Negan (10×5)

rhyatt-deauxtreve asked me for timelapse and trope and my dumbass accidentally deleted it when I wanted to answer, anyway here we go:

timelapse: how long have you been writing  (as a hobby or for work)?

Always kinda, I mean I did my few tries in little stories as kid (they were were actually cute, like some Christmas stories or so) and also in my teens (I know there’s some stuff I wrote with idk 13/14 and I’m so glad no one will ever see it).

But I got this blog for 3 years now and that’s the time I’ve really been actively writing, so if I had to say a concrete amount I’d go for these 3 years.

trope: What’s a pet peeve you have about writing?

Writer’s block is the obvious choice but also that feeling of having the scene perfectly laid out in your head but in that moment, you don’t manage to put it in the right words and convey the feelings etc you want to when you’re actually writing it, that really sucks!

Thank you!!

From the writers asks list : ink and backstory💗 Thank you!

ink: what do you do to “set the mood” when writing?

Not sure if I really set the mood but I like to be comfy when I write. I don’t know why but I need to sit or lay comfortable when I do it. When there’s something like a pillow or whatever poking against my back or lets me sit weird I shift or adjust it until I’m comfortable, don’t know why I’m so sensitive with this🤷🏻‍♀️ Anyway, I do like having a coffee and a cozy blanket when I write!

backstory: how did you come to love writing?

I don’t think there was a specific moment that made me like it but it really rather developed over time. Already loved it as a kid and once I grew up it only intensified, especially because it’s like a “valve” for daily stressors etc.and I think the fact that it just lets you do whatever you like and lets you dive in any world you wish is also a reason why I came to love it so much 🙂

Thank you!🖤


writer asks 📃

send these to a writer you know or answer some yourself!

ink: what do you do to “set the mood” when writing?

pen and paper: do you prefer writing by hand or on a device? why?

diary: how many pieces have you written that are just for you or will never see the light of day?

journal: do you ever write just so you can enjoy something to read?

novella: do you prefer to write short stories, one-shots, or entire novels?

pulitzer: tell about/link a piece where you fielt your writing was the best.

genre: what genre do you prefer to write in?

narrator: what pov do you like writing in best?

backstory: how did you come to love writing?

time-lapse: how long have you been writing (as a hobby or for work)?

characterization: describe your favorite character(s) you’ve written.

carnegie: what authors and/or books/stories have inspired you to write or influenced your work?

faulkner: what tropes do you LOVE writing? which ones are your guilty pleasure?

o’connor: what tropes/genres do you dislike writing?

dickinson: what insecurities do you have about your own writing? what do you think you should improve on?

playlist: what kind of music/songs help you write? do you have a writing playlist?

record: have you written things based off of songs? do you like to?

nobel: have you published anything you’ve written? online or irl?

notepad: can you write anywhere or do you have to be in a specific place and mood to write?

parchment: how often do you or your personal life influence your writing?

dedication: if you were to publish a book or multiple, who would you dedicate the book(s) to?

trope: what’s a pet peeve you have about writing?

input: what’s something you hate that people say to you about writing/your writing?

critic: what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received about writing?

mifflin: what do you feel is your strong suit in writing?

houghton: what’s something you love that people compliment your pieces on?


“Hi. I’m Negan. We haven’t formally met, but I sure as hell know who you are. And whether my reputation precedes me or not… I’m all in. Whatever you want, whatever I got, it’s yours.” – negan in ‘bonds’


Negan Provokes Aaron in the 10×03 Sneak Peek



Amy Blanc Lacy: I do not post many behind the scenes pictures and videos but I do miss Andy and we do sometimes have dance parties thanks to Michael Clark, the sound mixer. This must be 3 or 4 years old but it’s one of my favorites. Denise will know the exact date I am sure. I miss you Andrew Lincoln.




Gracie high-fiving Aaron with her fake metal arm