably in your sleep as response to his loud voice

• Him letting you huddle up to him as much as you want to, while enjoying to feel how much you want him and how much you yearn for his touch even when you’re unconscious

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