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“i find negan and shane really hot🤤 something about them, really good looking”


• Him always choosing you as his partner whenever new runs come up, simply because he knows that you both work great as a team and also, because he likes the idea of spending some more time alone with you

• As soon as you’re outside, him having the urge in him to show you his strength as well as protect you, no matter if the threat around the next corner is alive or dead

• Him taking his time as you’re scavenging through the houses, even though he prefers to be close to you or the room you’re in to ,make sure that you’re as safe as you can be

• Him having his moments of impulsivity, especially when the both of you find as good as nothing in a house and the disappointment washes over him

• Him agreeing to take a small break when you decide that you both need to rest a bit before moving on to the next house or location, only to begin to really enjoy these moments with you

•  Even though he very well knows that you’re a capable fighter, him always having an eye on you whenever you fight a bunch of walkers while he’s trying to keep himself from falling into a rush so he can still pay enough attention to keep the both of you safe

• As you’re finally on your way back home him finding himself at ease, no matter if you’ve found a lot or not, but simply because he realizes again how much he has enjoyed the time with you

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