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kiwimidnight: Thank you. For what? For everyt…


Thank you. For what? For everything you’ve done.
For everything you’re doing.
For you.


Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been working on a new part for the Negan series and plan on finishing it tomorrow! It’s almost done and I got some big stuff coming in there but still wanted to wait for tonight’s episode to be sure that my plans fit to the story! But if everything works out, the part for 9×02 will be out by tomorrow night 🙂

neganuniverse: “Listen here, sunflower– you a…


“Listen here, sunflower– you are fucking gorgeous! Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Least of all this stupid motherfucking grass. Grass don’t know shit. Fuck you, grass.“

“So far Angela Kang is doing a good job as the…

“So far Angela Kang is doing a good job as the new showrunner but it will never be enough to make me want to stick around once Andrew leaves. There’s simply no TWD without Rick Grimes. It started with him and it should end with him. I like our core group but they will never be able to fill his shoes imo. It’s like asking me to stick around for more seasons of Breaking Bad without Walter White. Sorry but I’ll pass”

“I feel like I constantly bombard your blog wi…

“I feel like I constantly bombard your blog with politely-put, dirty confessions about Negan, but it’s all I can think to confess. He’s my honest-to-God weakness. I’m talking jelly legs, weak at the knees, fluttering stomach, thumping heart – the works. Many an orgasm has been had just thinking about him. There, I said it. Phew, feels good to get that off my chest.”

“I feel like The Walking Dead would be able to…

“I feel like The Walking Dead would be able to cope with Rick’s departure better if they still had Carl around. He was the next generation, so it would make sense. Now, it’s just depressing to think how it’s going to be the end of an era.”




londoncapsule: You’re not s…


not saving the world, Rick. You’re just gettin’ it ready for me.

“So Carol is now Queen Carol. I’m worrie…

“So Carol is now Queen Carol. I’m worried about King Ezekiel because whenever Carol is happy something terrible happens to her.”